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Would you be able to kill a chicken to eat it?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Would you be able to kill a chicken in order to eat it?

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Top Answers
Definitely not - NO NO NO
I used to breed geese and ducks and my nasty ex kept taunting me with "I'm going to kill a goose so we can eat it" - the first time I almost fainted and he got the reaction he so obviously wanted so he went on saying that, and always about one of my favourites!
I could no more kill an animal than fly to the moon.
I cannot even pick up a dead animal and the local council mosquito ranger used to come on my property if my dogs killed a wild duck! They all used to laugh at me......so i could definitely not kill a chicken even if it was not MY pet.
by Finy
If for some reason I absolutely had to (like, someone held a gun to my head, or if I was starving and had no other option to feed my children) then yes. But I probably never will because it's unnecessary. I don't eat chickens. I keep hens as pets and I don't want them killed. When they get too old to lay the live out their retirement happily with the other hens in my yard.
That's lovely, Jennifer. I love chooks. My neighbours have several rescued from batteries and they are so sweet and adorable . . and thriving in their new free environment . . they even go in the house! LOL.
by Rice
Jennifer, how many eggs would you get a day, from your lovely chickens, how many do you have, & do they have names, which I'm guessing they would have? And are you able to bury them in your yard, when they pass away?
by Miro
I have seven hens at the moment; Milly, Nightvale, Princess Layer, Speckles, Domino, Nut and Mrs Fluffernutter (the kids named some of them. We get maybe 3 eggs a day at the moment because some of the girls are well past peak laying age. I've buried two of them in the yard (one was killed by a dog, the other I think had issues with her reproductive chicken- she was an ISA brown, the commercial laying breed and they lay too many eggs, it's bad for their bodies and they don't live long).
Interesting question. Despite not ever wanting to kill another creature if I could possibly avoid it, if I was starving , I most definitely would kill a chicken. Better him die than me !! I do love all Gods creatures though, and would never want to hurt them deliberately.
oh I don't know what I would do if I was starving, Lluxi - perhaps I WOULD then kill! INSTINCT for survival may take over
by Finy

If there was no food around, supermarkets were closed for months or a war was on, then heck yes!

No Problems.
Yes I would. There is a difference with pets and animals for food. I would rather not but if it needs to be done I'll do it
No could never kill a chicken or any other living thing larger then a fly. Not brave with animals at all dead or alive.
by Rice
I'd hate to have to kill an animal, but if it meant that I lived or died, than I guess I would have too. I will forever hope it never has to come to that.
by Miro
Nope. I am a total wimp. Would possibly become a vegetarian first.
Definitely not
by AJ
Probably not. I don't even like discussing (at length) the free range versus cage egg situation. I love eggs but I don't want to talk about it all the time. I'm a bit of an ostrich.
Eeee gad! What an AWFUL thought, me having to DO that if I really really had too! I'll try & think of some thing else now! Like beautiful home grown chicken eggs!
by Miro

I am against animal suffering. For the past 35 years I have only eaten animals I could kill myself. Not that I kill every animal I eat, but I must be able to.
I have killed a chicken for food several times and I have euthenased chickens that have been suffering, not for food of course. I researched the kindest way to end a chicken's life and tried to make it as stress free as I can for the poor bird. I give my chickens a very happy life and try to make their death as kind as possible. I love animals and do not like to give a heartless person the job.
My diet is becoming more vegetarian all the time as I my ethics stop me from eating lots of things.
No, I wouldn't.
No, I couldn't, I have my chooks, and they are my pets! I couldn't kill them at random, then eat them,
No, I couldn't, I have my chooks, and they are my pets! I couldn't kill them at random, then eat them,
Noooo and Im not sure I would kill if starving? I would eat fruit and vegetables first until that was exhausted and then? Anyway, scientists are making meat in the laboratory now so we don't have to kill!
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