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Would you carry a pet in a handbag?

by meggf (follow)
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Do you think carrying a pet in a handbag is cute or do you think it deprives the animal of it's natural animal behaviour? Do you think it's fashionable to carry pets like accessories?

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Top Answers
No never.
Not in a handbag, no.... but I have seriously considered buying a cat pushchair. I can't carry the cat in his official cat carrier for any great distance but the vet's in only just down the road so driving there seems ridiculous. The obvious answer seemed to me to get a cat pushchair, so that I could take along in that. My husband talked me out of it.... so I do understand the handbag thing. A lot of the small dogs that go in handbags don't walk very far naturally anyway, so it's not that unnatural for them to be carried. And probably comfier for them in a bag than in a cuddle.
I don't like animals being used as accessories. Also, I would think even a well trained dog might sometimes get upset and poo in the bag.
I wouldn't do this. Not only does it strike me as strange behaviour for adults, it's disrespectful to the animal.
I don't have a pet , so I haven't thought about it . But it doesn't seem right unless the pet is a mouse or a baby hamster.
by BK
Well if a small animal yes of course, could be a baby.
I think NOT a Handbag, but a carry bag, is fine.
Like the one in your pic.

Anyway that is the only way you can on buses, trains etc and the like.
In shops too!
Never as the dogs I have had would be way too big and heavy
No, I would not. When I had a dog she was always on the lead when I took her out. After all they are living breathing individuals, not sacks of potatoes.
No. Do you like sitting in a bag? Why would you subject your pet to that kind of treatment?
At this point in my life I would say no - I am too busy carrying kids, kids' things, and a myriad of other things. I might change my mind here in 20-30 years when I am missing these days with arms full of kids! I enjoyed carrying around my stuffed pets in baskets as a kid, so I might enjoy it again someday.
Oh yuck to the nth degree!
Not fair on animal at all, not right shape & the smell if 'accident' occurred! Throw out bag then. What a stupid waste. There're plenty of well made pet carriers on the market, especially for really small animals.
There's nothing right about this in any way whatsoever!
For a small pet such as a bunny yes however dogs are meant to be walked. They can't get any proper stimulation being stuck in a bag and can lead to aggression issues when a hand gets stuck in and they feel invaded. Chihuahuas often have these issues because they are so used to being picked up to be "safe" they never learn to stick up for themselves and are basically being sent an instant message that if someone/something bigger approaches it means danger. Pets can't really stretch out in the bars either so again not a plus in my books. I get that some pets doing pretty well i bags but the majority wouldn't and to treat them like a fashion accessory rather than an animal is pretty irresponsible.
No. That is NO with a capital N.
by Rice
It's treating the animal like a designer fashion accessory and it's quite simply wrong, as is the way many people choose an animal because they 'like the way it looks' - like deciding on a new sofa!
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