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Would you rather fight a hippo sized chicken or six chicken sized hippos?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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hippo, fight a hippo sized chicken
Image from Morguefile.

Assuming that for some reason you had to pick from one of these two options, would you rather fight a hippo sized chicken sized hippos?

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Top Answers
I think the better one for me would be
sized Hippo, no dought!

A hippo sized 'anything' is still kinda big :(
Running~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Quickly~ ~ ~ away.

(love this question, we need some smiles)
Hippo-sized chicken. You can change the size, but not the nature. Hippos are very aggressive, and even when it is the size of a chicken it could do a lot of damage - especially if there were six of them!
Six chicken size hippos for sure! Hippos are BIG, the idea of a chicken that large is the stuff of nightmares..........
It would depend on whether I had someone of your sized imagination on my side or not.
My significant other says he would rather fight the giant chicken, not because it would be easier but because it would be awesome, kind of like fighting a dinosaur. If it's the same mass as a hippo (a couple of tonnes) but chicken shaped it would be really, really big. I guess the fact that a chicken can only see out the sides of its head and not to the front might work in your favour, and if you could take out one of its legs it would fall over.

Little hippos would be mean and have a vicious bite to them, but to have the same mass as a chicken (which really don't have all that much to them under the feathers) they'd be pretty small, like guinea pig sized, which doesn't seem all that much of a threat, especially if you have a big pair of stompy boots.
Could you imagine that thing pecking at you?!
by Vee
I would much rather take on 1 hippo sized chicken. This way I would have one mind to battle with as opposed to six.
Clearly a chicken the size of a hippo would peck me with a large sharp beak but a but a hippo the size of a chicken would not pose much of a risk.
Have you seen the teeth on those things? I reckon if one got hold of your leg it could mess you up.
True but The spear on the chicken would finish you with one jab. Watch a chook after an insect in the pen. Fast and deadly. Small Hippo with small legs gives me a chance to out run them at least.
by kstew
What spear? Do you mean its beak?
The beak is what they use to kill their prey with great accuracy.
by kstew
Chicken-sized hippos - you could defend yourself against those things, right?
by Vee
Hippo sized chicken. One enemy is easier to defeat, no matter the size. I would rig something to trip it over, get it on it's back and it would go in to a nice little chooky trance. Then I would pet it and pat it and take it home as my pet. I love chhoks. (Note to self . . . you're gonna need a LOT of chook food!)
by Rice
Chooks, I meant chooks. LOL
by Rice
I still don't have an answer to this question, but in the early 90's, my husband took our eldest daughter ( who was 16 or 17 at the time,) to Zimbabwe, on a 2 or 3 day canoe trip, with the river full of hippos! NO, & no-one fell out of the boat! I wouldn't go with them, because it meant not having a shower for 2/3 days/nights, & sleeping in tents on the riverbanks! I love all your answers to this question! Very funny.
by Miro
I guess I would go for a hippo chicken.
Initially I thought a hippo sized chicken, because I understand chickens and would know how it is likely to behave. I have changed my mind to six chicken sized hippos because at least I could escape by climbing a tree.
I suppose I could escape a giant chicken by swimming...so hopefully if I am ever attacked by one I will be beside a body of water.
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