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Would you like to live on a rural property?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Not taking into account money, job, or any other practicalities, would you like a sea change or a tree change -i.e to live on a regional or rural property?

Would you like to have anything on the land?

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Top Answers
I have "been there, done that" and loved it till I was on my own!
I lived in an area where there was a lot of water, and we had two very poisonous snakes, and huge water rats. -we were on a river.

We bred large animals, ducks, geese, and it was delightful, apart from my fear of rats and snakes.

I would highly recommend it to younger people.

We grew some of our own food, and had a huge vegetable area, as well as a mulberry tree in one of the paddocks. We had to leave animals out of this one as they also liked the mulberries and their leaves.

We were on a hobby farm and it was only about an hours drive from Perth, and I really enjoyed most of my time there.
by Finy
Nice best of both worlds as you were close to the city and close to nature.
We moved recently to the Bellarine Peninsula. The move was easy as it was a lifestyle choice for our 3 young children. Everyone is happier, less stressed, and embracing the 'outdoors' more than computer life we had in Melbourne. No way we would move back, however circumstances will change and I think post school we may have to be open to change again. That's life.
I would jump at the chance to move rural. I really dislike living in suburbia. I'd love some land with several types of fruit trees with the possibility of becoming more self sufficient.
Yes!! I would adore this lifestyle as I tend to prefer the company of animals to many humans!! Seriously,I have always wanted to live away from the city life.I guess being up in the tropics of North Qld is as close as I shall come to that,and I must admit that I am extremely happy here where the lifestyle is very relaxed.
Would love to live in Ballarat. The only drawback to living rurally, as you get older, is the distance to Hospitals and Specialists. Lots of people on the Mornington Peninsula have moved back into Frankston to be safer.
joan, and the doctors bit is a great part of why I moved back to the city -with 2 regular specialists, it was getting too much even though it was not far...i wish i had have done this earlier in my life!
by Finy
Maybe. I thought moving out to a small country town before we bought our house but ruled it out because of my husband's work. Otherwise we might have given it a try. I'm a city girl, but I might have enjoyed the change.
I would
I could
Really easy, now that Sydney has driven me nuts!!
The pollution, and crazy drivers, and high prices, noise,the list is endless.
But, sadly I can't because I have my boys around me, and grandchildren.
Family is vital.
One of my favourite shows is about people moving to the country. Sure it's in England, but the whole idea is there.
Just the change, the view, lack of noise......Oh! the serenity.

