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Would you eat dog?

by Vee (follow)
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Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

I was horrified to lean that the Chinese celebrate the summer solstice by eating dogs. I was always aware that dog is eaten in China, but the images I saw were astounding.

Would you eat dog, or have you eaten dog?

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Top Answers
No I love dogs. They are pets not for eating
My sentiments exactly :-)
by Rice
No, I haven't and wouldn't. I don't eat any other mammals either, and I think it's kind of interesting where people draw the line sometimes, but having had them as pets I wouldn't ever want to eat one even if I ate meat. It would remind me too much of the dogs I have loved.
No chance. I've tried some random things on my travels, but I draw the line at eating pets. Grim.
If it meant staving to death or eating a dog, I'd eat a dog. Under any other circumstances at all, the answer is a flat out no, no way, no how.
Fair enough. Faced with starvation I would too.
I have seen a documentary on this subject via Vice on YouTube, a reporter asked a Chinese citizen, "Why is it that you eat dog meat?"
The Chinese citizen replied, "because we need to eat dog to live, it is important to eat dog in our diet, it has good vitamins and nutrients that we need to survive"
I saw this documentary upon my transition into veganism and it made me think heavily about societal norms.
Here in western society we are told that we "need" to eat cow to live, we are told we "need" to eat pig to live but we do not eat dog and we do not die.
Here in western society we think that we do not "need" dog in our diet as society teaches us to love and pet the dog.
So, why is dog meat any different to cow meat, any different to pig meat, any different to monkey meat or even any different to human meat for that matter?
It's not. It's all the same - flesh, tissue and tendons.
It only seems different because that is what multimillion dollar meat corporations and the "social norms" want us to believe, that we should slaughter one and love another.
A dog is no different to a cow, is no different to a monkey, is no different to a pig and is no different to a human. We are all sentient beings with a brain, a heart and a desire to live a fulfilled life as much as the next person or animal.
Just because we have developed a society that has overtaken animals homes, food and even their lives does not make us better than them and does not mean we should choose to eat one and love another.
If anything, it's the animals who have it worked out as they only eat what they need to live.
NOT IN A MILLION YEARS.... I won't even eat kangaroo or croc.
Me either!
by Vee
Ladies', their meat is farmed.
Cooked correctly it's delicious! I've eaten snake, buffalo, & clam as well.
But my all time fave is Venison, with Mashed Spud, & beautiful rich, dark Gravy.

Saw many a dead dog floating down Chao Paya River, Bangkok, whilst on Hotel balcony having seafood lunch! Different!
by donjo
Vee -I am disgusted at ya!!!

What a horrible question -did I tell you my dog saved my life?

Now this is the thanks he gets -I turn round and eat him!! haha -dont think so....
by Finy
Hahaha, don't be disgusted at me! Be digusted at those who eat dog! Hahaha, I would never do it and am horrified at the fact that people do. How did your dog save your life?
by Vee
oh, vee -that is another long story -the second one on here today that is too long to tell but basically he made this very weird "scream" type noise when an animal jumped on me and sat on me! animal got scared luckily and got off -150 kilos i could not shift and was alone in a paddock on 5 acres!
by Finy
Finy, my gorgeous girl alerted me that my house was on fire. God bless dogs. This is how they reward you for making them a member of the family.
by Rice
Wow, what happened?
by Vee
Sorry Vee . . . . I have answered below . . . . didn't see this one :(
by Rice
Oh! Finy, did you read about the woman in UK who ate her show-standard horse, when it died? On ITablet news about 4 days' ago.
THAT is something I couldn't do. If it was a brumby FARMED for its' meat, different story, same as all the other farmed animals' we eat!
But my own horse, that I'd loved, fed, watered, washed, shod, curry-combed, stabled, brushed, ridden in Shows? NO WAY WHATSOEVER!

