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Would you ever try or have you tried eating brains or snails?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever, or would you ever tried snails or brains?

Was it good?

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Top Answers
Those are the two things that I would not try.

I think I would try any other food but these....

by Finy
Brains is such a nothing texture I just simply dont like it. Makes me feel queezy. But snails are fine. Like eating land living seafood. Snails are fed clean water and goodness before they are sent off for sale, so no bad stuff there. Usually restaurants prepare them in beautiful sauces and they are delicious. The french know what they are talking about.
I have tried both,and neither did a darn thing for me.I am sorry to be so boring;maybe it was the way these items had been cooked!
I haven't tried either, but I would be happy to give them a go. Never been presented with such an opportunity though.
Not keen on the idea of brains but would try snails if in a posh restaurant.
Ate them in Spain back in the 'seventies. Never since, as they looked so sad with their heads peeking out of their shells with little crosses on their eyes.
Bought brains once to please my husband, but never got around to cooking them. Put them in the dog's bowl. He looked at them, gave a deep-throated bark, then ran away. And this was a dog who would eat anything.
that is so funny grann! about the dog, i mean
by Finy
Love snails with garlic butter so good. Had duck brain in Beijing was interesting not very big though
I've had snails. From memory it tasted mainly of garlic. Never brains though.
I haven't them and they are really on my wish list. I don't think I would order them
by AJ
Can't bear the thought of it honestly. I would never entertain the idea of eating something that some creature has thought with. That has been a rule of thumb even in my pre-vegetarian days. Brains were always off the menu. Now the humble snail, don't have a reason, just always been a NO.
That would do my head-in, on both accounts.
My brain kicks in when eating any thing at all.

If 'it' has any 'thoughts' of an alien item, it flips out!
I have tried snails on a cruise yonks ago, and think have just had a teensy bit of brains off someone's plate.....all yuk yuk yuk for me!
by Fran
Grot! Finy, why? Why would you steal my appetite like that?! Hahaha. Good question!
by Vee
Grot! Finy, why? Why would you steal my appetite like that?! Hahaha. Good question!
by Vee
grot -another Vee word!!
by Finy
It's the first thing that popped into my head! Haha.
by Vee
My mum feed me brains all the time growing up but there is NO WAY I would ever eat them now. Snails either. I can't even eat liver or kidneys or any internal organs.

I tried snails once at a French restaurant. They were delicious. Cooked in garlic and butter sauce. Hard to tell what they taste like really will all that garlic.
Mum says she fed me brains as a baby and I loved them, but I don't remember it and wouldn't touch them now.
I have had goat brain and loved it. It's the way it was cooked, with lots of coriander and ginger and zingy spice. Yumm.
I have not tried snails (escargots) and I don't think I ever will.
I absolutely love brains in black butter sauce, or brain fritters, or brains and bacon (Myers Food Court used to have brains and bacon sandwiches - maybe they stil do. I don't know whose taste they were catering to). Millions of mothers fed their babies brains - they were nutritious, easily digestible and very, very cheap. I expect they will come back in to fashion soon enough, like rabbit and the ever popular pork belly. I hated pork belly when I was a kid but now with the additional step of soaking or stewing in soy sauce, everybody loves it. And is willing to pay for it. I also love kidney, devilled kidneys on toast. Also liver and bacon. BUT
I cannot come at eating snails and I don't now why.
No thanks! Oysters are off the list too, yukky slimy things.
I have eaten both when I was younger in the UK but brains are now difficult to obtain there after mad cow epidemic but I foung them very light in taste but enjoyable. Snail are excellant particularily when prepared in garlic butter and accompanied with a baggette.

Yes. I have eaten both and still often do. Lambs brains are beautifully mild in taste and tender when poached gently in water or milk first and then the outer skin removed, rolled in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and then fried in a little butter and served on a thin piece of toast. They can also be made into croquettes. Snails are wonderful when popped back into their shells with lots of garlic butter and parsley and then flash heated in the oven served with crusty bread to soak up all those lovely juices. will post these recipes on my blog soon. www.corriecooks.com.au
Yes - garlic snails in Bali and also at Lucky's restaurant in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. On both occasions they were surprisingly delicious but out enough garlic and butter on Brussels sprouts and I'd eat them too!

Really couldn't bring myself to eat brains - knowingly!
Lucky,s is where I tried Snails too! I agree that if you smother anything in enough garlic butter and it will taste good.
by annfi
I tried both many years ago. The baked snails in French style is very good. When I was very young, sometimes my mom made the pig's brain stew, with lots of spring onion, ginger, eggs and some rice wine. She usually cleaned the brain thoroughly and carefully before cooking, seemed to be very complicated. It's tasty and very high in protein, best for the kids, but not for my current age.
They used to be poor people's foods: foraging for snails, frogs, and yabby was popular in times when gruel and barley bread were the main staple of people's diets, and all the fish, fowl, and game belonged to the gentry. In fact, early European cookbooks list many recipes for preparing snails. And brains were leftovers from slaughtering after the tableworthy meat had been removed. Both are excellent sources of protein.

