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Would you try Botox?

by Smita (follow)
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By ambro, www.freedigitalphotos.net

We are living in a world where nobody wants to grow old. The fight is always on to look younger, to the extent that people don't hesitate to go under the knife.
Would you try Botox to get rid of the wrinkles, creases, clefts, dimples to enhance your appearance or keep age-lines at bay?

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Top Answers
Heck no! It sounds horribly painful and expensive and I hope that as I age I can just learn to love my face the way it is. I think the "samey" look celebrities get from all using Botox is quite creepy.
. . *high five*
by Rice
No way! Imagine if it goes wrong and you're left with a face that looks like you've had a stroke instead of smooth wrinkle free skin.. I'd rather "grow old gracefully" and keep the toxins in my body to a minimum.
If I had the money.
Yes.....have a fried who did and the wrinkles are less after two years
No, I would not -I cannot really see the point -we all have to age, so why pretend?

Also it has not been used for all that long, so I don't think they have any really long term ideas if it affects anything else.
by Finy
No I won't, I would rather like to stay natural.
Why use Botox when you can purchase a facelift and a breast lift in a jar! Oh, how I laughed when I saw those for sale at the pharmacy. No, I wouldn't try Botox for the sheer fact that my body is a temple, and I do my best to keep toxins, particularly neurotoxins, from entering this sacred space. Besides, if I ever have daughters, I want them to know they don't have to conform to the ridiculous standards society sets for them. Not only that, but beauty is just skin deep.
by Vee
I'm a little scared of needles so I can't see this one working for me.
In all honesty, I have trouble keeping up with the most basic of beauty routines, so I don't I'll be adding jabs into the picture any time soon. Natural is just fine for me, it's what is inside that counts. I have a number of friends who have used botox, for some the results are really good, and they've got very smooth skin. But it's not worked well for all of them, and some odd things have happened in the eyebrow area in particular for one friend.
Nope - a lot of people in the street now have this weird look about them, and it takes me a minute to process it's the botox...makes me think of a morgue.
Yes, I would like to try Botox if I can afford it. As I know it could be very expensive for persons who are on age pension...
What is wrong with looking your age? Really is it so important to look younger that you would inject your self with botulism?

'It is the most acutely toxic substance known to man and can cause serious and life-threatening illness in humans and animals'.

How about we look after our skin? Stay out of the sun use a good quality organic face cream and enjoy growing old with out ending up looking like a plastic barbie doll or mutton dressed as lamb!

I have much better things to spend my money on that putting crap into my skin for other (shallow) peoples approval

Just one quote of the thousands of pages of information about botox on the web
'Botox injections can go incredibly wrong. If a practitioner hits a nerve, the resulting bruises and swelling can permanently damage the nerve, leading to droopy eyes, mouths or even over arched eye-brows'.
The 'Cat Woman'. This is extreme and any plastic surgeon who is involved in this sort of aberration should be jailed.
by Kylie
No way far too dangerous. We should learn to grown old gracefully. Be happy in your own skin.
No way! The only sign of aging I mind is the white hair. Botox treatments are too invasive for me. Then, it looks ridiculous to have a baby face and a wrinkled neck or arms. I think the most important thing is to age gracefully. I'd rather have some wrinkles and a big natural smile than that forced Botox induced grin.
I'm 48 and I would NEVER use botox. There is such a thing as being happy with who you are and growing old gracefully
Honestly no, it terrifies me.
No, I wouldn't try Botox. If the worst thing that ever happened to me was wrinkles I would be happy!
Never ever ever! I've got lovely skin, as is. But apart from that, I don't find a 'frozen' face attractive or beautiful at all. I think women who age naturally and gracefully have something that botoxed features will never have. Look at Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn... Beautifully lined faces, so much beauty. Lines show character. I'm very proud of my laugh lines, I've earnt them!
I love botox. Every 4 months or so. It is my treat to myself. Genetically I developed deep forehead wrinkles very early (early 30's). I am very fair (red head). I have stayed out of the sun. At 56 I had total erbium resurfacing of my face, and since then have had botox regularly to hold back the deep wrinkles. Depending on your self image one can make a case for or against botox. I can buy it for $11.00 per unit (which is incredibly cheap. So for about $400.00 for 4 months, I can keep the wrinkles at bay. I know people who spend much more than this on a hair cut and colour. I can colour my own hair, and a hair cut can cost very little. Give me botox any day.
Kylie love your honesty re. botox, etc. It's so easy to say, "It's inside that counts...." when one is young and has few sags and wrinkles. But wait, time will tell and when everything heads south and there is a way of reversing this.... That's when truly confronting growing older can be and decisions are made. Either way. Go girl!
by helya
Definitely not. Got a chubby face and the fat fills the wrinkle in anyway! And it is all my own work :-)
Would I have a modified version of a toxin injected, for nothing but vanity? One should see a mental health professional if one thinks this is a good idea.
no I would not try Botox, I am what I am ,
What Jennifer M said.
by Rice
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