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Would you go underwater in a cage to see sharks close up?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Would you go in a cage (like the photo) to see sharks up close?

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Top Answers
I don't do water. Baths and showers, that's it for me. Years ago I did manage Underwater World. Many years before that we went to Jack Evan's Porpoise Pool and I was so terrified that the water would burst out that I wouldn't go in. . . . I could see water leaking out all over the exterior walls. Eeeek.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, once the Porpoise had gone, I loved swimming there in those pools, with the seawater coming over into the main pool! Yay!
by donjo
I probably would if I still travelled. When I travelled constantly, this was not available. It would be quite exciting.
I saw a cage like this in Darwin (in the heart of the city at Crocosaurus or some such place) only there were crocodiles not sharks. It was very expensive so we didnt go however it IS something I would do.
by Finy
Naaa I'm good thanks.
are you a coward!!! LOL (said in jest of course!)
by Finy
I really don't know. It would depend on the cost. If I won a voucher or something like that, I would probably go, but I wouldn't go if I had to pay for it. I don't like going underwater for ANY reason, but if I won it, or for some reason didn't have to pay, I probably would.
No, I prefer watching videos of people who do.
I have a totally irrational fear of being under water after almost drowning when I was young.I am okay when watching others do such things,but I could never manage to do them myself. I have tried so many times and so many ways to allay this fear of water,but I just have never mastered it. I am happy to just go through the wonderful aquarium tunnel which we have here in Townsville,and see the sharks at this close distance!
Oh! Jules, what a terrible fear for you! If you lived in my City, I'd love to assist you in allaying such.

My story of the love of water is too long to relate here.
Just a 'funny' from me though.......apparently when I was little, I'm talking age 5 onwards, & got 'dumped' by a wave, I'd surface, & laugh my head off, then go back for more!
This is according to my Parents' who watched my EVERY move when I was in the water, no matter whereabouts!

by donjo
Thanks for your kind words! When I was about 6 or 7 I was with my dad in the shallow part of the water at Wilson's Promontory.Dad is a great and veryu responsible swimmer and had been teaching me with some success. Unfortunately some idiots came zooming through on their surf boards without looking to see what was in front of them,and I was knocked over and pushed underwater .When Dad carried me to the sand I vomited on and off for 3 days and, no matter what I have tried,I just hate the feel of water on my head,in my eyes,in my ears and in my nose! I will not even wash my hair under a shower!!! I do it over the sink! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I will go in the water as long as I am in complete control and there are no idiots or pranksters about who think it is fun to 'dunk' people!
by Jules
Oh! Jules, that was a nasty experience for you.
I was thinking of the shallow end of a swim pool for you, & yes, you'd be in complete control.

Maybe if you 'pop down' to see the beautiful Phryne Fisher costumes? Cheers!
by donjo
Yes indeed! It WAS a terribly life altering event for me! My sister swims like a fish,as does my dad,who taught her as well as his attempts with me. When I did swimming lessons at school, the owners of the pol put way too much chlorine in the water and I had such a shocking reaction that I ended up in hospital!! It just seemed that Swimming and Me were not going to become a big thing!! I made certain that my son could swim as early as he could walk,and it has been so wonderful to see him enjoying water sports.It has also been very beneficial for his asthma!!
As for the Exhibition at the Old Courthouse in Brisbane,I shall see what transpires.I have so many friends down there who want me to visit them,that I would have plenty of places to stay if I do make the journey. As with everything I do,it will depend on my health. But..... OH! HOW GORGEOUS IT WOULD BE!!!
by Jules
Doing such just plain has no interest for me.
The safety factor doesn't worry me at all.
No way. Even on the television they are too close. I remember when I was younger a man caught a shark near by and was showing it to the public. Sharks are a lot bigger than us and have lots of big teeth. A large piranha.
Not particularly.
I have dived when there has been a lot of sharks around, Reef sharks, Bronze Whalers and Mako.
Too busy being on guard and watching each others back, not a jolly like they try to make out, by putting you in a cage.
No bloody way.
by Vee
My husband & I went to one in South Africa recently. It wasn't cheap for each person too. I think it costs at least $300-400 per person if I am not wrong. I only went along to take pictures as I wasn't keen on being underwater with the sharks even though we would be in a cage but I still had to pay full price. My husband had always wanted to do one. They put 8 people I think in a long cage & lowered them into the water. They stand inside the cage & duck their heads down to see if and when sharks are coming. Somebody on board would throw in salmon bones tied onto a long rope into the water frequently to attract sharks and they will come and grab it. It only lasted a few seconds long enough for spectators or shark watchers to get a very quick picture.
Ditch the cage and I'm up for it.
No, I don't think so. Diving's not my thing.
There is no freaking way I am doing that !
by BK
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