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Will you try ANY food at least once?

by Finy (follow)
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Some people will not try food they do not like the look of.

Would you try ANY food at least once?

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Top Answers
I do not think there is anything I will not at least TRY once.

Brains could perhaps be the only exception to this.....there are very few foods I do not like and would not try and cannot even think of any.

I have said on here before, I was brought up NOT to say YUK to ANY food as depending on culture, religion etc, what I think may be awful, someone else will not, so there is no food that is YUK.
by Finy
(One word, Finy. Dogs.)
by Rice
I'm a Pom
We are very careful what we put in our mouths.
Unless starving, even then looking at the plate of bugs, I would truly not even try them, I would vomit! all over the place.
by jonaja
Fertilised eggs close to hatching, Finy?
by Vee
I can not believe we BOTH PICKED THE SAME PIC! (and for anyone who may think we planned this LOL..no we sure didn't) but we are both 'Poms'.
So I guess that has to account for something...lol...lol...lol :)
by jonaja
No. I am a big lily livered (yuk, liver) chicken. (Oh, Finy, brains . . nooooo!) *high five* jonaj!
by Rice
Rice -that is because you are English - I find Poms must have been taught not to taste! How can you know you do not like it, if you havent even tried it! Do you remember back when cheese cakes were invented -I remember some of my Australian friends would not try it as you eat cheese and not in a cake! etc etc
by Finy
My mother was a dreadful cook . . ! LOL. She cooked tripe, liver, kidneys and all kinds of weird things . . but she cooked everything to death. I eat way more than most poms . . . . . and I was never averse to a bit of cheesecake. Hahahahahahahaha. However, you are quite right. It took a long time for anything tasty to get into the diet . . .thank god for curries!
by Rice
I have eaten all sorts of weird things in the past but nowadays wouldn't imagine doing it unless I didn't know what I was eating.
I used to eat everything on my plate when I was younger,not knowing I was highly allergic to many items,and thus was so ill I would end up in hospital! It was just how we were taught to appreciate that waste is a terrible thing.My parents were both fabulous cooks so the food we ate was really delicious Now I know so well,that many items can make me extremely ill,I will definitely NOT just try any item for the sake of being interested to know what it is like!
In many cases,a huge pity, in others,I am glad to have a genuine 'excuse not to !!
Presentation can have a lot to do with whether I would try something I hadn't before, although I did try haggis which almost made me throw up, the smell should have been warning enough. So ever since then and now thinking back to when mum used to cook tripe and brains, the look of them definately was enough not to try.
There are some foods that I will not try. I don't like the look of insects which appear in some Asian cuisines. I doubt very much that I could eat a cockroach or a grasshopper. Having a good knowledge of what human body organs do, I could not eat most or all of them. The bodily functions would be much the same in animals, and knowing this would make it hard to sink your teeth into a nice pot of brains, liver or kidneys.
Oh! Lluxi......crumbed Brains, Lamb's Fry & Bacon, with Mashed Potato, Kidneys on Toast!
I grew up eating these foods, cooked to perfection, by my late Mother.
Her Mother cooked the tastiest Tripe.

Haven't had these dishes for a while.....I'm off to my Butcher's!

by donjo
YUK Donjo !!! Where's the real food?
by Lluxi
I like trying traditional foods from Countries but I wont eat insects or our furry friends. That is a big no no. I guess the only food I would try is what I am a bit familiar with. Does that sound chicken because I dont think I am, I just dont like to be poisoned
I will not try every food...there are some I am sure I would refuse to eat. Fertilised eggs would certainly be a no-go. I would however try frog soup if properly prepared. I didn't know there was such a thing until a lovely Cambodian man told me about it.
by Vee
Yes, cooked properly, there're several interesting foods to eat, especially in SE Asia!
Almost anything.
No fugu, live octopus, uncooked monkey brain or any raw blood product, dogs, cats rat etc
I've been meaning to try escargot even though I know it's a snail dish. People who've been to France and tried that local exotic delicacy return with good feedback, so I am sure it's edible.

I am not a fan of exotic foods and trying any food at least once isn't really something I'm keen with. If my gut-feeling says I should try it, then I would.

I can be adventurous but where exotic foods are concerned, I'm more cautious.
I would have thought "yes" initially, then I saw the picture and thought about it again. Although, I have actually eaten grass hoppers before whilst in Cambodia. Eat what the locals eat whilst you are in their country right? I'm not sure what that dish in the picture is but I'd have to be seriously hungry before I try it!
Brians, liver, kidneys, & any Asian foods like, beetles & also those creepy crawlies, I will not try, even once thank you!
No, and especially not insects. Not for me.
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