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Would you go door knocking for a Charity?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you go door knocking for a Charity?

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Top Answers
I have had to do that, and it's not recommended.
People can say all kinds of things like 'come in' and well it can be very dangerous.
I would never do it again, esp on my own.
You just don't know these days, it's a different world than 30-40 years ago.
I would have but no longer am physically able to do this unless it was early in the morning.
I can walk in the morning but then due to a back injury, I cannot stand for more than a few minutes, and also due to the fact that I already volunteer for an organisation several times a week, so feel I do enough for a charity.
There is only one that keeps phoning me to do this and not quite sure why THEY keep phoning me....

by Finy
You rarely see people coming to the door asking for money these days. We did have one last year and he told me that the doorknockers aren't allowed to accept money. He wanted to sign me up to a certain amount of money per month, which I wouldn't do. I did the Red Cross Calling doorknock for about 10 years in our area. I was a volunteer for the local Red Cross branch for many years, and felt obliged to do it. I remember trudging up and down hilly streets in 30 plus degrees. People were always very friendly, and most usually donated something, and I always gave them a receipt. It was a great way to get to know the neighbours. No one offered for me to come inside, but we always had a chat and a laugh, and sometimes a cold drink. It took me a few weeks to get all of my area completed. It was fun, and a great way to keep fit.
I wouldn't do it even if I was able to. I loathe door knockers coming to my door and nowadays you can't always tell if they are from the charity they are supposedly representing as you can present ID cleverly done to fool you. I do donate to the reputable charities like Salvation Army if I have money in the shopping centres, or local club. I've also been accosted by people trying to get me to sign for regular donations which turn out to be debited against a charge card. They try everything to get you to sign up.
In this day and age, there are so many other ways to contact people that I don't believe door knocking is relevant.

I support my chosen charities in other ways, so No I wouldn't door knock for a charity.
No. I rather the use of social media. Or some other indirect means.
I don't think I would go knocking on doors. I personally don't like it when strangers knock on my door
by AJ
I would probably only do it for Vinnies' Door Knock Appeal. I hate having door knockers come to my door. I want to help them, but I can't. And then there are those that simply won't let up.
by Vee
Many years ago I door knocked for the Heart Foundation. It was a great opportunity to have a chat with the people in my area and raise money for a good cause

I have done, but, I will not do it anymore.
The way things are in our world today, it would not be safe.
No. I am a chicken. I also can't walk far enough to be any help. I think social media probably does more good than door knocking these days.
by Rice
Years ago I did but I don't consider it safe today.
Can't remember the last time someone knocked on my door..
no I would not, I myself never answer the door if I do not know the person there. I know of others who do the same
Na, never! Mainly because I'm no good at handling other peoples money, & it wouldn't add up to the recites in the end! (I don't have any trouble with my own money though.)
by Miro
No i wouldn't do this, I also dislike door knockers and don't believe or trust them. However people cannot get to my front door as I lock the gate being on a main road. I donate to whom I want when I can and do not want to be prompted or pressured!
I did one for the Red Cross years ago when I was in High School. Things have changed a lot over the years and it'd probably be easier to collect money via social media now, or in a funny costume with a bucket at the local railway station.
No . I was pressured by a charity and tried to do it but I couldn't get past my fear that it wasn't safe. I felt bad letting them down and absolutely refused when they tried to persuade me again the following year.
I don't like door knockers coming to my house and I don't want to put that on someone else.
I think delivery people are pretty braves coming into my yard as I have a high fence and there could be big dogs or anything on the inside.
I have never thought a delivery person was a pretty brave. I do think they are pretty brave though.
by annfi
I did this as a child, but I would certainly not do it these days.
I have done it in the past. I doubt there be enough people home these days to make it worth while.
No. We're supposed to be collecting for a local organisation, but we haven't got around to collecting any money yet. We'd only go out on a Saturday, but usually we can't be bothered getting out of bed before midday. We've only been asked to collect the money in 1/2 of our short street!
by Miro
I have done for the Salvation Army Red Shield Campaign. I wasn't comfortable with the idea and
will not do that anymore.
no I would not door Knock anyway I do not answer my door unless I know the person who is there , and many of my friends do the same.
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