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Would you eat kangaroo meat?

by Jennifer Muirhead (follow)
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kangaroo, kangaroo and joey
Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Kangaroo meat has often been touted as a greener and healthier alternative to other meats such as beef. However, Russia recently banned the import of kangaroo meat because of concerns about it being contaminated with E-coli bacteria, and vets have warned that kangaroo meat sold as pet food contains dangerous levels of the preservative sulphur dioxide and could lead to brain damage.

Would you eat kangaroo meat? Why or why not?

#Food Safety
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Top Answers
No, I wouldn't feel comfortable eating an animal that features on our coat of arms. Besides, I hear it's quite tough regardless of how it is cooked.
by Vee
No Vee - if it's cooked right it is tender and really nice. Though if it's even 30 seconds overcooked it's like leather!
by poppy
We should eat it as it can be produced with less impact on the environment and is better for your heart. The problem is that it is hard to manage and is normally slaughtered in the bush making compliance to health regulations across chilling and packing costly and difficult to control. the meat is tough and is best produced as a mince making it low value.
I have tried it twice - liked it once, but didn't the next time. Besides, my partner is not a big fan of the meat, so it doesn't look like I'll be having kangaroo meat for a while.
No way! I grew up watching "Skippy"!
No I don't eat meat.
Personally, I don't like the idea of eating any animal...roo or not. My reasons are mainly spiritual, but also take into account ethical and environmental considerations. I have to say, also...I get a bit confused when some people say they won't eat one kind of animal yet don't think twice about consuming another species. All animals feel fear and pain in slaughterhouse conditions (which are notoriously dodgy) just the same as we would if we were in the same conditions. While there may be rare situations where a person has to eat meat to survive, most of the time this isn't the case. Is supporting a cruel and exploitive meat industry really necessary just because we like the taste of meat? There are so many other much yummier things that we can eat!
I TOTALY AGREE WITH YR VIEWS I also do not eat any form of animal due to the fact that all animals are feeling beings and eating one wld make me feel like a murderer and also I prefer to eat something that does not have a face, hence I am vegan.
by lsvov
NEVER.. and I actually find the idea offensive. My husband is an American, and would you ever ask an American if they would eat the bald eagle. As a proud Aussie, I could never do that.
I have done, but not so much since I found a hollow nosed bullet in a barbecued piece. That set the cat among the pigeons with Coles and Macro Meats. They thought I had placed it there (now where would Grann get one of those?) to get some financial gain. Their legal people kept referring to it as "the object". All I wanted was for them to look at their processing methods, which eventually they said they would do.
G R I E F ?
by jonaja
Ummmm. Turn away if you're vegetarian.

Yes I would :D

I eat kangaroo. It's yummy.

People eat a range of exotic foods.
Of course I would and I DO.

I really like it and it has no fat, and tastes great -I have eaten it for years when I eat meat which nowadays is not often.

I find it is not that different from a steak, and is lovely done medium rare.
by Finy
Yes, don't have a problem doing that!

It must be cooked correctly or else it's tough!
I'm lucky that each time I've eaten it, it's been cooked the way it should be.
I've never had kangaroo meat, and no I have no intention of having it in the future.
Yes - though it HAS to be cooked right. Done right it is tender and delicious. Done wrong and it's tough like leather.
Good-bye Skippy. No really, he died before the Skippy show was finished. They used a few different Skippy's for the show. I don't think I even watched 1 whole episode of it. (Perhaps was because our parents didn't have a tv?) YES I have eaten Skippy meat once or twice. It's very tender, & much easier for me to eat than a slice of beef! I think it should be served in more restaurants.
by Miro
That's a negative.
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