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Would you like to be able to contact or meet your fellow writers on Hub Garden?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you like to be able to meet, or email your fellow writers on Answer Angels, or indeed on the whole HubGarden?

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Top Answers
by Vee
I would also like to be able to email privately e.g. Vee re knitting you a llama scarf.....let's see if we get any other replies to this one...

I think sometimes as you both say, it would be nice to be able to email each other privately as we answer questions, and I kinda think I build up images of a person and like to meet and see if it is correct!
by Finy
I Agree :)
by jonaja
What an amazing question... Of course yes.
that makes 6 -if we get more I will put a message to Jon! I guess those that don't want to, will not reply?
by Finy
I would like to meet. Email is communicating like we do by leaving comments, but email is a bit more private. I would definitely vote for meeting other writers.
I would like to meet. Email is communicating like we do by leaving comments, but email is a bit more private. I would definitely vote for meeting other writers.
Aww absolutely! I think we have a pretty tight-knit community here :-) And it would be nice to be able to put a face on the names we see frequently!
Isn't this fascinating -of five who have answered we all say yes.....there must be some that don't really care and are too busy?

by Finy
There are a 3 or 4 I would love to meet!!

And your one of Them! ....''Miss Finy'' lol..lol :)
Yes great idea to be able to email them too....
why thank you there Miss jonaj -my next question will have to be -do you think we should all have photos on here, and why dont some of you!!!
watch this space -how can I build up a picture of a personality when some of you dont put photos -today is photo day -all please put photos!
haha-jonaj -we m=have the many marriages in common!
by Finy
What a totally wonderful question!! YES, I most definitely would like to be able to get to know some of these delightful people,though emailing privately would be the best option for me with my disability keeping me at home so much! I have made wonderful friends here and overseas through buying my antique books on Ebay,and this ability to email such people has greatly enriched my life! Likewise,I feel that being able to contact some of the members here would also be a lovely bonus!
Yes I would! I've often thought what a fun night out we would make!
Definitely a yes :) I've met Ivana before, and that was really fun :)

Recently I met one of my writers who came on board with Toopa Sydney just as I became Chief Editor for that hub. Before meeting her, I loved her passion for food and invited her to write for Sydney Food Lovers - still writes there too. We caught up for a long coffee, it was amazing! She's also writing for Self Avenue now too.

Otherwise I communicate and have fun with my chiefs for Truly Heart and Stylish One - hubs I am editor of.

Definitely a yes.
I communicate with the chiefs for TH and SO via e-mail :)
but we, the writers, are unable to do that. Will, post a note to Jon.
by Finy
Absolutely! Totally missed this question as my youngest has been sick but would love to be able to contact others. Living in Perth I'm likely too far for a meet up but I love the idea
hey helen, there seems to be about 5 of us regular ones in Perth!
I am currently doing almost full time managing an op shop and havent had time to even answer most of the questions...but would make time.
by Finy
Life has just been manic recently! Good to know I'm not the only one :-)
Would be great to have a way to better connect!
Not particularly, however may go along and meet them if someone organised something!
by Fran
Mmm all I can say is YES!
How about an annual conference? Teleconference? The sky's the limit as technology develops at a stunning rate. Can't wait to meet jonaj, Finy, Justine..........even Jon. I've met one contributor already, but that would be telling.
great idea -but where -would have to be in sunny Perth as cheaper than Sydney or Melbourne...
by Finy
Sure! And it would be great to be able to email!
Hello All, I have mixed feelings. Did you mean just for the creators to meet and or the contributors also? We certainly seem to be living all over australia, Im in Melbourne. Did you have something specific in mind? just a get together and a natter around a table? Don't mind the conference suggestion, but I, like many others have little money being a pensioner. I quite like the animinity of these hubs too...
brigi -I had no idea if anyone wanted to meet other writers -I just thought it would be fun -I guess if the idea does not appeal to you, or in the case of pensioners which I believe some are, it would not work for these people.
by Finy
Don't understand the technology, but Jon may be able to tell us the possibility of teleconferencing or skyping. Then there could be get togethers in the capitals.
there are enough of us in WA who could meet if we wanted to -my original question I actually meant more email addresses privately as well.
by Finy
Yes, email addresses would be fine as well.
Most definitely!
This question totally slipped me, been held up in personal commitments this month.
Absolutely Finy, emailing fellow writers seems fun. And I would even love to meet, is anybody in Melbourne?
We can ask Jon to make an email group on a common domain like ' name '@hub
garden.com.... On those lines
Being able to email would be a good idea. If you have a look at a site like Meetup.com, you can choose to have the ability for others to email you or not. There is an envelope next to your name/profile which has a cross through it if you don't want to be emailed directly by anyone. So the choice is up to you.
Good idea Therese! Unfortunately we cannot do anything until Jon has time
by Finy
I'm in Melbourne....
Yes I would be keen to talk with similar minded readers.
There are all sorts of ways to meet up now like Google+ Hangouts and via Skype.
by Gia
I'm pretty new here but you ladies (and guys) all sound so nice . . I'd hug you! One young lady here is just a few clicks up the road from me! (she doesn't know it, though.)
by Rice
Yes, count me in there as well, please.
by Miro
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