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Would you feel embarrassed if your child looked like this?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: zodiax3.deviantart.com

Would you feel embarrassed to be seen with your child/anyone, if your child/son/husband looked like this?

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Top Answers
One of my sons had dreadlocks for a very long time and I was a bit embarrassed at the time as people tended to stare at him as they were very long (not nice!)
However, after two of my children died, I no longer care how my remaining son looks -it is a trivial thing and no one else's business.

If they stare, so be it -it would not worry me like it used to as my ideals, thoughts and deeds have changed since that awful time.

There are far more important things in life -LIFE ITSELF
by Finy
I'm sorry for your loss Finy. Sounds like you have your priorities right. I appreciate the reminder.
Yes, Jennifer -also meant as a reminder to myself! When I get side tracked by unimportant things!
by Finy
No. Who cares what other people think?? It is what you think that matters. External appearance means nothing. Its what's inside that counts. If other people have trouble with the way this person that you love looks, then they are the one with the problem . Who says you have to be conventional?? Most people rebel at some stage. So what. Are they harming anyone. No. They are still the wonderful, kind, caring person underneath all that. How superficial to judge someone only by their looks. I would be ashamed to be with any family member who did that !!
It wouldn't embarass me as long as it was kept clean
I doubt it. I've always liked a bit of a dressup and a joke so I would probably have forgotten why people were staring after the first ten minutes.
by Rice
Of all the people in my immediate family I'm probably the most likely to give myself a mohawk, so nope, it wouldn't embarrass me. It's just hair. I like my kids to keep theirs clean, and ideally out of their eyes or up when doing exercise where that's necessary (eg. my daughter is required to where hers in a ponytail for gymnastics) but beyond that it's their hair and they can do what they like with it. It's none of my business what my husband does with his hair, but that doesn't matter anyway because he hasn't got any.
Y E S !!!

It's 2016 now.

Time for this....which I just love.
that is slightly different to a mowhak though!!!
by Finy
Just seeing how the styles change, even for the boys....
by jonaja
My cousin wears his hair like this and has recently grown a beard. Bitterness about him getting 'all the good genes' aside, he is a handsome fellow if I must say so myself.
by Vee
Seems I May be the only one who would be embarrassed :( but I guess because I am painfully shy when outside in the world.No disrespect to any one here, was meant....
by jonaja
None taken.
No it wouldn't embarrass me. Its important not to worry about what others think of you.
by AJ
If over 18, their choice!

I'm way too old now to be embarrassed by anything.
It's the preserve of the young!
Not at all!!! My son has gorgeous red/auburn hair and has always done 'strange' things with it!! At one stage he was using the fluorescent colour tip pens designed for hair,after gelling his hair into 'spikes'!! He did it just to see what the reaction would be!! Very few people said anything bad about it at all,knowing it was all in a sense of fun! He was just shy of turning 12 when he nearly lost me to a brain tumor,so we have both always done EVERYthing possible to get a smile or laugh into our days!! That particular 'style' reminded everyone who knows him of Sonic the Hedgehog,a delightful and fun character who was very popular a few years before he did it!! He was nicknamed 'Sonic' for quite a while afterwards! He now shaves his head completely and has done so for years,as being a chef,it is so much more comfortable to work with no hair!! As long as he is healthy and clean,I am not at all concerned about how he wears his hair! How trivial!
P.S. he has also had his hair done in 'corn rows' when it was long.He has an African friend who would spend hours doing it for him. I absolutely LOVED it as it was so neat and tidy,and really suited him.Pity that it did not stay in for very long,as the 'afro' curly hair does!!!
by Jules
Multiple views on this one.
Why would I feel embarrassed?

I am not the one with a head job that looks like a Victa mower went wild on, with a whipper snipper nightmare trim by some boozed up barber.

Once they are 18, adults by law, out of school where gainfully employed, go for it. If this cut stops him being schooled or employed, then it is out if he lives at home.

It does not affect me, and as long as I am not paying for it in any way, so again, go for it.
I think I could even do it, maybe..... as I can't see what is on my head, so I would not care.

But it does need some colour added.
People express themselves and experiment when young. What I find odd is when they are still doing it late in life. Desperately clinging to the youthful past sometimes can look a bit silly. Age gracefully is more my thing.
I knew a teenager who was overweight and she said people stared anyway so she shaved her hair and dyed it with amazing patterns so they'd have something to stare at. My favourite was leopard print.
I agree with Finy - much better things to concern oneself with. Who care?!. Hair is trivial when compared to other matters.
by Vee
Wasn't embarrassed when my older lad went through his Mohawk phase. I agree with those who say there are much more important things to worry about than how someone chooses to wear their hair.
Not at all. I used to be a Goth when I was younger, and I think it's great that my sons want to express their individuality. I'm more concerned about them growing up to be good people and respectful to others.

Could not care less - as long as the shampoo hits it every night.
No, it's just hair and they have all rights to experiment with it however they want. After all, we only live once - so they can go crazy with it while they still have good hair :D
by BK
No, I would make him dye it red and gobble like a Turkey.
I always told my son to remain an individual and not to follow the crowd. I was probably thinking of the advice pertaining to smoking or doing bad stuff....well he is an individual. He doesn't follow the crowd. He is peirced and tattoed and his hair could be any colour. His clothes and fashion sense are unique. I am not embarrassed to be seen with him and he doesn't always look as respectable as the fellow in the pic. I would be embarrassed if he was violent , or a thief or unkind. He keeps himself clean and puts effort into how he looks, even if it is unconventional. His apearance is not a reflection of anything more than a creative person's personal expression.
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