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Would you walk outside when there is lightning?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you walk outside when there is a lightning storm if you didn't have to?

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Top Answers
No I certainly would not!

I am scared of thunder and lightning having lived in the country where it seemed to be much closer and I always thought it had struck something.

NOT TRUE - I was always scared of it! So I would not go outside if there is lightning -even do not walk my dogs then.
by Finy
I love the sight of lightning and the sound of thunder, however I love living and being in good health even more. So I'll prefer to observe this lovely phenomena from indoors.
Not if I don't have to !!! I would prefer to put it off if its not urgent !!!!
I know it is a bit dangerous but I have been outside during lightening a lot ! It wasn't on purpose but it just happened that I was either already outside or stuck in a situation where there was no escape.
by BK
If I didn't have to, I wouldn't. Simple. I like to watch lightning from the safety of my home.
by Vee
I'll pass thanks.
No, that's just gross stupidity!

If I HAD to, I'd make darn sure I was wearing thick RUBBER soled boots!
Not if the lightening strikes were close. I definitely go for a walk outside to watch it in the distance. I like it.
No never, it would be stupid especially if the storm is close by.
Not if the lightening strikes were close. I definitely go for a walk outside to watch it in the distance. I like it.
I have always loved to watch lightning,but I only will do so from the safety of indoors or on a large safe verandah situation when the strikes are a great distance away!! The power of these electrical storms is phenomenal, so why would anyone PURPOSELY put themselves in harm's way,by walking in one of them?! I must say,that when they are very close by and really loud,they can bring large goosebumps,as I live alone;but generally I am not actually scared of storms,having lived in a 'cyclone area' for over 30 years now! I am NOT one to put myself or my beloved dogs in danger at any time,so I would not walk in an electrical storm unless there was absolutely NO alternative available to me at the time.
Definitely not. That's asking for disaster.
I love storms and thunder and lightning but I am not daft enough to prance about outside in the lightning. My friend's horse was struck and killed and I have never forgotten it. Poor fellow :(
by Rice
Yes, Rice.that always worried me when we were riding along Grandview Rd.
One time we had to take shelter under the old Hall there. By the time we got back to K. Riding School, we, & our horses' were drenched!
by donjo
Oh yuk!!! Nothing WORSE than wet tack!!!!!!! Bleargh :(( I used to mostly ride in long Aigles so at least the rain (mostly) kept off my feet. One of my friend's horses used to rear up the minute he felt rain. Gosh, he was a dill. My fellow used to look at him as if he had lost his mind.
by Rice
Oh wow! What a combo! Raining, & rearing! Should imagine there'd be much reining, too!
After that episode, my lovely maternal Grandmother bought me a proper half raincoat, for riding. It lasted for years'!
I also got some plaited reins, 'cos your hands don't slip on them if they get wet, & wore gloves, too!
by donjo
No. I love a good thunder storm and love watching it. There have been too many people struck and killed by lightning. If I got stuck in a storm I don't think I would know where to shelter maybe under a tree but I was told that it was dangerous to do that .
Lightening will strike the highest point. Don't shelter under the tallest tree, or one standing out by itself would be my guess.

by annfi
Yes of course I didn't think. My son when he wwas little was scared of thunder and I took him on the veranda and told him a story of Mr thunder and lightning. When the storm came closer we went inside and lo and behold it struck the veranda where we had stood. My door bell went off for the last time. It was freaky my son thought it was cool.
by nat_c
No, lightning scares me. I prefer staying inside during rain storms.
No I wound not.
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