and in the end Jonaj, the serenity, when I was there on my own 24/7 was not so nice! I loved it originally but with my fears and the serenity I almost became a hermit!!
by Finy
I can understand that really :)
by jonaja
I would love to live away from the city, somewhere rural or along the seaside. I would love to have horses, chickens, a couple of cows and would also like to grow my own fruit and veg.
by Vee
I had the best of all worlds, Vee -we wer eon a river (our backyard) and on the other side of the house was a big lake, and then the paddocks.
We could look out and see either views and on the lake watch our geese and cute Indian Runner ducks....
by Finy
Oh wow, Finy. That sounds amazing. I would love to up and leave, but I don't know if I could leave my family behind.
by Vee
why on earth would you leave your family behind, Vee?? I only went an hour away and didnt go alone!
by Finy
Only an hour? That's ok, if you're willing to travel. I live only 20 minutes from my family and apparently that's "far away" for them.
by Vee
I have always lived rurally up until 6 months ago when we had to move for work and I hate living in such close quarters. It's so noisy and the lack of privacy does my head in. Tomorrow we are looking at land in a very remote location and I can't wait to move there.
I grew up in rural Ireland. Which was great place to be I think I would prefer I bring kids up in a rural area in nature I love it. And would defiantly like to live in country Australia it's such a beautiful country side
A sea change yes. I could get quite accustomed to going to the beach every day for a walk.
I am a city girl at heart - I like to have convenience around me. But if money was no object I'd love a country getaway that was nice and peaceful for the times when I need to get out of the city and have a break.
by AJ
I live in a rural area now, and I love it. I will hopefully never have to move back to a city.
Yes! That will be me eventually living in rural Victoria.
I think so but my ideal dream would be to have the tree change and the sea change. Nice little property next to the beach. Best of both worlds.
I am a city girl!
I have always stayed in Brisbane to be close to family, but I did stay in an ecovillage for 6 weeks (housesitting) and far from being peaceful, the frogs and cicadas were so noisy at night it drove me crazy. I have friends who live on acreage just outside Mapleton which is lovely to visit. (Only a 5 minute walk in to town.) I think people underestimate how much work country living is. I've always thought Bullcock Beach at Caloundra is perfect. Close to sea and countryside but still the advantages of small town living.
You didnt get used to the frogs?
I think it all depends on how far away from "civilization" you are?
by Finy
No I didn't although I may have if I'd stayed longer.
by lynne
You bet! Can't wait for hubby to retire so we can screech out of suburbia and slide into the countryside! Would love to have some space around me. Bit tired of the barking dogs, the trombone practice every afternoon next door, screaming kids and rude people! Must be getting old!
I'm far too old to do that now, perhaps in the early days of our marriage. There is so much work involved in a rural property. I prefer to volunteer on them.
absolutely and will do one day, need the open space, the space to wander and breath. we have also already experienced the country life style and always swore we would return when we had the chance. the pull of family in the city is a consideration but see ourselves back there some time soon.
I am from the UK but currently live in Sydney. In England I lived in several small towns and villages but am now in sydney suburbia ... OMG it is so boring and sterile. I would take sea or countryside as long as I have space and beautiful things to look at. All the years of country living in the UK meant that I had to do one weekly shop at the local city supermarket, being it home and make it last a week so freezing bread and milk was necessary and quite normal, now in Sydney it has taken me 6 years to realise I can just pop to the local shops, daily if I need to, and Aussie friends think it strange to freeze milk :)
by Finy
Nearly 4 years ago we left our city home and moved to rural Tasmania. It's the best thing we ever did! I love it and I can't imagine going back to the big smoke again. It's rather ironic that I left the enormous mainland and moved to little Tassie to find space, but here I am! In the coming years I plan to move to FNQ for some year round heat and an all year garden, but no more cities!

The photo is about 400m down the road. Stunning isn't it!
I would love to have a rural property as weekend residence, holiday home... not as main residence. I am hooked on the urban life, although I enjoy being outside sometimes and getting away from it all.
I was brought up on a tobacco farm (politically incorrect now I guess!) but doesn't change the fact....a lot of the time I was at boarding school but loved the holidays and the freedom living on the farm, riding my bike everywhere etc....as an older person now 'no', even though living semi rural appeals would be too hard now for all sorts of reasons...don't like to think being in late 60s is one of them but..I fear it is! Holidays in the country...great.
by Fran
I think I'd like to have a little house in the country, even if I didn't live there all the time. I'm definitely more of a country girl at heart, but at the moment various commitments keep me mostly in the city. One day I'd like to be based in the country, though, as I feel so much inspiration when I'm close to nature.
I think I'd like to have a little house in the country, even if I didn't live there all the time. I'm definitely more of a country girl at heart, but at the moment various commitments keep me mostly in the city. One day I'd like to be based in the country, though, as I feel so much inspiration when I'm close to nature.
Yes, I love the open area and I believe myself to be a country girl at heart. The open spaces, the greenery, fresh air and the chance to walk barefooted outside.
I already live on a rural property, and I love it.
It's a pipe dream for me. Have so many city-related activities that having to drive a distance to & from puts it beyond reach, unfortunately.
Yes,living on a rural property is lovely.No pollution,greenlands.It is fantastic.
After doing some great walks along the Lilydale-Warburton rail trail in outer eastern Melb. and having wonderful views of the blue sheen of the nearby mountains, I'd love to do a move like that.

But I don't drive so that's limiting and so is the bus along that area.
No, as we often fly to Melbourne to visit family, or we go on Sydney return cruises. This would be to far to awkward to do, if we lived on a rural property. Once we were on a cruise for a few weeks, & we came home to find we had new labours on 1 side of us. After they'd moved to the next superb, they then moved to Tassie! Another family (of 3) from our superb, went to Tasmania for a holiday, came home, packed up & moved there for good! (Well, I never actually saw them come home & pack up, & I used to walk past their house every day.)
by Miro
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