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Would you take back a cheating partner?

by Ennvy.c (follow)
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We're human and we make mistakes. We forgive and forget and learn from our experiences and mistakes. The question is would you take back a cheating partner?

Why or why not?

Would it depend on the circumstances of the cheating? Whether it is emotional or physical? Would you consider flirting as cheating?

Share your thoughts here.

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Top Answers
I don't think you can ever really have blanket rules about any situation that arises in a relationship. That's just not how they work. I'm sure there would be situations where I would not be able to take back someone who cheated, or would not want to, but you can never really say never until you've been in the situation. It depends on your relationship, your history, and what happened.
I would agree with Natasha, it depends on the situation. However, history does tend to repeat itself. Sometimes if you take them back it sets a precedence for the future and they think if they do it again, you'll just take them back again, and again, and again. Think carefully about what you accept within a relationship.
It depends. Some partners do deserve a second chance.
I don't think so.
by fran.
Simply no because it clearly indicates a level of disrespect and selfishness that has the potential to harm across multiple areas and generations.
Putting aside the the std health risks generated by the action any child observing the behaviour will be damaged and loose all respect for its parent.
If your partner cheats dump them before the problem repeats and never consider marriage with such a person.
A leppard never changes its spots.
Regards from Kym
haven't yet been in that situation,..but this question got me thinking! I don't think I can forgive, forget and carry on with life as usual with a partner who clearly is not 100% committed to me. it would become a trust issue which will haunt in the back of my mind. saying that I should also add that each one of us are different in our approach to life and everyone has their own way of dealing with challenges that are thrown at them.
I must say I never thought I would until it happened to me. In 1992 I discovered my husband was having an affair after being together 18 years and being married for 13 years.

There was a lot of thing going on the family what with children and parents etc. It was hard because we had a business together and everything was wrapped up in us being together.

When I found out I was angry hurt so many emotions. Threw him out and he went to live with the women but he was soon asking to come back. I made him wait until I was sure.

We are still together now and have been since I took him back 8 months after his affair.

Things for me were never the same. Once trust is broken it can never be repaired.

I do not regret my choice to take him back.
A leppard never changes its spots.
When 2 people engage in a relationship 2 souls should become one.
If not you do not have a relationship.
Quite apart from the fact that you are at risking of catching an STD your inner being is compromised, trust is lost forever and depression that is generated from the memory and doubt will erode the quality of your life.
I recall a couple who were my friends many years ago. The girl was a sweet person who suffered his constant cheating for many years. As men at the time our group would just laugh it off as their strange relationship. One day he made her a promise that if they moved away to a new town he would change and stop the cheating. As could be expected she soon caught him at it again but this time after suffering so much pain this sweet little girl stabbed him with a knife.
No I would never take back a cheat.

I would like to think I could take back a cheating husband - a cheating boyfriend, not so much. It would, of course, depend on the circumstances.
by Vee
Only in marriage. If we were just dating then no.
Personally, definitely not.

Have a friend, 45 years' married, who found out her husband's been cheating on her for the last two years'. He's now 69!

She feels that there was so much deceit. She told him to go 6 months' ago.
She's a long road ahead, as they'd a Business together.

I'll be there to assist her, whenever needed, as we've been friends for 42 years'.

She does have the back-up of two sisters', & a brother, & their respective spouses', & her two adult sons' as well.
In a word, no. If he's done it once, he'll do it again.
If they have done it once, they will do it again.
Also, when you found them out, it may not necessarily have been the first time that they were unfaithful !
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