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Would you travel alone?

by Sarah Bell (follow)
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As a woman, would you travel alone? Why or why not?

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Top Answers
I always do, even overseas. I have never travelled with friends, family or my partner. Both for business and leisure trips - I am always alone and have been since I started travelling consistently since 2006 after finishing uni. Have gone to the USA and London alone too.
Absolutely! In fact, I'm travelling alone in Europe right now. Fortunately, my husband is very supportive and doesn't mind at all. He would have loved to come but couldn't get time off from work and my young adult daughter is off on some travels of her own over her uni break.

As a solo woman traveller I realise that there are places and things that it's wise to avoid, so I don't go out at night (except somewhere big like London where there are always lots of people around) or go to dicey places. However, at least in first-world countries, if you're aware of safety issues and use common-sense I don't think travelling alone is especially dangerous. As a solo woman traveller I usually stay at YHA hostels which provide separate dormitory-style accommodation for men and women, as well as simple, clean private rooms. These are very well-run and are a great way to meet other interesting adventurous people from all around the world, and if you're nervous about staying alone, sharing a dorm with other ladies helps you feel safer. They're also very affordable so if you're on a longer trip, they help your budget to strech further.
That sounds very sensible Carolyn, you're still able to have fun and see the places you want but have somewhere safe to stop at night. Happy travels!

If I were single I would have no issues with traveling alone, but now, no. If I were out experiencing the world, I would want my wife by my side. If I were seeing and experiencing amazing things, I would want to share them with her every time.
I enjoy travelling with family and friends, but I have travelled around Europe without anyone I knew, although I was part of a tour.
Yes I have done a lot of traveling alone especially around Europe and Indonesia and have the greatest adventures and met some amazing people. You need to trust your instincts. Do not walk down dark alleys or go off with anyone you do not feel comfortable with, never get drunk with strangers, Make sure you email people your itinerary. it's all just common sense. I no longer travel alone as I have got older I now find it harder to connect with other people and i also have someone to travel with.
My daughter travels alone often and as much as I worry about her (It's my job) she is probably much safer than if if she was on a night out in the Valley in Brisbane ;)
I have traveled alone and never had any negative experiences, so I am sure I wouldn't mind, but agree with some of the replies that talk about traveling with family when going on a vacation. I would do the same. Wouldn't want to go on a vacation by myself, but if I had to go alone, I would.
I have travelled alone before and plan to again. Some places, like Paris seem safer than others. I made numerous friends and had the most interesting insights whilst being on my own. Even if you are traveling with other people, make sure you take time out to explore on your own. Take a journal or sketchbook rather than pulling out your camera at every opportunity. This gives you the opportunity to experience the place unfiltered through someone else's eyes. I highly recommend it.

Short distances I would, or to places deemed safe, like a spa. If I were travelling overseas and meeting up with others, I would be happy to take the flights alone, but I wouldn't want to set out on a solo adventure anymore - it just doesn't seem as safe as it did ten years ago, but maybe that's just me getting older.
If I know where I am going, it isn't too busy, it isn't too far, and it isn't too dark, then I am happy to travel on my own. Otherwise I want someone with me. I remember coming home at night after class when I was a student, and I didn't like it at all. I didn't feel safe. As for distance and knowing where I am going, I always get scared that I'll get lost.
I have and it was fine, but! would I do it some 25 years later?
No....not in today's world, but that is just me.

There are problems travelling alone in Europe, if your a young female.
Look up Google, and get as much info on the problems that arise, and give it some thought.
Try to find someone your own age...and see if they too can go with you, even if you have to put it off for a few months or a year.

The world is a very big place, and certain groups know who to target.
It's not about creating fear for you....it's just the truth.

Have done and will do again - overseas too. My only safety thing is to either eat close to hotel so walk is short and well lit or get a taxi once dark. Also if I go to a bar, only 1 drink (or stay sober). But other than that, I don't alter my travel behaviours at all.
Absolutely - the thrill of travelling and being independent at it is absolutely invigorating and I think every woman should do it! That's how you grow as a person.
For work I would prefer to travel alone but when going on holiday I do travel with my family and I love it.
Yes. I have done. It is different to travelling with someone else.

