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Would you go on a cruise or do you not like the idea of being in one place?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you go on a cruise or would you rather go on a more active holiday?

Would you be bored on a cruise?

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Top Answers
Since a bad accident, a cruise is about all I can do now.

I love them as I love to eat and I roll from one meal to the other.

I do make sure I swim and walk on board however or I would put on too much weight.

One thing I dont like about cruises is being seated next to different people each meal and being asked the same questions over and over -eventually I get so sick of this!

Otherwise for my current situation, a cruise is ideal. No bags to carry -no airports to keep going to.
by Finy
Hi Finy, We've either sat with the same people for the whole cruise or have asked to be seated at a table for 2. If we're at a table for 2, it's easier to leave when we want to leave the table, then we don't get to the theatre late, & miss out on getting a good seat. It's not good if you have to sit behind a poll, & we don't like having to stand up to watch a show in the theatre, because we've arrived so late, there's no good seats left, so after dinner we'll rush straight to the theatre!
by Miro
I would LOVE to go on one!
When I came to Australia 52 years ago, we were on a ship for 4 weeks and 2 days.

I have never forgotten how wonderful we were treated, the food was amazing...and just everything.

I would think they are even better now!
Jonaja, My brother & I went to the UK on a ship with my parents to visit a grandmother, (who was Australian) when I was 3 & he was 1! That was 68 years ago, as it's now '18 as I writing this!
by Miro
by jonaja
Yes a cruise appeals, have been on a couple long ago and intend to go on another in the next few years. The difficulty (being on my own) is finding someone to go with - and someone you get on with and also co-ordinating where you want to go and dates that suit both.
by Fran
No, never been on sea-going Cruise. Interests me not one jot!

Have cruised on the 'Murray Explorer' twice, & loved that!

Also cruised down the Nile, from Aswan to Luxor, & saw as many antiquities' there as possible.
Waking up at dawn, to look out, & see the Pyramids, was beyond belief, when staying at Nile Hilton in Cairo.
As both cruises' 'still' water, I think that makes a big difference!

Instead of going by sea to Antarctica, did a Day Flight on QANTAS! Fantastic to see, which was much from 10000'! Loved it, & had THREE hours' doing huge figures-of-8's over our Territory there. Aust owns 41%. Best way to see it I think.

Interesting that in coming home, got much turbulence over Southern Ocean. But better than on a ship!

I would love to cruise the Alaska Passage, as land 'protected', still better than open ocean.

Would also like to do a Rhine cruise. One day!
I have never been on a cruise. I think I would like to go on one later in life
by AJ
I came out to Australia on a ship when just 19 months old,of which I have no memories but plenty of funny stories from my parents. Then we returned to England by the Oronsay which I do have memories of,though I was very little! We then came back to Oz on the Oronsay and I still have my little Nora Wells sailor doll which back then was THE little keepsake to own! I became very ill on the trip home and ended up in the ship's hospital. I have not done a cruise as an adult,though I think I may enjoy doing so one day if my health allows! The ships these days are so enormous....more like a floating city than a vessel to go from place to place!!! I am not a big eater so the food id not what interests me at all!!!
P.S. My return trip when little was on the Oriana ,NOT a further voyage on the Oronsay!! Sorry,I wrote this very early in the morning!!! Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
One of my Mother's best friends, her husband was the Captain of the 'Oronsay'.

I've friends who live in a large Apartment complex, & each is named after a ship, & theirs' IS 'Oronsay'.

Howzat, Jules! Cheers!
by donjo
WOW!!! It really is such a small world!!!
by Jules
I'm not so much concerned about being in one place as I am about getting sea sick. All in all, I would like to go on a cruise one day.
by Vee
I don’t like active holidays, & we’ve NEVER been bored on a cruise! We just LOVE cruising! My husband & I have been on 11 in 10 years running, & not P.O. cruises either. We live in Sydney, Australia, We’ve done: 2 Alaskan, 14 nights each, 1x14 night Asian, 23 nights: Pacific Islands, 2x N.Z, (total of 23 nights,) twice around Australia, clockwise, then anti clockwise, (total 68 nights) 2xPanama. (total 37 nights) We’d love to do an Amazon 1, 1 down the Nile, & a European 1. And I once went on a ship to the UK when I was 3, with my family, but I don’t know how long that 1 took, & I still have the kids menu form that 1, somewhere!
I am in AWE!
by brigi
Since writing the above, we went on a 2nd south pacific 35 night cruise Oct/Nov '15.We were doing on a very short 9 night south pacific cruise to a few islands we hadn't been to before but my mother would have been having her 95th birthday while we were away, so we cancelled the cruise idea. They'll always be another 1, probably after we've tidied up our house...big time.
by Miro
We're recently found a 14 night south pacific cruise, to islands we haven't been to as yet, except of the lovely Isle of Pines, which has sand as soft as a baby bottom! This 1 is for the middle of Feb' '18, Melbourne return. We have family members living there, so we'll stay with them, before & after the cruise!
by Miro
We're now going on a 4 night cruise Sydney return to Brisbane, in early December, because it was only $99 for the inside cabin each + $139 for taxes, port charges (rip off) & something else! I'd love to spend our day in Brisbane at the art gallery. We're also doing a 3rd Sydney return to NZ for 14 nights, in January '18. I just LOVE my cruising!
by Miro
NO, we didn't get to do the Brisbane cruise, NOR the NZ cruise, but we are having a balcony on the south pacific cruise, with 2 days in Melbourne before the cruise, & 10 days in Melbourne after the cruise. This cruise will give us enough nights on Princess for platinum level, so we get 250 hours of free computer use.
by Miro
Sorry, that last reply from me was WRONG! It should have read: 250 MINUTES each of free WiFi. By the time our cruise ended, we had only 7 minutes left! No, we don't have anymore cruises planned, until we try up our messy house!
by Miro
cruise lots to do on and of the ship
Your right there, David. How many have you done now?
by Miro
How many cruises have you done now & where too, David?
by Miro
I like to get to my overseas destination fast so a cruise isn't my cup of tea. I've also seen a few too many news clips of poor folk on cruises from hell (e.g. S.S. Gastroenteritis) and I'd say this has made me less than keen.
I've been on numerous river cruises through Europe and absolutely loved them. Would do again in a heart-beat if they weren't so expensive. SO good that you only have to unpack and pack just once, whilst having seen so many different cities. Would also love to try a sea/ocean cruise, but unfortunately I only have to look at a ship bobbing up & down and I feel sick! Would do anything to get rid of my seasickness...
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