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Would you be greatly affected if you had to live without the Internet for a week?

by dwatk (follow)
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Would aspects of your life such as your relationships, business and recreation be adversely affected if you had to live without the internet for one week?

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Top Answers
The reality is that most people of my generation lived the major part of their life without the Internet and surprisingly they prospered and survived without any trauma. Mankind adjusts to whatever conditions they find themselves and rise to the challenges of their current situation.
Done it and no affects on me! In fact, it was probably the best week of my life! ;)
I could literally survive. But I would miss HubGarden. A lot.
by Vee
Honestly it would probably be really good for me to go a week with no internet, but it would also likely drive me a little crazy.
After careful consideration Yes!

That's pretty bad isn't it?
My work would because I need the internet to do Weekend Notes/Hub Garden, my only sources of income. I would miss out on a bit of social media, but nothing I couldn't live without for a week.
I would have great difficulty. I study on-line, Am presently setting up a business from home which requires me to update my social media business page regularly, I wouldn't be able to publish articles or do surveys (a, small, source of income). I could go without the recreation / social aspect of it for a week - and have done previously when we travel.
Well, I wouldn't drop dead or anything, but I wouldn't be able to edit or publish Hubgarden articles or other writing and I would miss checking my Facebook. I know it's lame but it's an easy way to still have some idea what my friends are up to when I'm home all day with the kids.
No, I could do it. .... But would rather not!
I think it's great and healthy to have a break from technology every now and then.
by Lucy
O ….MG!!! I'm hyperventilating!!! Pass me a paper bag *gasps*

Actually, I love going on internet free holidays. I always have a good time without the net, and it clears my head.
Yes, I manage a Facebook and Twitter page with over 40000 followers. I think they would miss me
by Gia
A year ago I moved house and had no internet for three weeks due to stuff ups by telco's. If only personal things would be affected, I could cope, but I'm studying via distance from an interstate university and didn't get any consideration for this, and was only able to have two hours a day at the local library.
WOW - we might find time to do all those others things on our list instead of "wasting" time on the internet? LOL ha ha ha… I, like gnn19, grew up at the beginning of technology so it wasn't in your face like now. I love it but in moderation and do have to tear myself away from the screen.
It would make it a bit difficult for my writing, but I'd survive. I actually enjoy having a break, as I think I'm spending too much time online these days.
When we moved last year we were without internet for 2 weeks and I missed it. That was before HubGarden was a part of my life. I could cope without it for a week but would miss it. When we were waiting to get the internet connected we did use internet at the library. It is an important part of my life for keeping in touch with friends and family. I use internet banking and pay bills through the internet.
Since I have to study online, I would be greatly affected.
Nope. Got plenty else I can do, & the week would fly past!
Yes. I am a news tragic, and read 3 o/s papers online at least once a week, and my 'children' and some family are scattered in nz, usa, asia.
and i would miss sending this.
I'm a writer. As long as you don't say 'live without pen and paper for a week' I'd be ok.

I'd write everything I wanted to write on my computer, down on paper first.

Read books instead of blogs.

Make phone calls instead of Facebook chats.

There are so many alternatives to the internet.
I don't think I would be greatly affected, as I would probably just read more, as I do enjoy reading.
We had to live without it in Singapore for 3 days, as Singapore doesn't have internet cafes, then for 8 days in Bali. It was an inconvenience for my husband, who needed to check flight loadings, as we didn't have a smart phone between us! Neither did Canggu, Bali, so we had to wait until we got up to Ubud, where they had only 2 internet cafes.
by Miro
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