I don't see why not. Being a woman doesn't mean you have to be chaperoned all the time.
I did it in my youth, but I now enjoy sharing the experience with anyone who is on the same wavelength.
Yes, sometimes,because of my job.
I like to think so, but I have never travelled alone. I think it would do me some good. I am planning a 6 month trip starting in the middle of July, but I love being around people, and sharing moments. I also think it's because I am a twin. Attending university alone was hard during my second year because I was so used to having someone around. I guess we all have to start somewhere and seeing the world is the best place to start!
Would not intend to, but if left with no choice, will surely do..!!
Yes been to India, Sri Lanka and Thailand on my own and loved it. Could do exactly what I wanted to do each day.
I have travelled alone. I like it because you can do whatever you want whenever you want.
Absolutely. I have been to parts of indonesia on my own although it can be intimiddating it can also be quite liberating and thrilling.
I need to change my word in my answer from liberating to quite thrilling.
Use of word wrong. Sorry
Ps please add to my comment:I dont know that I as a mum of 4 now would go off to far remote places but definitely big cities absolutely.
Only when it is inevitable.I always enjoy traelling with family.You just dont know the difficulty of the distance travelled.
I can travel alone. But I prefer to travel with my husband.
I can travel alone. But I prefer to travel with my husband.
If required i can travel alone. But always prefer and enjoy travellung with family.
I think it depends on where you're travelling. If you're going to Europe, USA or other 'safer' places, then travelling by one's self is fine. But if you're going to vastly different countries where you have no experience, there's higher crime and far less help then I'd suggest travelling with a companion. At least for parts of your trip!
Absolutely, I've travelled a fair bit by myself in the past, and absolutely loved every minute. Now I have a family, I couldn't imagine traveling without them, but I'm definitely all for solo travel
I realized inot only can you travel alone you can camp alone. Big step for someone who came from a city w a lot of crime
I did once and really enjoyed it. Don't know if I would do it again though.

by Rita
I have travelled alone before. I think once you take extra caution to be aware of your surroundings you should be fine!
I have always travelled alone. If I were to wait for my friends to get their act together, I would die of old age! ("I don't have any money"; "I don't have any leave", etc, etc.) I now much prefer it. I don't have to answer to anyone and my schedule is my own. I have been to most all of Europe, England, USA, Canada, even UAE and never had a problem. Plain old common sense (which alas is not that common!), is all you need. I'm going back to England & Europe later this year and can't wait!
Yes, and I have many times, for business and visiting family, often, every year!
Only now that I'm in a relationship, will I have a travel companion for the first time in about 10 years
I did when I was young, but at 81, I don't think so.
Yes I would, and have! I'll be honest though, it was one of the most daunting yet enriching experiences of my life. I was petrified to go out at first, constantly fearing what might happen. Until I realised it was all in my head, all these thoughts that i was so worried about had been put there from past news reports of some sort.

Obviously I was smart in what I did and where I went. I did research on the customs in the country before I went so I knew what to be aware of. I used general caution such as keeping my personal belongings close, not going anywhere suspicious with people I had never met before, things you should be doing even when at home!

Being afraid isn't going to help you do anything. Yes there is bad in the world, but there is also good. If you keep your wits about you then there is no reason why you can't have fun and be safe at the same time!
Travelled by myself all over the World from 18-24.
Then husband came with me for 40 years.

Now, I don't travel very often at all.
Kinda 'saturated' & just want a peaceful life, 'socialising' with friends', going to the Theatre often, & to be at home relaxing, watching either a VHS Tape of recorded fave TV show, or a DVD.
And that's if I'm not playing a CD!
I would but I rather not.
I dont think so.
I always wish that someone is with me when I travel so that I am not lonely.I have someone to chat with.If I have any problem I can say it to him/her.
I have travelled alone, twice, and yes I was nervous but it was an experience.
Normally I wouldn't travel alone, but I had to once. I like traveling with my husband or friends.
I have travelled overseas alone and although I sometimes missed having company, the upside was that I didn't have to discuss, negotiate or compromise on the day's activities at all. I could change my mind at will without worrying about the impact on anyone else.
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