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Would you give back your engagement ring if you separated?

by Finy (follow)
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If you were unfortunate enough to get separated from your partner/husband, do you think it is correct to give back his engagement ring?

Or would you keep it, as it was given to you as a present?

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Top Answers
I think it would be the exact opposite of the right thing to do. Somehow, to me, giving back your ring just feels like you would be digging the knife deeper into the wound.
I would not as it was a gift and at the time, we were probably in love and that gift was given in good faith.

We do not give other gifts back when we split, so I do not see why some people argue about this one.

The other thing is, to sell it, it would not fetch a good price, as we buy retail prices and sell back at wholesalel prices which is fair enough as the shop has to make their money.
by Finy
I think it depends on the circumstances on whether you should give it back.
If the girl breaks up the engagement then she should definitely give back the ring
by AJ
I think it depends who breaks off the engagement. If it is the girl, then I think it's appropriate that the ring is returned. If the boy breaks it off, I think it can be kept (or sold to fund a great holiday).
Been there done that.
No way was he getting my ring back!
He gave it.
That's it......belongs to me....Anyway what is he going to do with it!
I have heard some men have kept it, for the next poor girl.
Did I pay for it? Also, are we married? If we've been married for sometime, then no. If we weren't married, then yes, unless I paid for it in part or whole. And if I paid for it in part then I'd sell it and give each other the percentage.
Depends on the circumstance and who did what. I don't believe in returning what is effectively a gift but when that gift could have cost several thousand dollars then it might be up for debate. Additionally if it is a family heirloom then it may need to go back to the family.
I was asked to give the ring back by the man!!
really! were you yet married? and did u give it back -assume it wasnt a family heirloom? Not sure what I would do if that happened.
by Finy
It was a situation where the marriage was being arranged. We had gotten engaged and therefore exchanged rings and had our court marriage done, but were not living together. The return of ring was handled by my parents, but we did not take back the gifts we gave to him because we wouldn't re-use them any ways. It was awkward and a lot of heartache came about, but in the long run, I am glad it didn't go through to the marriage. Last I heard (which was 4years ago and 10 years after the engagement broke), he was still not married.
I have returned one(very valuable) engagement ring,as it was from a very toxic and genuinely bad relationship which almost cost me my life. I wanted no part at all of it to remain with me.
My ring from my son's father,was a whole other story;a symbol of a deep love on both sides,so I have kept this one,safely put away with my wedding ring, and will most likely let Aaron give it to his wife if he ever marries!!
I think it would depend on how long one had been engaged and the circumstances regarding the break up.
No, it was a gift, a symbol of love at the time and it belongs to you. Wearing it is another thing. I would consider that the ultimate insult if it was to happen to me, unnecessary and spiteful. Even if its worth a lot of money, no way.
It depends on the circumstances. For example, is the ring a family heirloom? (If so, always return it). Also, the 'why' should be taken into account. As in, why did the engagement end? If one party wronged the other, they should loose the ring.

Would NOT have accepted a 'family heirloom' ring as Engagement Ring. To me that means he's too lousy to buy me a ring suitable to myself. So there would be NO engagement, if he insisted. Could mean he'll be lousy in many other areas' as well. Danger! Danger! I also think it's rather macabre.
Catherine Middleton, I think, was very good to accept Diana's engagement ring.
Yes I would. I would consider ME a cheapskate.
Although it is a gift in the first place, it is a gift that symbolises your sharing your life with someone else, probably for eternity.
No, I would have to give it back. What would it be reminding you of on your finger anyway.
As A man I think it is not expected, unless the person wants to return it.
I think I would, what's the point of keeping it!
If I broke off the engagement I'd give the ring back. If the shoe was on the other foot then I'd keep it and re-design it as a dress ring.
As others have said, it shows how fond you were of each other at the time so although you might not want it, the giver should not expect it back.
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