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Would you be able to do a nurse's job?

by Finy (follow)
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Would you be able to do a nurse's job?

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Top Answers
No I definitely could not do a nurse's job!
I cannot stand the sight of blood, even my own and when I think back - one of my children fell down and blood was coming out of his forehead and I ran away next door to get help!
Same thing when I trod on glass after dropping something in the shower, so I would definitely not qualify for nurse material (so to speak!).

Also they have to do other awful things as well and much as I admire people who want to be nurses, and those that ARE, I could not be one.
by Finy
I would be okay with certain aspects of this career, but on the whole, I would not make a very good nurse at all!!! Having lived with severe pain and illness since childhood, and needing the care from many nurses over the years, I have SO much respect and admiration for these truly compassionate and clever people. I have found that many of the male nurses are often a real delight when taking care of patients.They have a whole different sense of humour,and I have found this can often put patients at ease by creating genuine laughter!! All in all, I have not had any truly bad nurses who I can remember, whether male or female, and I believe that they do deserve more money and recognition for the incredible work they do!
Thanks for saying that. My husband is a male nurse. I have worked with lots of male nurses and they are very gentle with the patients. They are great in that they don't go in for all the gossip in a female oriented career, so more men please !!! My son is also a nurse.
by Lluxi
wow, Luxxi -a whole family of nurses, and Jules, I agree about the male nurses -they are often more caring and gentle! Females nurses can somehow be "harder".
by Finy
What a real joy for you, Lluxi, to have 2 male nurses in the family!!! What delightful men they must be, and you are obviously in great hands when the need for some special care arises!!! The very first male nurse I ever encountered was back in 1980 in Melbourne, and he was the loveliest young man in the world when I was so very ill!! It has truly impressed me, just how many men have now followed a career in nursing, and I am just so glad to have received the ministrations of many of them,!! I figure if I must be in hospital, then I want the very nicest as well as the best care!!
by Jules
I have also had wonderful care from male nurses, bless them all . . !!!!
by Rice
I think that just as women tend to do so well in so-called Male-oriented jobs, so Males tend to excel in the more female-oriented career of nursing!! I have had such incredibly compassionate care from male nurses, both in Emergency and also in wards when I have had to stay for several nights! They have even asked me if I would prefer to have a female nurse, as they are aware that some people are not comfortable with male ones!!
by Jules
No I could not do that job.

To me they are very special people and it's a calling, for those who wish to do it.

They are amazing people.They are NOT paid enough, and a lot have to put up with (some) doctors who can be very difficult at times.

Without them, the health system would fall apart, and people would be dying in droves.

Pity the health system can not seem to work this out!!
I always look at them in awe, and will continue to do so.
I have great admiration for nurses. All the ones I have met are amazing people. I suppose I do some of the things nurses do in the course of parenting (cleaning up bodily fluids, changing sheets, tending to sick kids) but not on the same scale or under the same pressure. I don't know if I could handle it as a full time job.
I have to say here that they are not all wonderful..I had a melanoma removed from my forehead, and woke up and couldnt see - the night nurse told me to open my eyes which I couldnt.
Next morning at 7 am when the shifts changed, a young male nurse came on and said something like "goodness me, you need some attention" and proceeded to wash the dried, caked blood from my eyes and I could see!
Have also had a few very lazy ones, and foreign ones that, when in a wheelchair, I had to tell them each time they took me to the toilet, that I wanted to wash their hands - this is obviously not taught in all countries.
by Finy
that should of course be wash MY hands, and not theirs!!!
by Finy
I only said all the ones I've met. I'm sure there are some who are not so good, as in any profession. The ones who took care of me in hospital after I had surgery were wonderful.
There are quite a few that are not so good, some let the side down very badly
by fran.
Yes. I work long hours as it is, on my feet. Having to deal with the many messes that children bring has increased my tolerance for all that may be cosidered gross. I only hope I have the compassion that come with this field.
Sure, I can. I was a nurse during my working career, and loved everything about the job. I loved helping people, and it was great to see people go home feeling so much better, knowing it was due to my good nursing care. I have no qualms about taking blood, and in Intensive Care, sometimes you have to take bloods hourly, depending on patients condition. Nursing is not for the faint hearted, or shrinking violets, but it is easier when it is not YOUR blood or body fluid, you can detach yourself from the situation easier. The human body is nothing to be scared of. It is a beautiful creation. Nowadays, I volunteer at nursing homes, so I am still around 'nursing'. They know me quite well, and I help out as much as I can.
Yes, most probably, as my mother was a nursing sister . . . . but I am no good if it is somebody close to me. (Yes, Finy, I ran away when my daughter hurt herself.)
by Rice
No I don't think I could do a nurses job,cleaning up after patients and other jobs they do, no it's not for me.
Yep. That's what my career was, but my days of looking after others are over.
Yes. I have always had an interest in medicine and helping people. I worked as a veterinary nurse for a while. There was so much I loved about it. Assisting surgery, comforting patients and their humans, helping animals get well and strong and seeing them return as if nothing had happened. There are aspects that are mucky and unpleasant, exhausting and extremely sad, but those aspects are important to patient well being.
I doubt I would have the stamina nowdays to do it for a job. If needed I would nurse family members or animals. I could still be useful in an emergency .
No, I couldn't be a nurse either. I don't mind the blood, but I'd always be worried I'd stuff up a job I was doing. I do have 2 nieces who are nurses, in different hospitals in S.A. Their sisters, but their older sister is not a nurse! I was such a scary cat, I left the room when our youngest daughter was having a mole removed from her back as a teenager! I have felt so bad since than, having done that. Luckily, my daughter has never mentioned it.
by Miro
Lluxi, I had a lovely male nurse, hold my hand, all the way through a cataract operation, on my right eye last month. He didn't move his hand or fingers once! It was so reassuring, & I left very relaxed. Yes, I did thank him, as I was being wheeled to the recovery room.
by Miro
No - I would be absolutely useless. I can't handle it when the cat throws up, let alone anything else! Probably one of the (many) reasons I also don't have children! :)
Definitely no. I can't even clean up after the cat has brought up a fur ball. To those in the profession, I take my hat off to you. You are over-worked and under paid and in most instances, do more than a doctor does.
Definitely no. I can't even clean up after the cat has brought up a fur ball. To those in the profession, I take my hat off to you. You are over-worked and under paid and in most instances, do more than a doctor does.
Definitely no. I can't even clean up after the cat has brought up a fur ball. To those in the profession, I take my hat off to you. You are over-worked and under paid and in most instances, do more than a doctor does.
Needles? Blood? That's just a fraction of what they deal with, and that's enough to elicit a 'no' from me. Kudos to nurses everywhere.
by Vee
I think nurses are amazing. I'm not so sure I would be up for the job. I am very happy to look after my loved ones when they are sick. I'm not so sure I would be that good with strangers.
by AJ
They certainly do an amazing job and most of them are caring, yes. I would be a big sook at first as I am an empath. I too love helping people and not scared or faint hearted over wounds or blood.

I think if I wasn't disabled and had the stamina, I would make a damn fine nurse. I am not squeamish, I am a care taker, and remain very calm during emergency situations.
Having been Mother to a handicapped daughter and 2 normal healthy boys this question is a no brainer....
I definitely could not, I would never be able to cope with someone passing on. My sister is just about to start a diploma of nursing course and I admire her for that immensely.
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