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Will you, or have you already gone to the big store sales this year?

by Finy (follow)
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Will you go to the sales this festive season?

Or have you already been?

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Top Answers
I do not normally go as cannot stand all those people lining up.
However I met a friend I hadnt seen for a while, and as she lives a long way away from me, we went to a large shopping centre a few days after the sale began.
I spent a lot and bought all sorts of things I HAD to HAVE but could have well done without!
Yesterday I also went with a friend to Ikea as she had never been there. There were an awful lot of people and we waited about 20 minutes to check out, which really annoyed me...
Some of the things I DID need were not on sale!
by Finy
No, no, no and no. I hate shopping. If it wasn't for nudity, I'd never go. (and starvation perhaps)
by Rice
A huge and well-earned Gold Star for you Rice!!!! I agree totally!!! Mind you, in this heat we are having here in the north, the nudity could be a major asset as long as no-one would be seeing me!!!!!
by Jules
We went on Boxing Day to the sales. I was hoping to get cheap Christmas cards and wrap for 2017, but it was all sold out, by the time I dragged myself out of bed to go. It wasn't as busy as I had expected, but then again, we don't go into the CBD shops where it is all happening. I would like to go again with my daughter to buy her next years presents. We both like a bit of retail therapy, have a nice lunch and its good bonding time as well. I never buy things I don't need.
Aldi still has heaps if you have one near you.
by Rice
Thanks Rice
by Lluxi
No, I don't bother going to the sales. There's nothing I need, except another cotton floral dress, & they don't sell the ones i wear anyway! I went to a shop that do sell 'my' dresses, but I didn't like any of the 15 or so different floral patterns, & I already had 4 of the patterns anyway, but that's got off the point of, "Do I go to the sales?" Sorry!
by Miro
No. I can't be bothered with any of this at the moment. I don't like shopping at the best of times, let alone now.
by Vee
A really big and resounding NO!!!! I just cannot stand the crowds and the rude attitude of so many of the greedy customers who grab at everything, with no regard for anyone else!! They totally ruin it for the majority of people who are just happy to get one or two bargains! The main thing though, and a lesson which my parents instilled in me from chldhood is that 'ANYTHING IS ONLY A BARGAIN IF WE ACTUALLY NEED, OR CAN USE IT!' Apart from food, and the necessities, I have way more of just about everything than I need at present, and am more than happy to avoid these mad sales. It is so hot and way too uncomfortable to even go ANYwhere apart from to my doctor every 2 days to have my wound dressed since a shocking fall 6 weeks ago, and which has meant I have to keep my leg elevated anyway, that I am more than happy to stay home in the cool of the air conditioning, and avoid the madness!!!
The thought of your getting badly hurt in the crush is quite chilling - you are in no condition to have a feather fall on you! Quite right - stay home!! Gives me the shivers thinking of somebody barging into you with your present injuries. *blanch*
by Rice
It certainly IS rather a SCARY thought, isn't it!! Mind you, my screams would certainly clear a concert hall, if I was accidently bumped or worse in any way!!!I do think that the sling for the shoulder and the bandaged calf are certainly some sort of warning to others that I am best kept clear of for a while yet!!!!!
by Jules
I have not been and won't go. I don't like crowds and am doing an ongoing decluttering project which doesn't fit well with lots of new purchases. Having said that, I was near Rundle Mall (Adeaide) Boxing Day and thought I would get one item I needed. I got off the tram and ventured into the Mall and kept on going. Too many people and lines waiting to enter some stores. Not my scene.
No. I buy as I need. If I went to one of these sales I would end up spending on stuff I don't really need. Better to stay away.
Only a few items' interested me, & I bought them online.

No way was I going ANYWHERE near the shops just post-Xmas!

I'll head there week after next, when all's quitened a tad!
I won't, I want to stop buying ''things''!
I haven't and I don't plan on going this year. I have never really liked the January sales. I think the end of year sales are better. Don't ask me why - I just prefer the end of year sales.
by AJ
Nope. I don't need anything.
Nope. Didn't go nor want to. I would only gave gone to people watch but that would be the only reason. I loathe shopping at the best of times so shop on line for what I want, when I want it.
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