He won't meet her over 'The Rainbow Bridge' that's for sure!
by donjo
Not on your Nellie! Find the whole idea disgusting as a dog lover!
same as would you eat kangaroo

No, thank you. Not everything needs to be placed on my plate
by Gia
It would depend on two things, the cooking style and the gravy.
Roast I could come at with a good gravy but nothing like stewed, casseroled or curried.
Grilled probably OK like spare ribs.

Yep I sure would. If was lost in the desert and there was absolutely nothing else to eat.
Fair call, lol, but I don't imagine you'd find many dogs out there. :P
by Vee
Oh my God no. They make lovely pets. I don't see myself eating my dog any time soon!
If you are starving you will eat anything
Would you eat a child?
by annfi
ONLY if starving!
Otherwise definitely a NO!

Believe some nationalities think us Westerners crazy for having dogs & cats as pets. They just see them as 'food'.
by Rice
Is that one yours, Rice Paper?
by Vee
Yes, Vee, she is my boodiful baby that I got from the RSPCA and she was an emaciated, terrified mess. Times change, huh? LOL LOL. Yes, that is my bed and my pillow. However, as she woke me due to a house fire . . . it's all fine with me :-)
by Rice
Oh, perhaps I should've asked here. What happened, Rice?
by Vee
A turned off, unplugged hair dryer. I didn't know it had been used, so was blissfully sleeping. It smouldered away on the inside and eventually burst into flames and set to fire to everything around it. By the time the dog woke me it was well on the way. Very exciting for a Sunday morning (!) The fire brigade told me that hair dryers should ALL be thrown away every FIVE years. My insurance company was marvellous and I only had a couple of weeks upheaval, cleaning, repairs, repainting - troops of people in and out: they were brilliant. I don't recommend it though :-)))
by Rice
I believe this question is for current meat eaters, not vegatarians that would not eat any meat anyway. Yes I would, and yes I have. In my travels around Asia, I have eaten just about everything, because that is what we do, when in Rome etc. I have bred, had show and pet dogs, but I have also had pet goats, cows, kangaroos, and more. I have like most of you eaten them. Remove the emotional connection to actually eating your own current pet dog, and be realistic about the question. I do not believe it is only about your current loved best friend, but about farmed dogs in general as a food source, like chickens,(pets), ducks(pets), snake and fish and cows and horses etc, all known to be pets. Why do you shreik at dogs? Have you been brought up so much better than other cultures? There are many things I don't eat, any fatty meat portion, sausages chilli, garlic, and others, but I do not critize anyone that does. So, yes I have, yes I will again, and at the end of the day, dogs for food are bred like other farmed animals, they are not eating their family pet. Facts not frenzy.
Interesting thoughts, docto. Thanks for sharing. :)
by Vee
No foul if you are eaten by a wolf, then?
by Rice
It does not excite me but meat is meat I don't think a dog is any better than a cow in fact I suspect that your average pig is smarter than a dog and i just love bacon.
Same goes for whale a "fish is a fish" in my book. Now if they are endangered thats a different issue and i take big issue with that.
When I saw this question
AND I do not care if this upsets anyone!

Any Country that celebrates eating poor dog's
to me is VILE.


The way they do it is VILE.

It makes me so Angry!!!!!! how they treat the dogs.

I am going to say there is no conscience.

It is a celebration?

MORE LIKE MURDER of innocent Dogs.!!!


No way! They were not meant for eating!

No,definately not, I 've never even thought about what it would be like, I have my two dogs for pets.
Well, the puppies in the picture look like they would be quite tender enough to grill, I reckon. But anything over this age might be a bit too tough.
These look like suckling pigs - (on a spit….yum).
I would not eat dog, but I do not eat cows, sheep, pigs etc. I am not vegetarian but I do care about animal welfare. I have killed and eaten my own chickens. I know they have had a good life and have been killed humanely. I have great respect for the animal that has had it's life taken to become food.
I wonder at people's indignance regarding eating dogs. How many of those same people eat pigs. Pigs are as intelligent as dogs, have unique and loveable personalities yet are farmed and killed cruelly. Imprisoned in tiny stalls where they cant move. I shake my head in wonder at people's values.
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