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Would you rather work in an Office our outside in all weathers?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you rather work in an Office, or outside in all weathers?

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Top Answers
I always did work in an Office, and I would far rather work in an office than outside all day.
My son is a horticulturalist and works in the 110 degree heat and the rain and I could not do that.

Would hate it especially in the heat.
by Finy
I would prefer outside. I work in an office and stare at computers all day - I would love to be able move and walk around more in my job
by AJ
Office for me.

The elements are too much these days, one day it's raining for ages, cold and miserable....then it's 27 degrees, and by lunch time you are cooking.
This pic is a classic....have seen it used also for
'Waiting for the perfect man!'....so apt

by Fran
by jonaja
Pulse missing, jonaj! Lol!
by donjo
I know...LOL!

by jonaja
I would rather work in an office with a good walk in a park at lunchtime.
by Fran
I don't think I could work in an office unless I could get out into the fresh air several times each day!As a sign writer,I was able to work both outdoors and indoors depending on the job I was doing at the time.This suited me just fine.
For me, this is more a question of would I rather do office work or outdoor work - if I could do office work outdoors on a sunny day, then I would love to but it's hard to see a computer screen properly outside I find..... and obviously my papers and other bits and bobs would be soaked if I was outside in the rain!
If I had any desire to do a job like farming or gardening or forest ranger then the location of my work would be decided for me.
I think I may have the perfect job where I can work a combination of both. I would spend about 3/4 of my time working inside (be it from an office or from home) with 1/4 on location filming. I don't mind the scorching heat but it can be tedious when it rains. Then again, if it's raining, we can't shoot anyway as we would defer to a wet weather contingency and reschedule filming. So for me, its best of both worlds. If I had to get a "normal job" and commit to one or the other, I think I would be hard pressed to be able to decide as I love having the flexibility of working inside and outside.
For me, a mix of both is best. I gets down in the dumps working in an office all the time, but I would also get sick of working outside 5 days a week too.
as a person with an outside job (junk mail deliverer) I'd prefer an inside job. I've only just managed to start my next job round this weekend due to a week of cold weather and rain. Because it's casual work, if I don't do it due to the weather, I don't get paid.

I assume gardeners and other outdoor workers are similarly affected, though I do see the postie braving it through heat and cold.
Having worked in an office environment, for 45 years', I would've NO desire to work outside!
Just too, too much, I think!
The last job I was in was outdoors . On the wet days we worked in the shed doing cleaning up , organizing , fixing up things, On the very hot days we chose to work very early , and in the shade as much as possible . Loved my outdoor job as a Gardner.
I would rather work...neither, as I do! The 4 jobs I had before the birth of my 1st daughter, were all inside jobs. My daughter came along, then I retired from work, because I was/am so lazy!
by Miro
I worked in an office and I liked it. Of course there's downsides too but I liked it better than working outside.
I would rather work inside. I often see men working outside in the heat in February etc. and I wonder how they cope with the heat and I feel very (very, very) sorry for them. I know there are SOME companies that do cut off work when the temperature rises but THEIR top temperature and mine really really are miles apart. I particularly feel sorry for say, road workers, because the thought of the heat, laying bitumen, that stinking tar smell, being near steel railway tracks or tram tracks and the sun beating down makes me feel sick. I figure if I have to be careful opening the car door because the door handle is burring, this workers must be suffering. Guess they have to be careful with complaining though, because they could be labelled bludgers very quickly…….in this country.
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