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Would you do anything if you saw someone with this sign?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: en.wikipedia.org

What, if anything, would you do if you saw someone holding this sign?

#Rich woman
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Top Answers
I don't really know what my reaction would be to such a sign.
I may stop and talk to the guy and tell him he is wasting his time doing it this way, but who knows, maybe I am quite wrong!

It is at least a novel way of doing it, but I cannot imagine who would take someone like this on and especially if they were rich and he had nothing -at least he is being honest.

No, I don't think I would do anything but smile!
by Finy
Keep walking.
First of all,I would smile,then I wopuld most likely laugh before wishing him well,and going on my way. I would certainly not be rude to him!!!
Who knows? He may actually be a very wealthy fellow just seeing what reactions he could get......
LOL Jules -do you really think a very wealthy man would do that!!??
by Finy
Aaaah!!! We just never know,do we? Take that show,Undercover Boss,where staff are are totally fooled by very wealthy people pretending to just be a regular worker!!!!! It is just my silly positive attitude,
by Jules
With this Sign and what it says....I sure would!

I would tell 'Bill' to go get off his backside....and be a man, and work!
Oh! jonaj, you don't know what his circumstances are! With a comment to him like yours, IF this in USA, he could possibly just pull a gun out, & shoot you!
by donjo
LOL....sometimes you say funny things !#*?
This guy needs not expect a woman to support him, and I would have no fear telling him.
I deal with these guys all the time.
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, maybe I'm just TOO realistic! I wasn't trying to be funny!
If you deal with this type of person constantly, you've more experience than I!
by donjo
by jonaja
P.S. He's too busy holding up that sign, you need a spare hand to shoot with!
by jonaja
Come in spinner, jonaj
by helya
? helya....not quite sure what you mean....LOL
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, 'come in spinner' is an old Aussie saying, you could google it.
I guess you've maybe not done any weapons training, & use thereof, otherwise you wouldn't reply about hands. Too complicated to explain here.
Anyway, whatever you feel comfortable with, is the best thing to do for you! Cheers!
by donjo
donjo....you make things quite complex.
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, thank you, as I do 'complex' very well, have done so all my life, just naturally. Maybe 'cos I think beyond the 'usual', well & truly ''outside the box'. I've an exceptionally enquiring mind. Learn heaps, & enjoy doing so! Keeps the 'little grey cells active'! Lol!
by donjo
LOVE it donjo :)
by jonaja
by Gia
by Gia
I don't think I'd have any reaction - probably just keep walking
by AJ
If I was walking past him, I'd probably say 'g'day' to him, & take it from there.

I remember one Winter's morning walking through City, enroute my workplace, & saw a violinist, busking. Not unusual.

When I got closer, saw he had photo's of his kids, lined up against his violin case.

Even though he was totally unkempt, I realised who he was.

He was THE Concertmaster, & 1st Violin of the State's Symphony Orchestra!!!

He was trying to find out how much he would earn with a day's busking, as a social experiment.
Read in paper next day, he'd got $8-odd!
He shouldn't give up his day job! Lol!

So looks can be very deceiving, in many ways!
Smile and wish him the very best of luck 😊
I'd wish him good luck. He's bound to find someone that fits Bill's bill.
I would probably talk to him and find out what sort of job he was looking for and point him in the right direction.
I agree totally.
by jonaja
Good printing, & NO spelling mistakes on notice.
Makes for a nice change...........
I would laugh and say " good luck!!". Something like that would be so funny that it would really make my day. Good to see that he tells it like it is !!
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