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Would you eat this?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay

Would you eat this chocolate croissant?

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Top Answers
Ooooh, it looks SO delicious.
Chocolate bar on a croissant.....
BUT and what a big but, I would probably NOT eat it due to the high sugar content and my having to cut down on sugars etc or end up on pills.

But if I were younger, and did not have this problem, then I sure would love this sort of thing.....am drooling as I type.....LOL
by Finy
I'll have to sit in the naughty corner for just thinking about it. LOL
by Rice
we agree again Rice but neither of us can eat it!
by Finy
Like a chocolatey croissent, but with a little less chocolate than would be on a bread roll, or like Nutella???
by Miro
It is a total confusion of food?
One very soft, one very hard...
Ah, 'tis but a moment in the microwave to make it pure bliss. ^_^
by Rice
so what does that matter jonah???
by Finy
I just saying Finy 'not my kind of food'......sorry.
by jonaja
I've chucked my microwave, so this advice is lost on me - lol. I too think it's a strange combo, jonaj. I wouldn't eat it.
by Vee
: )
by jonaja
Sugar and starch together? I don't think so. Even some fruit would make this more palatable. A glass of milk would also counter the sweetness.
Absolutely not. YUCK !!! Have one or the other, but not both together. Who thinks of these odd combinations?
I don't think ANY food is YUCK!
by Finy
It looks like something Elvis would eat. He liked odd food combinations, and would eat practically ANYTHING. Human garbage bin, that's what he was
by Lluxi
Hell of a damned fine looking garbage bin then.
by Rice
oh, so agree Rice----how would we know what Elvis eats anyway???
by Finy
Towards the end he wasn't good looking at all. Fat and ugly, but I'm not a fan so don't mind my opinion.
by Lluxi
Damn it, Elvis! Why did you have to get so fat and ugly. This upsets me so much.
by Vee
There are only two days of the month I would eat this. LOL
I'm not sure! I guess if you were to put into the microwave for a few mins, you would have like a nutella spread.
The only way I eat my chocolate on a croissant is if it is MELTED and deliciously ,sublimely melt-in-the-mouth!! I have done this many times when I feel like a totally decadent treat!!!
ooh you naughty thing you Jules! but have you done it in a croissant - actually dark chocolate would be nicer...
by Finy
Yes, as mentioned in my reply, I do it OFTEN!! The taste and texture of croissants combines so sublimely with ALL styles of melted chocolate!!
I must admit that I agree with you about Dark Chocolate.It wins for me every time!! I have also added fresh chopped cherries or other wonderfully special fruit to the chocolate before I heat my treat to melt the chocolate!! It just makes the finished item so much more delicious!
by Jules
Oh, just stop it, you evil woman!!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
by Rice
I try!!!! Seriously though, this is a delicious combination!!
by Jules
Looks disgusting, & I HATE croissant's!
Bits of nothingness, & tasteless!
Yuk, in every way, to me!
Definitely. In fact, I probably have. Haha. It is a very common thing in France. I had a continental friend who used to put a piece of chocolate like that on a ham sandwich.
by Rice
no I would not eat it
No. It looks dry. And, I'm with jonaj, one is soft and the other hard. It would be an awkward snack to eat.
by Vee
Now, if only you hadn't chucked your microwave . . . . . . . LOL :-))))
by Rice
by Vee
Yes looks delicious - if they chocolate was melted it would be nicer
by AJ
NO, not if it's like the 1 in the photo, as I don't like milk chocolate, only dark chocolate or salted caramel chocolate. I have eaten the proper chocolate croissants though & enjoy those.(We only eat the (plain) croissants once a month.)
by Miro
You can already buy ready-made chocolate croissants in the supermarkets. You don't need to put a piece of chocolate bar in a plain croissant to get this effect. I enjoy croissants which I make with a variety of fillings, but don't like chocolate so this wouldn't be my choice.
I would eat either separately, but the thought of bread in with hard chocolate in my mouth is not appealing to me. The croisant would ruin the texture of the chocolate.
wow that looks odd, but yes I would try it, as many say, melted chocolate in croissant is common
don't think so..only like the proper choocolate croissants with the dollop of dark chocolate sauce..hate milk chocolate
wish I hated milk chocolate!
by Finy
I also HATE milk chocolate!
by Miro
Sorry to ask Gayle, but what does 'muy' mean?
by Miro
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