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Would you, or have you had, a shingles vaccination?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you, or have you had, a vaccination against shingles?

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Top Answers
I had my first one a few months ago.
I had not even known you could have this vaccination and it is free for over 60's I believe.

A friend of mine got this nasty disease and he was so sick and in so much pain - in fact I know of two people who got it and it lasts for ages and is painful for ages.

So, probably a really worthwhile vaccination for us oldies.
by Finy
Thanks for telling me!

I'm off to ask my doctor this week about it,and GET the Vaccination.

I knew a woman with it, and the pain she went through was off the charts, like SO BAD!
Its not much of a problem where I live.
Where you live has nothing whatsoever to do with shingles. The only pre-requisite is if you had chicken pox as a child. The virus stays hidden in your system for decades & if you become rundown, &/or stressed in your older years the virus re-appears as shingles. If you haven't had chicken pox you are not likely to get it. My Dr said shingles is not catching. So if you haven't had chicken pox, only then do you have nothing to worry about. If you have I strongly suggest you have the inoculation as shingles is one of the most painful, debilitating things anyone can have AND it can be quite dangerous depending on where it appears.
by helya
Yes Helya, I agree with all you said.
by annfi
It is free for those over 70. That the government is making it free gives you a sense of what a large problem it is for the health system and of course the aging population.

In addition to the horrible symptoms that last for months, having shingles also makes the likelihood of developing other problems like stroke or heart attack increase. I also know of someone who developed rheumatoid arthritis shortly after shingles and they have said there seems to be a link between the two according to what they have read on the internet.

So it seems like a very worthwhile vaccination to get!
Stress seemingly the common factor here. My great uncle developed it in later years and said it was sometimes more unbearable than some of the things he experienced during the war.
by helga
I haven't had it and I had horrific chicken pox as a child . . . as it is varicella-zoster virus which is the same virus that causes chickenpox, I should probably speak to my doctor as I have no idea if this means I should or that I don't need to.
by Rice
my Mum is over 70 and got this vaccination recently. Apparently it is very painful disease and does attack the seniors a lot so should be worth considering..
My lovely daughter gave me shingles when I was nursing her when she was sick with chicken pox. I was terribly sick and ended up catching pneumonia. I very nearly died and had a near death experience. The doctor said that I should not get it again, but I will enquire about it when I get to be a senior. I should mention it to my parents and see if they are planning on having it.
WHAT ! happened with your Near Death Experience?
by jonaja
It was beautiful Jonaj !!! I will never be scared of dying, knowing that I have that to look forward to. The overpowering feeling of love towards me by all those people. I didn't want to go back. I could really tell you stories about it. I saw things I couldn't possibly......it was amazing.
by Lluxi
Oh wow!!! that sounds just wonderful, I too have seen the other side, but do not tell people.They just don't believe, Yes! your so right about that Love!! would really like to hear more of your story now? you have me hooked...LOL :)
by jonaja
Your near death experience sounds beautiful.
I am interested in the fact that that you caught the Shingles from your daughter with Chicken Pox. This has been my theory for a while, yet some Drs say you cannot catch Shingles. I am also aware you have to have had Chicken Pox already to get Shingles and that you can have Shingles more than once.
by annfi
I did not even know there was a vaccination.... Good to know.
I shall definitely get this if my doctor suggests it, as I had chicken pox very badly as a child. My dad got shingles some years ago, and it was the most horrificly painful thing he said he had EVER had to endure! With aving a neuropathic (nerve) disease myself, I can fully empathise with anyone who gets this ghastly ailment. I am still in my 50's so I wonder what age they suggest we be before having this vaccine.
No have not. It is on my to do list next time I need to see my doctor. I would certainly get the shot. Why take the risk if you can prevent it.
by Vee
The vaccination is only free for people over the age of 70 years so as of yet i can not afford the vaccination

I didn't even know there was one for shingles. I would have it if it was recommended by my doctor
by AJ
My husband had Shingles a few years ago. One of the men he worked with had children at home with Chicken Pox and although some Doctors say it is not possible to catch Shingles, I have my doubts.
Shingles is a horrible condition. It was awful to see my strong brave husband in so much pain. He was a very good patient but would moan all night in pain. He is 60 tomorrow and I am sure it won't take any persuading for him to have the combined needle. I will too if I can.
No we haven't, because we didn't know 1 could, but I'll try & do that, the next time I'm seeing my Dr about another matter.
by Miro
I didn't know there was a vaccine but yes I will mention it to my doctor on my next visit next month as I have had chicken pox and will mention it to my children; all of whom have had chicken pox. Mu mum had it and I have also heard it is painful and can make a person very sick.
by Liz
I was told about it by my doctor but decided not to have it.
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