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Would you, or have you ever had a guinea pig as a pet?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever, or would you ever, have a guinea pig or similar sized pet?

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Top Answers
Oh YES INDEED!!! Bless their delightful little personalities!!!!
When my son was at kindy and then preschool in the late 80's,one family would be allowed to take the guinea pig home to care for it during the holidays.After the first time we offered and enjoyed the experience so much,it just sort of fell to us each school holiday period there-after!! Our dogs did not bother it at all.and because it was so used to being handled by children,my son had the most fun ever with the chattering and cuddles which guinea pigs are so well loved for.They truly do have unique personalities and adore human company.They are no bother at all;just requiring Daily clean newspaper in the sheltered section of their hutch,and some clean water as well as fresh salad type vegies as well as their grass. When my son was 12,we somehow fell in love with 3 tiny male ones and took this trio home where we enjoyed their company for 7 years!! Again the dogs never were bothered by these dear little fellows.Their chattering was hilarious. They recognised certain sounds like the fridge door opening,etc and would chitter-chatter happily until they were fed a piece of carrot or some lettuce.This group actually lived indoors in the downstairs area where the laundry was.I would pick luscious grass for them every morning,and they really were terribly spoilt! As they are so good when handled from a young age,these make wonderful pets for small children,teaching them how to be careful, gentle,respectful and also responsible. We were greatly saddened when we finally farewelled the last of the three friends.My son was 19 at this point,and it was ME who cried a few tears for the loss,as he had grown a bIt past guinea pigs by this stage! Many mothers of kids who have had guinea pigs told me similar stories of how they,rather than the children, were the ones who became most attached to their little pets!!! The vet said that,as with all of our pets,they had lived very good and long lives.I have wonderful memories and photos of them which always make me smile.....
Your guinea pigs did live good long lives; you must have taken very good care of them. Guinea pigs do have wonderful and individual personalities. Mine certainly do.

When I was at school, we had a similar arrangement; my year one teacher had a hamster that lived in the classroom, and she allowed everyone to take it home to look after for a few days each
I love guinea pigs too, Jules....and totally agree that their sweet gentle presence in our lives enriches them so much. Like you, we first had piggies when my daughter was about eight and for the next ten years we always had at least a couple living in our home. They were a much-loved part of our lives and like yours, also lived to a ripe old age. Now all of our little friends have passed on, but we have so many photos and memories that they'll never be forgotten.
I do not particularly like these animals as pets and particularly as I have had dogs all my life and often hunting dogs who would not fare well with these animals -rather the guinea pig would not!

I like larger animals and guinea pigs and the like would not interact with humans as dogs do.

I have however had ducks as pets however they were really only good to watch swimming on our lake, and to have duck eggs, and to watch their quirky ways, but they did not interact with humans.
by Finy
by Gia
I have had guinea pigs and rabbits all my life. In total I have had 8 guinea pigs in over 19 years. I currently have 2.
Thanks for agreeing with my love for these cheeky little characters!! I did have a rabbit when I was a child living in Victoria,but I have spent my adult life in Queensland where you cannot keep bunny rabbits as pets. Some kindergartens and schools are issued special permits for them,but not private citizens. So sad,though I can appreciate the reason why this is the case..I am just thrilled to find that someone else has the same attitude as I do about these small critters.
by Jules
Is that because of the difficulty of population control. I don't think I could ever live somewhere that does not allow rabbits.
I never have had one as a pet, I think for me now....I have enough to keep me very busy, so I will pass....lol.
We had two school guinea pigs for a 'weekend', when my daughter was in Primary School.
I loved them, they were just soooo cute, & they enjoyed cuddling up on my chest, & got plenty of pats, whilst I sat in my 'comfy chair'.

I was sad to have to return them on the Monday morning. It wouldn't have been practical to have some ourselves at the time, due had two Pembroke Corgi's & an elderly cat.
no i never have a guinea pig but my granduaghter have them she love it and she had it for long long time.
looking after two of them at present while family have gone to birdsville , very frightened with their new surroundings, hopefully they will settle down in a few days.
Yes I have two, and I love their little snuggles and big personalities.
Yes!! Love them. I have had five over the years. Such sweet little darlings.
by Rice
Yes and i love them....

Yes we had Guinea pigs , but some how they got out , started living and breading under the house. As a child then I didn't really find them like a cat or dog to love , mum was their carer thought more of them .
No, I've never had a guinea pig, but we have had a large grey rabbit called Roger, many years ago when our youngest daughter was a teenager. We wouldn't have 1 now as he'd get lost in the house very quickly, in our house, & we only have a lawn he could eat! We did have a couple of cats though, also a long while ago.
by Miro
Eh? Why did I write that? We DON'T have any lawn at all, only a lot of trees around our house.
by Miro
lovely little creatures, but would not have aa a pet looked after some when family on holidays, was i glad when they returned. - too much looking after
.. not for me
I have had a pet rabbit, but not a guinea pig, even if I wanted one now I couldn't my husband is allergic to them, I know it's not a big job but I found cleaning the cage was a pest, and it used to stink! especially in summer!
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