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Would you or did you find out your Baby's sex?

by SupahAnnie (follow)
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The option is available which is amazing but it's a big decision! Once you know you can't forget or change your mind can you?

If you find out you can buy clothes, decorate your nursery etc based upon the child's sex which is good but what if they were wrong, it can happen?

If you don't find out then after all the pain and uncomfortable pregnancy you get a wonderful surprise at the end. That is also amazing.

How do you decide? Is it based upon how many children you have?

What do you do if one parent wants to know but the other doesn't? That would be one very hard secret to keep and it may slip out by accident in the exciting lead up.

What did or would you decide and why?

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Top Answers
There is no greater surprise in this world! I have two boys and did not find out either time.

We prepared the nursery in lovely gender neutral colours and received lots of white, yellow and mint green baby clothes as shower gifts. We had a short list of possible names for both boys and girls. We waited until we met our boys and spent some time with them before we settled on a name.

It's a personal choice but if you can just be strong for the scan- you will get such a great surprise in the delivery room.
I found out both times, because I found it easier to bond with my child before birth, knowing I could refer to 'he' or 'she'. It also helped with our name choices, not having to worry about two sets of names prior to birth.
I have two kids and I left the sex of my baby as a surprise both times. I wanted a nice surprise after all the hard work of the birth and I really didn't mind whether they were boys or girls. I didn't want to dress them in pink or blue anyway. What drove me crazy was everybody hassling me to tell them the baby's sex. Apparently they didn't believe me that we weren't finding out ahead of time. People even suggested that my husband find out and tell the rest of the family but not me, but I doubted everyone could have kept the secret for months.

With my second baby I caught him myself (no doctor or midwife there), so I got to be the first person to know I had a son, instead of having someone else hold the baby and tell me the sex. That was magical. It made him feel more mine.
With my first pregnancy, I was so sure I was having a boy I decided that I would have to find out. I was right but then my husband did say that I had a 50% chance of guessing correctly so the odds were high. Second time around I didn't have a clue but decided to find out so we could tell my toddler. I thought it would be easier for him to get used to the idea of a sibling if I could talk about his baby brother rather than just a baby.
If I ever become pregnant, I will check the sex of the baby before birth. One reason being you get time to mentally prepare for the baby's arrival while another reason is you can undertake early shopping for the baby depending on their sex way before the birth.
Wow Jennifer that's amazing. You go girl! People should absolutely do what is right for them!
I agree with EricaL. Found out both times. Easier to shop for the child, choose a name, and be attached to him/her! :)
It depends on what a woman wants, so to plan ahead. In other words, to organise the cot, home decorations and clothes, so they're ready after heading home from the hospital. Some mums to be also like the element of surprise :)
I would, it's easier to prepare buying clothes, preparing the room, considering names and everything!
by WSW
I didnt want to but the doctor blurted it out.
by Gia
I didn't want to find out and we didn't know the sex before either birth. I would have found it difficult if I had thought I was expecting a baby of a particular sex and the result was different. Sometimes there are mistakes. I am not one to find out about the future anyway.
We found out with our first child, because I couldn't contain my excitement and had to know! We let it be a surprise with our second and that was very magical! I enjoyed both experiences and glad we tried each way!
At one of the later scans, we saw much urine flowing from baby, although back turned to us! Sonograopher said 'boy'! Bingo! AND our son WAS a real piddle-pot! He was 9lbs born & 22half inches long! I remember one momentous 24 hours at home, he went through 28, yes, 28 cloth nappies!

Next bub, didn't want to know in advance. I thought another boy, due 'mirror' pregnancy of first bub. WRONG! a beautiful 8lbs little girl! So we had our 'Pidgeon Pair'!
i am not sure maybe i would just keep it as a surprise
No. I prefer not to know officially although I predicted the sex of all my children and friends correctly over many years.
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