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Would you, or have you, ridden on an elephant?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia.Commons

Would you, or have you ever, ridden on an elephant?

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Top Answers
I have ridden on an elephant both when I was young and still living in Sydney, and when a bit older and overseas.

However, not sure if I would still do this - probably not - I would in Australia where I know the animals are treated well but not sure if I would do it in Asia any more.

I do not however, think the actual rides do any harm to the elephants.
by Finy
Most of the places that run elephant rides for tourists are horribly cruel to the elephants, so that's not something I'd want to support. It's not uncommon for the elephants to die of exhaustion from being ridden by tourists. They work all day and aren't given time to rest or enough food. Baby elephants are taken from their mothers (who are killed trying to protect their babies) and beaten to crush their spirits. The methods used to trap wild elephants result in a lot of injuries and deaths. It's such a terrible way to treat beautiful, intelligent beings. https://www.thedodo.com/elephant-rides-trek-1132645600.html
Thank you for that info.
by grann
I have ridden on an elephant while we were in Thailand. I don't think I would do it again since it came out that they do not look after the elephants properly.
by AJ
Ditto, Thailand and Africa. I think I am a bit of an ingenue when it comes to elephant rides. I suspect the story I wa told about the history of the African elephants was a load of elephant. I will never do it again and recommend no one else does.
by grann
I have never ridden on an elephant. I probably would if given the opportunity, but the likelihood of me going to the countries that allow/ condone that would be next to zero. There is no where in Australia that does this to my knowledge, so I doubt that I would ever do it.
I would like to have a little ride on one, but then again....if everyone said that the poor things would drop dead from exhaustion!

I just am not sure if it would be respectful......so I guess maybe I will just say I won't do it. :)

If the opportunity presents itself, sure.
I would in a heartbeat if I knew the elephant/s were well cared for and never abused. I have never had the opportunity to ride one but I think they are wonderful creatures.
by Rice
I've never ridden on an elephant, I love elephants! their so majestic, don't know if I would ride on one, I think in some cases they are treated with cruelty, and I hate that, they should be left alone to roam as they please, I think they have more empathy than a lot of humans put together.
I did ride 1 at the Sydney Zoo, when I was 6 or 7, but I wouldn't like to now. I used to think about the elephants having no other sort of life, except to carry humans up & down the same pathway, day in, day out, year in, year out. How boring for them.
I bet they enjoy their baths in the river! I love seeing them in the nature shows, just roaming around, where thy please.
by Miro
I love elephants. If an elephant ever willingly invites me to ride it I will. I do not like the way elephants are treated in many cases and I do not condone that behaviour.
I had the opportunity to ride an elephant as a child but I think I ended up having a camel ride instead - maybe the elephant had a full load and there was no waiting for the camel..My memory is foggy regarding that.

I have done so when I was very young, and there are photos to prove this actually was not an imagined event!!! I would love to do so again, but only if I knew with absolute and utter certainty that these intelligent and magnificent animals were being cared for with utmost respect and love.
I did when I was about 10 at Taronga Zoo. The wooden seating was on both sides of the elephant and I think there was about 3 of us on one side. I believe the zoo stopped these rides many years ago. I would never ride one overseas as I've seen a few documentaries showing the mistreatment of these animals. It made me cry seeing an elephant released from tight chains and mistreatment as you saw the elephant cry when it was rescued and released from its life of misery.
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