My dad used to scramble veal brains with butter, onions and eggs. Served on toast that was a rich, tasty lunch or dinner (mum used to refuse to prepare or eat this :) These days, you can't eat bovine brains anymore, when you have to be wondering with every bite whether you're just infecting yourself with Kreutzfeld Jacobs.

Snails - truly wonderful with garlic butter! I wouldn't know how to prepare them from scratch, though.

Many foods that used to be perfectly normal to eat are now being stigmatised - rabbit, venison, duck, even pork (excluding bacon and sausages, of course). On the other hand we eat prawns or deep sea fish by the ton, and these are in no way more appetising or healthier than snails. Raw vegans have a many times the cool factor of families sitting down to a traditional meat and 3 veg dinner, although the nutrient density of cooked meat was what allowed the brains of early humans to triple in size compared to other primates. If we give in to this censoring of what we can and can't eat, we might well end up eating Soylent Green.
THAT was a brilliant movie! But then again, it would be with the late, great Mr Charlton Heston, as lead role!
BTW, Edward G. Robinson was very ill whilst making it, & died not long after. So his role in film was very poignant, in light of that.

It absolutely shocked me when I realised what the 'Soylent Green' consisted of!
by donjo
From the novel by Harry Harrison. I read it when at High School.
by annfi
I have tried both. Not as bad an yuk as I anticipated it to be. May because of the way they were cooked. Saying that I should also add that was a one time thing...I would never eat either of them again!
I have eaten snails on a holiday in Spain many years ago, they were ok, cooked in lots of garlic and we had little pins to tweak them out of the shell but as for brains ... I just couldn't, the very thought makes my head hurt !
I am of the older generation, born during the 2nd world war, we were brought up on all things offal. Kidneys, tripe, heart, brains, as well as lamb and chicken which were the cheapest meats then. This is New Zealand of course. I still love brains in white sauce with parsley or a cheese sauce. Escargot in garlic butter with crusty bread yumm I had later in life on my travels, and loved them. Still do and always look for them in French Restaurants.

I have tried neither, and I don't think I could try either. Just the idea of putting either one in my mouth...yuck!
Delicious, both of them! I even cook brains pane at home.
I'm a big believer in trying anything that I can. With that in mind I ate a snail at a speciality beer bar a few years ago. It was chewy and tasted of the garlic butter it had been cooked in. Was it good? I don't know. I've a feeling that with snails, as with any meat, it's a matter of the skill of the chef.

My advice to the squeamish who want to expand their experience is to eat first, find out what it is later. Works for me.

P.S. For brains, apparently I ate them as a child, my mother being of the belief that young children benefit from lambs' brains. I don't know why.
Crumbed, fried brains with gravy, & mashed spud, tastes great.

Will eat Garlic Snails anytime, & have done so for decades'. Love them!

I've tried escargo and didn't like it.
Oooooh! Love snails! IF I get to eat at a French Restaurant, if on Menu, will ALWAYS have, in this order............
French Onuion Soup then,
Garlic Snails then,
Brains, whichever way they come!

My Mum used to cook 'brains' now & again, with mashed spud.
I still do, & enjoy them crumbed, with some Worcestershire Sauce drizzled over them!
Only offal I couldn't eat was tripe, even though my Grandmother cooked it superbly!
But any other, ok, especially Lamb's Fry! (with Bacon, Mashed Spud & huge amount of Gravy!)
no never, I have been told to eat my heart out but not my brain! I would probably be hard to digest with all the jeopardy mistqkes lodged in it@@@@@
I really enjoyed garlic snails and have had brains but don't remember what they tasted like

I know mum used to feed us brains when we were babies but they don't appeal to me but I've eaten garlic snails in a French restaurant and they were okay. Very slippery to get out of their shells but not a food I'd eat regularly. I think the main thing is trying to get past the fact that they are snails.
Mum used to cook brains, crumbed and fried. They tasted the same as most crumbed fried food. I believe if we kill animals for food, we have a responsibility to utilise as much of the animal as possible.

I ate snails a few times at little old Italian restaurant as a teen. They were garlicy and buttery and quite delicious.

I think we need to consider alternative foods like insects or even larvae, because of the environmental and ethical cost of farming .

I'm an omnivore. I've had both. I'm not afraid to try pretty much anything as long as it is not from McDonalds or processed.
I could never make my self eat brains, but I remember my mother cooking them, rolled in chopped parsley. Escargot, on the other hand, I do enjoy, but I've only eaten it in Paris, at an outside table, in summer, of '76. I was wearing a green & white striped sundress. I've also had them twice on a couple of cruises, so I'd always choose them when I saw them on the menu.
by Miro
We were occasionally served sheep brains as children...disgusting texture.
I think I have eaten snails - a bit like garlicky mussels from memory.
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