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Would you prefer paving or grass on your front verge?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you prefer grass or paving on your front verge?

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Top Answers
I think I would prefer grass even though it is not my property, but the Councils, and I have to look after it.
Grass looks so much nicer than paving at the front.
I notice that a few people in my street do not cut their grass on the verge, and every now and then the Council do it but by the time they do it, it looks disgusting.
by Finy
Councils prefer grass as paving subsides and then thay are at risk of legal action in a trip and fall case. Every danged thing comes down to dollars and saving their ar$e$ from litigation :(( I have grass but, as you say, I have to mow it.
by Rice
ooops. "they"
by Rice
We have a lot of footpaths with nice green grass on each side and I think it looks rather smart.
by Rice
I know Grass looks better, but true be told, it's not always the case!
A great deal of people do not keep their grass in check.
So I have to say maybe paving would look more tidy, after all nothing worse than over grown grass,and people just don't seem these days to look after their lawns as much, as yrs ago.
Time poor is a problem.
Why don't you report them to Council if it bothers you. It is their responsibility to keep the nature strip mowed
by Lluxi
I talking about many many homes around me in different streets and sub's...
by jonaja
I like grass. Its just that the upkeep is a bit more.
I prefer the look of grass. It is a bit more homey. In some inner city areas, that's the only grass you will get to see !! Pavement and too much concrete is so cold, harsh, and unappealing to look at. We just have grass on our nature strip. Our area is a bit more rural, so we have no footpaths in our street. I prefer it that way, because you know that if you ,or elderly friends or family do fall, they will have a softer landing, and less likely to break anything. Having said that, my husband slipped on dew on some ones nature strip. He crushed his tibia, as in bone looking like talcum powder. He also put his back out quite badly in the fall, and it took two years for him to be able to walk again well enough to get a job. He is fine now. So you can fall on grass as well.
Yes, indeed. Look what happened to K.A.K.'s husband, John. From a soft landing to a wheelchair in the blink of an eye.
by Rice
Would have been a lot worse if he fell on concrete, wouldn't it?
by Lluxi
Ick. I don't think he would have lived to tell the tale. We are quite fragile aren't we? All these coward punches lately seem to really show how vulnerable we are.
by Rice
I prefer the look of grass. I love green and can't stand "concrete jungles". So grass is my preference. But! I absolutely hate when people don't keep their lawns in check. There was once a man who lived on our street. Kept his yard and his verge perfectly manicured. Now that he's gone, the place looks like a jungle!
by Vee
by AJ
Nice grass, or artificial grass I would like best on our 'footpath'
by Miro
Grass for sure. We needed to fence off our verge as the postman kept riding his motor bike over our verge to the next house and it started to damage our lawn. Left it for one month and took it away and thank goodness he took the hint.
Grass is much prettier...
I have and prefer grass but because we have telephone pit directly in front of my pedestrian gate my grass doesn't grow so well. I would actually like to landscape my footpath with edible foods to share, but with the pit and underground cables the only way would be to have planter boxes, and I doubt our council would agree to that. I have three trees and grass so I should be happy.

Grass is better all round, natural, soft, green, clean and good to walk on, at least the birds can get to the worms unlike artificial grass. I would rather untidy lawn than cold or in summer, hot paving.
I like paving and grass. I live in a suburb where we've only got paving on busier streets, so it isn't nice to walk on the grass when its been raining because your shoes get muddy. We can go for walks on the paved streets, but it isn't as restful because of all the cars whizzing by.
I like grass, but then I feel I would need to water it, so I prefer paving, It is easier to look after, water is becoming so expensive these days.
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