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Would you get a chip implanted into your arm to use as a credit card?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This implant could be used as a credit card, or to open doors, and has many other uses including advising of allergies, medical history and more.

Would you get a chip implant in your hand or arm?

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Top Answers
Absolutely NOT!!! I wouldn't trust the technology not to be invading my privacy, I feel technology is invasive enough already without that.
Good for you :)
by jonaja
Yes, I think I would -it would be a local anasthetic and I think it would be great not to have to fumble with keys and find credit cards, but just swipe your hand instead.

I do not know how far away this is for everyday people, even though they have been already done here in Australia, but would give serious consideration to getting one of these -but then again, I like to be one of the first in some technology.
by Finy
No, Finy. Just no.
by Vee
Finy do you have any idea what your saying yes too?

by jonaja
YES I do Jonah -another step in technology -wouldnt worry me in the slightest-i already have one artificial part of me due to cancer, so this is no different -just handy -I would never lose my keys again! or have to get things out of my purse....
by Finy
It's not quite that simple.
I have studied this topic for 18 long years.
by jonaja
Great question! For some the credit card application could be a scary concept because the ability to use credit is always there. You can't deliberately leave your card at home or - as some people do - freeze it in a block of ice to deter you from over-using it!
If your spending becomes out of control you'd have to have it removed. What if you're a multiple card holder? Do you get multiple chips implanted? Would you remember which is which? Having said all that though, the health / allergies application would be fantastic instead of having to wear a medic-alert bracelet.If it's good enough for our pets to be micro-chipped, it's good enough for us, too!
What a good answer Colmo -what if you have multiple credit cards!
I would like it for keys and getting to the front door and not having to grapple with two different keys -would be great -and for bus pass!
by Finy
Smart thinking Finy
I'm not so sure about this - if someone wants to steal my wallet, that's bad, but I don't want someone wanting to steal my arm
by AJ
LOL AJ -one way of looking at it!
by Finy
Never in a million years.

The Bible talks about ''The Mark ''....
Millions of Christians will say no to anything like this, even when it is all that we have....To replace money.
It's not so simple, and will lead to something far more sinister...and of course world wide usage.
You've ruined my day, jonaj. :| Ah, who am I kidding. It was crap to begin with.
by Vee
Vee!! what do you mean :( sad
by jonaja
Ah nothing, jonaj. I just had 'one of those days', and then this brought to the fore some of my concerns. It's always there, you know, but when it comes forward, it's unsettling.
by Vee
I know Vee...but it has to happen, and we will be OK.
Just know that.
and never have it. implanted :)
by jonaja
I know. :)
by Vee
we win every time :)
by jonaja
It's the start of the end times for sure. The Lord will guide and protect we can believe that.
Not sure...have to find out more about it...
by fran
please do :)
by jonaja
There are so many things wrong with this idea.
by Vee
so many things good about this idea -your children will have them!
by Finy
Bet they don't!!!
by jonaja
Finy, please don't say that.
by Vee
It will be fine, and your kids won't have it.
I told my boys 18 years ago about it! and they will NOT have it.
You can do the same, and hey! your in charge for the next 16 years anyway.
I think it will be here by then.....
by jonaja
I think I might. It would be so much easier. I doubt very much that having a chip in my arm would provide any more information than carrying my mobile everywhere. In case of dramas it would be so easy to remove.

No I have never been a fan of trans-humanism (augmenting the human body through technology).
I think technological implants or attachments like a cochlea implant are acceptable, but the idea of becoming machine-like is not at all appealing to me.
by Vee
No. But I might get a chip inserted that reminds me of my PIN number !
This already happens with your mobile phone. The mobile phone companies are always tracking you, and they know where you are. You can now purchase things with your phone, with the new NFC ( Near Field Communication) or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Apple has specifically designed "tap and pay" into it's phones already.

You've been the victim not of theft, but of the future a future where the wallet, purse, paper ticket and pocket have all gone digital and live solely on your phone.

So putting it into your arm or hand is the next logical step.
you can turn your phone tracking off. won't be able to with your chip
by brigi
Definitely not.
by Lucy
An online course for my son.
by Gia
No way. This is an open door to too many things
by Gia
No way! The very idea is revolting.
You jest!
I wish it was only jest.
by Vee
Not for payments. Medical history would be useful, but the technology would have to be foolproof against misuse.
Not for me I'm afraid. I don't lose my keys, nor phone so just not interested. Besides, I'd be lost without my handbag and card shield.👜
No, I don't think I would to tell you the truth.
No. That would be no. Nope. Definitely not.Besides, if I am too chicken to get a tattoo, I am surely not going to line up to get chipped like my poor fur babies have to.
by Rice
Oh my.. I just saw this question!

NO WAY... I am such a wimp
Sorry I would not! Since the Bible already warnes us not to accept that chip...the 666 chip..This Chip belongs to a person , we have to call the Antichrist. Under normal circumstances If God had not already warned us NOT to accept this Chip ..Because the consequences go much deeper than just for here on Earth, it goes to eternity, and the penalty is eternally in Hell without rest day nor night whosoever received that Mark/Chip on their right hand or forehead. ...And tell Finy that this technology is already in Germany Holland and other places around the world.
NO! That is out of the question for me.
simple answer- no
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