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Would you urinate in the shower?

by VerityG (follow)
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Some students in England have recently won an environmental award for coming up with a scheme to encourage all the students on their campus to urinate in the shower, rather than using the loo for their first wee in the morning. They have calculated that this will save a considerable quantity of water being used to flush the loos, which is good for the environment and for the university's finances.

Would you urinate in the shower, to help save the environment and reduce your water bill?

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Top Answers
Yes. I see no problem with it. Though I never thought of it as a water saving measure, that will be my excuse from now on.
by Vee
Looks like we're the odd ones out, Vee. I see no problem with it if you are having a shower t the same time, because the urine gets washed away with the shower water.
LOL! Looks like we are Bryony. Fair enough if it is a communal shower like some have pointed out. But if it's your own shower, it's just a bit of pee. Besides, it's sterile enough and, like you said, it gets washed down with the water. No biggie.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, female urine is not sterile.........
by donjo
donjo, please tell me you're joking. Why oh why do men get to have all the fun?
by Vee
Totally agree with you Vee. I like the excuse too. Another one would be, "I have Tinea and peeing on your feet is good for treating it." I am now starting to feel guilty about always going to the loo before I shower. Wonder how much water I have wasted in my life. *sigh*
by Rice
I can see the logic behind it but the thought of anyone peeing in the shower makes me feel sick..... particularly in a shared shower in a communal setting like a student house. Yuk! I would rather explore options for reducing the water used when flushing the loo - there are some excellent ideas now for water-free loos. I would find that a whole lot less intimidating than being told I should urinate on myself!
Eww. In that situation I would think you would get people not washing the pee away properly and the showers would start to smell like a urinal. Alternately they could just get people to use the toilet but only to flush after a poo, or, as my Mum used to say "if it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."

LOL - I can't believe people actually get funding for these sorts of studies!! I often pee in the shower, because I never seem to get a chance to go to the loo unless I'm taking my daughter...sometimes it's just simpler.
I've never done this nor would I be comfortable doing such. I don't like the idea of standing in urine or being splashed by it even if it's me own. Plus, after a little while your shower will start to smell.
FYI dwatk, it only smells initially and then, once its washed down the drain, there is no smell, lol.
by Vee
NO! yuck
No I would not.
No I don't pee in the shower and God help anyone that does (in my house). I don't believe that it all gets washed away and I also don't believe that you don't get germs from other people's urine or even your own. To save water, just don't flush unless it's solid waste. But even then I flush all the time (1/2 flush only for the lighter load). It has got to stink eventually. jeebus, just hang on til you are out of the shower or better still, go before you get in the shower.
I'm not going to trust anyones vanity basin anymore, after this question and the positive answers.
I quite agree!
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