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Would you let a dog do this to you?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Would it bother you if a dog did this to you?

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Top Answers
Whilst I would not encourage this, and my dogs do not lick and certainly not on the mouth, I probably would tolerate it once in a whiel only .

Although a huge animal lover, I would always wonder where his or her tongue had been before it licked me.

However, when I was younger my dogs used to lick and it did not bother me and I did not get sick.

I was once told by a doctor that dogs will get more from you than you will from a dog -this was 50 years ago however so not sure if it is true!

In all the years I have had dogs, which is all my life, I have never had any sickness as a result of a dog.
by Finy
How would you know whether any sickness you had was the result of a dog or not?
Because if your were sick from a dog the doctor would tell you the origin... their saliva is antiseptic and that is why they lick their wounds too...
by brigi
If you catch a bacterial infection that's a very common type of bacteria you will probably never know the origin.You could catch something from particles of fecal matter from vegetables that weren't properly washed, or someone not washing their hands properly then touching a doorknob that you touched or from your dog and you would never know which. There would be no way to trace it back to its source. Dogs' saliva does contain some antibacterial compounds but that doesn't mean its clean or that licking wounds is a great idea (it's something all mammals, humans included do instinctively, that's why you often see someone who has hurt their finger stick it in their mouth) because it also contains loads of bacteria that could then be transmitted to the wound.

Quote from the Snopes artical "Saliva (human or canine) is not antiseptic, so having a dog lick a wound in hopes of healing it more quickly is a poor idea. Folks have developed septicemia, a dangerous blood infection, from letting dogs lick open wounds. "
I and now I have to add this quote too "keep in mind that a dog's tongue is both its wash cloth and its toilet paper. "
I have to agree with Jennifer.
by jonaja
Absolutely not.
You get my vote for the picture. It speaks volumes...
lol thank you :)
by jonaja
I can't for the life of me understand 'why' anyone would let a dog do this to them.
What a totally disgusting thing to do!.......Makes my skin crawl.

by jonaja
You got my vote for the pic too!!
by Rice
:) a picture tells a thousand words..
by jonaja
Not on Purpose!!! But every once in a while it has happened by one of us being in the wrong place at the wrong time!!! My dogs are home bodies,vaccinated and wormed all the time. They have no fleas or parasites;in fact they are probably better taken care of than I am myself! I have no issue if they lick my feet or my hand when I give them a treat,but the face is definitely one of those accidental collisions and I will easily just go and wash if this occurs. It is not the end of the world.My doctor says contact with my dogs is far more a therapeutic thing in the main,than a real health issue;and more likely they will catch a HUMAN type bug than me a CANINE one through our touching .If my dogs were not so well looked after and I didn't know where and what they were up to,it would be a whole different issue.But I can STILL go and wash if in doubt!!
that's odd Jules -as I said, a doctor once said that to me and I have never heard of anyone else saying it!
by Finy
I think that he has seen over the any years of my genetic illness,that I am always so cheerful,and he says that my dogs definitely are a massive positive in my life! Obviously I have never caught any form of infection from them in all lf my life,so as far as he is concerned,as long as I keep their vaccinations,and other monthly treatments up to date,as well as keep them clean and well looked after, then they are not going to be of any harm to me whatsoever:in fact the opposite is true!! I agree wholeeartedly with this and would be totally bereft without them!!
by Jules
No, I would not. I know people are okay with it and it might be alright with a pet dog, but I cannot let a dog do this to me .
by BK
Plain and simple: NO
I can guess where that tongue has been so no, I wouldn't let that happen.
No. I once saw our family dog eat her own poo, vomit it up then eat the vomit. I love dogs but they are gross. Of course you could say the same thing about toddlers.
I too have seen a dog eat it's own vomit! No idea 'why' it would...and I TOTALLY agree with you..I like dogs, but some of the things they do!...people seem to be ignorant, and allow them near new born babies and think ''how cute''......It's not.
by jonaja
No I would not
by fran
Yes I would. I keep my doggiess very clean and love them as if they were my own kids. I think kissing a human "romantically" holds far more risks.
we all know how dogs clean their private parts, and to let a dog then lick ones face.....well that's !#*!#!* gross.....sorry, but no one can 'police' that.

by jonaja
Not on my mouth. But I have let dogs lick my cheek or chin.
by AJ
That's DISGUSTING!!!! I love my dog, but he's a dog. I wouldn't let another human do this, so dogs are totally out of luck.

I agree.
by jonaja
No no no no NO.
I agree.
by jonaja
by Gia
I agree.
by jonaja
NO. And I have had to tell my dog lovin friends that it is not OK for their darling dog to lick my darling grandson. He'll have to wait until creche or school to get worms. I don't want to be the one to introduce them to him. Cats are no different either.
I'm with you, Fran. My dog may accidentally lick the grandkids, but it's straight to the bathroom for wash. That goes for a post patting session too. I've had dinner guests pat my dog then sit down to dinner. I politely indicate the direction of the bathroom.
by grann
That's the way grann. Also, there are a lot of younger people, parents that is, that don't even know what I am talking about when I mention worms ! A lot of people that do know about worms associate them only with dogs. Well cats are equally as bad.
When I mention the need (if you have pets) to keep an eye out for the symptoms or signs of worms in children - grinding teeth, restless nights, rubbing noses and itchy bottoms, I am met with stares of astonishment and have been told that mentioning those things, is inappropriate.
by fran.
totally agree!
by jonaja
I had the opposite thing the other day and I was nearly apoplectic! Other half's daughter came with brand new baby and was trying to FORCE my dogs to look at it and lick it. Stupidity beyond belief. My patience wears very thin I'm afraid.
by Rice
I wouldn't let my husband do this, let alone a dog. Gross, but great question.
by Vee
I agree Vee.
by jonaja
I totally love animals - but no, yuk!
I agree
by jonaja
It would bother me. Love my dog but a hug or a pat on his head is OK. With me
by jonaja
No way! And I wouldn't kiss the man in the picture either.
by jonaja
by Vee
This is just plain gross!
The number of germs in the mouth of any animal is enough to get you very sick, if not dead!

Not a good idea to do at all! Dumb & stupid!
by poppy
No only my own dog he is wonderful and I like to accept his loving.

I was going to put . .YES!! Then I took a step back and realised that, although I am happy to be licked, I always turn my mouth away from my furbabies long tongues. I seem to kiss them a lot but not anywhere "lethal". LOL
by Rice
Yuk...No thank you. I never want a dog licking my face. (Needless to say, I've never owned a dog!)
by Miro
Yes, he is super friendly and I always make sure I wipe my face afterwards.
Sadly my son's dog bit me thru the top lip as I nuzzled up to it.
It is a Jack Russell, I should have known better.
Strangely the dog used to come and sleep under my bed and after 2 weeks was very friendly.
Needless to say it gets stroked but never permitted to come close to my face.
The lesson is never trust any dog other than your own and even then be careful with some breeds.
Our dog is a Bichon fries cross shihatsu 10 years old and well disciplined.
He is a quiet dog and super friendly.
The owner (my son) seems to be too slack with the dog and although it has had some training needs to give it more training.
Photo of my dog attached.
Oh, that is such a cutie!!!
by Rice
OMG no! That is beyond gross. Just looking at the picture is turning my stomach!
by Miro
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