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Would you try going 'no poo'?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma ~ Eartha Kitt.
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"No poo" is the practice of not shampooing your hair, instead washing it with plain water or a natural home made hair rinse made from ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, honey or coconut oil. The theory is that after a couple of weeks of not using shampoo the production of your hair's natural oil peaks then declines, ultimately leaving your hair less oily. It also avoids ingedients such as sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate which are found in most commercial shampoos

Would you give "no poo" a try?

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Top Answers
I haven't used shampoo in... maybe 6 months. My hair feels nice and soft and not oily at all. Initially I tried using bicarbonate of soda to scrub my scalp followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. It seemed to be working pretty well but I read that it can damage your hair over time and I was looking for something to help with dandruff. For the last few weeks I have been using a home made honey "shampoo" (it's just half honey, half water mixed together with a few drops of grapefruit oil added for the smell). So far it's working out well.
I haven't cut out shampoo completely, but I have drastically reduced how often I wash my hair. As a result I find it gets a lot less oily. I used to wash it at least 4 days a week. Now I tend to wash my hair about once or twice a week.

When you're going "no poo" do you still use conditioner?
You can use conditioner if you like. I just use coconut oil.
I use organic apple cider vinegar in water as my "conditioner".
by Rice
I use conditioner to wash, rinse and apply more conditioner that I leave in .
by annfi
I haven't gone without using shampoo before, but recently my mum brought an alternative shampoo that does not use the same ingredients normal shampoos do in order to make a lather. These ingredients can damage your hair, but this non-lather shampoo does not do that.
I heard about this from my Dad, so naturally I was sceptical. But I think I may just have to give it a go. Thanks Jennifer. Sorry Dad.
by Vee
Found this, Vee, thought you might like to take a look :-)
by Rice
Thanks, Rice. I'll take a look. ;-)
by Vee
Yes! To be honest, its not something I tend to bring up with my friends as they are grossed out by the idea. My husband has not washed his hair with anything but water for the last couple of years and has great hair. I also make a rinse using water, a tsp of bicarb and a few drops of rosemary oil. I tried no poo for a few months and my hair regained its natural curls, was shiny and never looked better. Unfortunately I chose not to continue on as my regrowth got the better of me. My teenagers both no poo and my son is constantly getting asked what product he uses on his hair. I refrain from telling them its his natural oils!
I have not used shampoo for a couple of years. I tried the bicarbonate soda followed by apple cider vinegar rinse but after a couple of months felt my hair was getting weaker.
I have curly hair and follow the curly girl system. I cowash. That is wash hair with conditioner as I would if using shampoo , rinse then apply a second smaller amount of conditioner that I leave in. I am learning what ingredients to avoid to keep my hair and scalp at their best . Leaving in conditioner helps control my curls and stops my hair being fluffy. I sometimes have to use a bit of product as well because my curls are not defined or are determined to be too wild, but I have recently started making a flaxseed gel that is great, very natural and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.
For years I only used expensive salon products, but when my favourite was discontinued I went down this path with no regrets.
I only do this in the next few days after my hair has been coloured and/or treated. Otherwise I usually need to use my shampoo every day, if not every second day. It depends on the weather and how often you participate in water sports etc.
This is a great idea! I got into the bad habit of washing my hair every night when I was in high school and it gets so oily so quickly now. I'll definitely have to give this a go.

I'm a tiny bit disappointed that 'no poo' didn't turn out to be what I thought it would be :)
Ha! Just as well it didn't.
Good Question:
I have tried everything!

In the end, I found that for the most wonderful clean healthy hair I could find, was only using Top Quality Shampoo & Conditioner.

Yes thats right....Sorry, but I just can not say that going 'organic' is wonderful.

The truth be told it will not give you the most 'amazing hair'.Going middle of the road, dreadful! your hair will just look the pits, and all that rubbish they put into it.
I am in my 50's so I have done it all....Maybe not the answer you would have liked, but remember Top Quality, is Just That...these companies know what hair will respond too.
They spend a great deal of money to make shampoo, that delivers!

If you have not found that one shampoo, you need to ask your hairdresser.
Personally that wouldn't actually help at all since my skin is sensitive not only to sulfates but also perfumes and a bunch of other things. The fewer ingredients the less likely it is to be bad for my skin. More expensive is not always better. Also, I didn't even use the word "organic."
Well I just feel that is my experience with Shampoo's.
I used the word Organic because it was one that came to my mind.
You will see that I wrote for me. What I have found.
And in my opinion expensive for Me is best for my hair.
by jonaja
That makes sense. I suppose everyone's hair is different.
The "great crowd" of manufacturers bulk their products up with silicone and it builds up and weighs the hair down. My hairdresser got me to use conditioner only and my ex was to use shampoo only. On his last visit to an expo he said that a lot of the manufacturers are starting to move away from all the silicone which is good. Last night I used an Argan oil shampoo bar and today my hair feels better than it has for years. I still stick with the organic apple cider vinegar rinse though.
by Rice
l only wash my hair once every 2 weeks. In between washes I condition, towel dry and use argan oil. Some days I use olive oil on my ends then still only condition in shower. I never use hair dryers or heated appliances, just moisturize all the time. Hope this info helps some1. thanxxxxxx
My husband's hair is always oily which is why he washes it every day. I have tried to explain to him that he is defeating his purpose but to no avail. On the other hand, compared with many others his age he has a very healthy head of hair. I also am allergic to all sorts of chemicals, so I use oatmeal based products including the brand's shampoo. I like my grey locks to look shiny and almost white, so I would never go "no poo".
I give it a try every now and then but always give in before the magic 2 weeks is up. Maybe next time.
My hair looked awful for about 3 weeks. I just wore it tied back all the time! Brushing your hair a few times a day also helps to distribute the natural oils down to to tips.
I've got really short hair. So it's have to be a hat. I've given up conditioner entirely though and the hairdresser recently complimented me on my healthy hair.
by lynne
The only way that could happen is if I retreated whilst my natural oil production peaked and then declined. My hair would be an absolute horror. I shop for shampoos which don't have the sodiums in them.
This is new to me. My hair is not oily but rather dry. I've used a few herbal products that helped but they are awfully expensive. Not sure if this will work but its worth a try.
by Gia
I have been doing "no poo" for about two years now. I have always done the vinegar rinse as my mother always did this when I was young. I love the "no poo" method.
by Rice
Update. My two years of NoPoo are now over. My hair was fine; my scalp was not :(((
by Rice
No, I've never tried this but I would love to give it a try. It seems like not only a healthier option, but one that would save a lot of money.
I.ve never tried going shampoo less, I like my hair to feel clean and smell clean, I have natural curls and waves, I try to use sulfate free hair products.
I have tried using bicarb soda. It got my hair quite clean, but was also a bit drying. And I'm afraid I missed the experience of lathering a nice-smelling shampoo.
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