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Would you rather eat an apple, orange or a banana?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you rather eat an apple, orange or a banana?

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Top Answers
I enjoy eating all three, and some at other times over others, but I'd rather eat an orange overall.
That is a difficult question! I like them all but bananas are possibly my least favourite of the two.
I would say a nice crisp Pink Lady apple though I probably eat a few oranges a week as well as a few apples and sometimes also a few bananas, so I cannot answer one as I eat the same amount of all of them!

I have recently substituted fruit instead of ice cream and chips after dinner, so am eating more fruit than I ever have and mandarins I eat the most frequently, followed by perhaps rock melon, watermelon, apples and oranges!

Wioth a few others thrown in there also!
by Finy
I would probably go for orange then banana then apple. Oranges are so easy to handle, bananas can be unexpectedly chalky but easy to peel and apples need the most fiddling with, I think. I always feel more satisfied after an orange for some reason.
by Rice
Sorry about that Rice! I had been forgetting do what I was shown on the tv, myself, & have only been doing it the top way anyway, by cutting it off.
by Miro
Well, I just love fruit !!! My fave at the moment would have to be oranges and mandarins. I seem to have gone off bananas at the moment, but do love them. I don't tend to eat many apples at home, but when I go to my friends place and she fixes us a plate of fruit, I really get stuck into the apple slices. Crazy.
Lluxi - I am the same - have somehow gone off bananas the last few months where I used to love them.
by Finy
Orange, I feel like the flavour is stronger and I enjoy the tang.
Definitely oranges ! I do not like the texture of bananas so much . I do eat all three though but would rather prefer an orange as a whole.
by BK
Same, I don't like the texture of bananas either.
A Granny Smith apple. I also like Bramley apples, but I'm not keen on other kinds. As for oranges. I would rather have a tangerine or satsuma as they are easier to peel and have less pips. I don't like raw bananas, only cooked ones.
Every time :)
So much more can be done with one of these little fella's
Ah. Nudity. So refreshing. It definitely has appeal . . . . *choke*
by Rice
by jonaja
No preference. All three is good.
I like all three but until recently would have said that bananas were my LEAST favourite.However
with having been given a hand of the small Lady Finger bananas,I have changed my mind! These are so delectable, so delicious that I can happily eat several of these little gems!!!!
They are so different to the large cavendish bananas and their texture is also much lovelier!

I would not pay the $7.50 kg plus which they are in the shops,but to have been given so many for no cost,I can certainly appreciate why they are so much more expensive!
So.... if I am able to have Lady Fingers or other of the small tasty bananas which grow up here,I would say they are my latest favourite. If they are not on my menu,then I cannot choose between apples and oranges,as I enjoy both equally!!
I would prefer a banana.
Apple, banana, orange, would be my order of preference!

But really, I'd prefer a mandarin!
A banana! I noticed on the tv the other day, someone way saying it's easier to peel a banana from the bottom, & not from the top!
by Miro
I have tried it several times now, miro_ . . . . and I always manage to squash the end! I think bananas know which way is up. Heehee :-)))))
by Rice
Hmmm . . . cutting it off sounds like a good idea. . . . sometimes they fight back. LOL
by Rice
That depends. If I can get a navel orange from a tree in someone's backyard the orange gets first preference. My mouth is watering at the thought.
However, the oranges in shops are usually rather tasteless and have no appeal for me. If we are talking about the average piece of fruit from a shop then banana gets my number 1 vote followed by a gala apple.
My first preference of the above three fruits is a banana sliced into Dairy Farmers' yoghurt. Second choice would be a seedless mandarin. Don't like apples at all so never eat them.

I do eat heaps of other fruit too.
All three are delicious when you eat them at their best. If I could only choose one maybe the orange wins, although it is a tough choice.
Probably an Orange as the flavour is refreshing to the palette.
If I had a choice I would choose banana,then apple,and I'm not that keen on citrus.
Love all three, but probably the nana first.
If I would have to choose, it would be an apple.
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