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Would you like to own a motor home?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you like to own a motor home (forgetting about cost of buying one)?

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Top Answers
Perhaps if I had a partner I might want one, however I think I would have a problem being so close to someone day after day, and not being able to go to another room.

It is a good idea but I also have dogs and would not want to leave them for long periods anyway, so probably I would not want to own a motor home.

I saw on TV the other night that an older couple sold their home and now live in one of these....not for me.
by Finy
Not a motor home, but yes to a camper/trailer. My retirement dream is to be able to winter in Mexico, and summer in Canada. I want to drive out of Canada, through the US and into Mexico each fall and then the reverse trip each spring. This would require a long stretches of travel, and to save costs, I would like to haul a camper.
Maybe when I was younger,and with a partner,it would have been rather fun..They are so very well equipped nowadays with solar panels for all your power needs!!! But I am not well enough to live this lifestyle and my dogs are much too large to take with me even if I was able to do so!!! No! I do not think this would be a great idea for me.
My husband and I are currently being grey nomads do have had much discussion about how to go. Should it be hotel rooms, park cabins, a caravan or a motor home. (I haven't forgotten tents, that was never an option for us.) We decided very much against the motor home as it is cumbersome to be driving about in and everytime you eant to go out you have to pack up. So no motorhone for us. We also dismissed caravans both for the cost of the initial outlay and additional fuel costs. In the end we chose park cabins. It's working well for us. This is our 74th day on the road.
Yeeeeeeees That has been my husbands dream ever since I met him almost 20 years ago. 3 kids and a dog later its more on his mind than ever. He works so hard and such long hours weekends public holidays its been virtually impossible to coordinate family time. Our 7 and 5 year olds have not been on a family holiday yet and dream about it, hearing about all their friends adventures is so hard on them. A motor home would honestly mean the world to us.

Unlike a lot of 'baby boomers' this is something I have no interest in, the thought of sitting for long periods driving horrifies me.luxury breaks all the way for me now with no cooking...
by Fran
I would love to own a motor home.
by Vee
I do admit I do drift off into the fantasy when I see them. Then I crash quickly back to reality when I think of parking them, trying to stand up in them, and that awkward dance kind of thing that happens when you are trying to get the cereal out from the overhead cupboard and someone else is trying to leave to go to the loo. And there is the ultimate deal breaker, having to run accross whatever to get to the shower/ladies room. There endeth the fantasy.
Yes I would love one
by AJ
Yes I would love one. Now days they are so modern with shower and toilet and great kitchens.I would love to wake up on a Saturday and think.. hmm lets go away for the night ..and just pick a spot and caravan park.They truly are mobile homes.

No....not now, maybe 30 years ago.
Some are so expensive, but for those who love them well worth it I would think.

The Americans have taken it to a all new level!!! and they have excelled to the point of mind-blowing.

But, they cost a million plus, and really such a work of art.
Of course
That would be a dream to me.
Had camping equipment, then camper-trailer, which was excellent, but sold once kids' lost interest.
Did enjoy going camping very much so, usually somewhere which had horse-riding, & fishing, also!
Yes, it would be nice if someone who has finished travelling would donate their Motor Home, knowing I would use it to see more of Australia.

yes, who wouldn't
Definitely. That is our dream retirement plan. Pack up with our 2 dogs and head off to see more of our beautiful country.
Absolutely ...I would love one.
Able to travel all over this gorgeous land.
Taking my home comforts with me.
Wether I travelled alone...with my husband, family or friends I'd be out hitting the road, following the sun, meeting new people, seeing new places and living the dream
I would love to have a motor home but we may have a problem, I live in England. But I am in love with Scotland , I would love to just fill up with fuel and a few groceries and hit the road through the glens and mountains with my dog and my camera.
Scotland in a motor home is THE BEST!!!!! I think of all the places I have been in a motorhome, Scotland was the best.
by Rice
I would love to own a motor home I can just pack up and off I go when ever I chose and also I can go see my 2 sons and thier families in others states I don't have to answer to anyone where when I go places and if I am running late I can just call in at a caravan park and just stay the night or 2 I can just see myself having such a ball of a time if I had one of these no one will be able to keep up with me on where I am
We have retired and just sold our family home. The future is somewhat a mystery, but boy of boy We would LOVE to own a Motor Home!! I am already thinking of all the wonderful places we would travel in our huge country of Australia!
Yes I would. I'd like to travel around Australia and join the Grey Nomad class!!!
Yes, YES YES YES YES please someone who has finished being a grey nomad donate your Winnebago to me - I promise to not abuse it and promise I will enjoy doing what is possible with the Motor Home.

They are extremely expensive and I wouldn't want to sell my home. Whilst the nomadic lifestyle sounds romantic, I don't really think its for me.
Yes, I would love to travel around Australia again. I did it 40 yrs ago in a caravan with 2 kids, following construction work. Didn't get into the top end or central Australia which is what I'd really like to do.
Put a motor scooter on the back and away we go!!
It would be nice to meet someone compatible to do it with.....

Yes, if anybody has finished with their grey trips I would like them to donate their wagon like the one shown.
Yes dearly would like to become a grey nomad.
Oh yes!! We have travelled around several countries in them and we love them. We saved thousands and had the freedom to go or stay as we pleased. Love them.
by Rice
We use to park our at the end of the road in Yellowknife, NWT. from the beging of May to the end of September when the bears chased us away. It's having a cottage anywhere you want to have one. The sites are secure and it great, I wholeheartedly recommend them for anyone who wants to get away and have their home with them.
No thank you. I don't drive. I'd rather put the caravan money to further Sydney (Au) return cruises!
by Miro
I would love to own a motor home and travel around Australia, I enjoy travelling quite honestley.
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