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Would you rather drive a small or large car?

by Finy (follow)
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Some people like to drive a very small car as it is economical on petrol.

Others prefer a larger car, as they are often heavier, more comfortable, more powerful, and safer.

Which size would you prefer to own, and why?

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Top Answers
I have mainly had bigger cars.

Until 18 months ago, my money was going faster than I could make it!
Now my petrol bill is half it use to be.
I love my little Mazda.
The small car is a tad cosy, I miss the extra room...but! can't have everything.
Money in my pocket, is far more important to pay the bills.
omg. we have the same car . . . .
by Rice
It's getting scary...........please tell me what colour is yours?
by jonaja
I drive a Holden Berlina Sportwagon which is considered big. But then half the idiots around are now driving Four wheel drives so they can be bullies on the road. 80% of FWD have never been off road so there is no logic. They say it is so they can see over other cars but now FWDs have almost reached 50% that logic has gone far out the window.
I like to drive smaller cars because driving bigger cars makes me feel like I am sailing a boat. I'm also afraid of hitting others or having others hit me, so smaller cars give me a little piece of mind in that I can safely manoeuvre around obstacles if need be.
by Vee
Either one is fine for driving, parking is a whole different ball game.
I've a large 6 Cylinder, 4 door, fully imported Japanese 'Datsun Skyline' sedan, weighing 1500kgs!

It saved my life when an idiot smashed into its' side at 80kph. I didn't get hurt, thanks to my seatbelt doing its' 'thing' & holding me tight & still!

Wouldn't have a small car if you gave it to me! Not 'enough of a car' to keep me safe!
I too had the fully imported model but downsized to another Nissan when it was just too big for mum and I. I also had a fully imported 240K which I had for 13 plus years. Hated parting with that too. Now I'm driving the 2013 Pulsar which is supposed to be medium size but is closer to being a larger car.
by helga
Oh! Yes helga, the 240k was the pre-cursor to the 'Skyline'. They, too, were an excellent car. My boyfriend had a Datsun 1600, & I learnt to drive on that. I loved 'Dattie' & was very sorry when he got sold.
by donjo
P.S. My 'Spooky' ('cos he's White & a 'Skyline'!), celebrates his 37th Birthday next week! He came to me as my brand new 'baby'!

He's solid steel, & I feel very safe in him, & as for the price of petrol, he still gets 30mpg. His 60 Litres' will get me 600klms of normal city cycle driving. I don't do 'long' drives any more.
I love him, & he's so comfortable. I can reverse park in him, much better than I've seen some women, & men, too, do in their huge 4WD, WITH power steering!
by donjo
I believe that a slightly larger car is safer, and it is also more comfortable, drives quieter and handles better.
I therefore drive a medium size car which I love (Subaru Impreza).
by Finy
I prefer smaller ones because they are easier to zip around in and to park. At the moment I'm driving a really big car. It's environmental impact is ok because it runs on LPG, but it's huge. Can't do a smaller car at the moment because I'd never fit a pram and three kids into a hatchback (barely fit 2 kids across the backseat back when I had one with 2 kids), so for now I'm stuck with a bigger one.
Smaller cars are cuter. It's also easier with parking, especially in big cities. Advances have been made in point of safety even for small cars.
Yes, Mihaela, but that's only airbags! Small cars 'haven't got a snow flake's chance in hell' of surviving, if hit by even a 4WD, let alone something a tad larger!
by donjo
I have a old Honda CRV - described as a compact car. I used to have a Nissan Pulsar, but getting in and out was not easy, the Honda has the height I prefer. Some of the larger cars now are so big you have to climb up to to get in. :-)
I prefer a medium sized car as the small ones are too small to drive comfortably and the larger ones unnecessary 
I prefer a medium sized car as the small ones are too small to drive comfortably and the larger ones unnecessary 
I would never drive a small car. a medium or large car for me much safer. and more comfortable
I am on my smallest car ever at present and I really would like to go up a bit. I feel safer in a Patrol or a large ute of some type.
by Rice
NO car!!! My husband has had the same small car for about 24 years now, & would love to buy a 'higher up' 1. I must admit they are nicer to ride in, & you can look down on the smaller cars, like ours!
by Miro
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