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Why do doctors leave the room when you get undressed-they are going to see you naked anyway?

by Finy (follow)
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Why does the doctor always leave the room when you get undressed?

He or she is, after all, going to see you naked anyway!

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Top Answers
Isnt this strange!
I went to have a massage yesterday and the same thing happened -she went outside and came back minutes later and then proceeded to massage me with only underpants on!

Doctors often go behind a screen or rather put you behind a screen -I guess some people might feel embarrassed at actually undressing in front of the doctor and hence they do this?
It would not bother me at all, so cannot relate to it.
by Finy
I think there might be some small requirement for the doctor to "keep it clinical".
If females undress in front of the doctor and then hop up onto the exam. table it might seem a little "less clinical". I like clinical. Sort of keeps a bit of distance between the doctor and I.
by fran.
I have wondered this many times! I think that maybe doctors do it in case someone might feel like they are being watched or stared at.
by AJ
Yes you are probably right Alex, but they could just sit at their desk!
by Finy
Yes AJ. There is the odd one or two decent doctors around that would leave the room whilst you undress and furthermore, most patients I know, would feel just exactly as stated (that they were being watched). I don't even like people opening the door on me when I'm trying clothes on in department stores - just shirts, coats etc. not even underwear.
Medical students are taught certain ways to do things like NOT exposing the whole body whilst examining the chin and not exposing the whole body whilst examining the knee. It's just common courtesy. It's similar to shop assistants knocking on the door of the change room before entering or even asking if you need assistance..... isn't it ?
Also, a lot of doctors may not appreciate you lying on the exam table starkers without pulling a sheet over your gorgeous body.
There is very little respect given to fellow human beings these days .........so if you have a doctor that is showing some ,,,,FFS don't knock it.
by fran.
At the end of the day, as old as this tradition is, it is still about a patient's dignity and proper decorum. Having a curtian also serves to protect the patient if and when the door is opened of small consultation rooms.

There is a time and a place for everything, and the doctors rooms are still living in the solid staid olden days of good manners. Good huh!
Oh. You're all so silly. He goes out so that he can look through the peep hole in the wall (yes, under the Landseer painting) have a quick coffee and roar with laughter as we trip over our knickers.
by Rice
Another good question. I think there's a difference between undressing in front of somebody and being naked in front of somebody. I think the former leaves you a little more vulnerable than the latter. Think of the embarrassing things that could happen while undressing. Haha, I'm laughing just thinking about it now. I'd feel more comfortable if the doctor left the room, or at least turned around.
by Vee
ok, what could happen?
by Finy
You could fall over trying to take off your pants, you could have forgotten to put on a clean pair of underwear...Ok, so that's all I can think of at the moment, but the first one had me in stiches. LOL.
by Vee
Just the act of climbing up onto the exam table could be a vision the doctor might well do without.
Regardless, you couldn't seriously want the doctor to sit opposite whilst you undress and reveal the venus that lies beneath your robes. Give the doctor a break.
by fran.
They probably have other things to do and use this 5 minutes to do it...I don't know,
by Fran
I think it is all part of the process, like moving onto now the examination.
It give the patient dignity, even if the curtain is closed.

I once had a doctor say he would be back..

20 mins later, he was....with another patient!!
He had totally forgotten I was behind the curtain.
I froze, and after 30 seconds, I got up and said ''what game are you playing here!''
You told me to get undressed,then you leave me 20 mins on the table with no clothes, then you bring in another patient? and totally forget about me.

The look on their faces was priceless, I told them both to get out of the room, I got dressed, and went to make a complaint later that day.
I laughed reading this. Yes, not excusable but very human. Wish I'd been a fly on the wall to see their reactions!
by aodon
Oh no! That's horrifying. I am sure the Dr was mortified!
by annfi
It's kind of weird, isn't it? It then makes me a little embarrassed, as it's like making a big deal of it - where as if they just say 'lift up your shirt', no worries...
Although it does not bother me one little bit,some women or girls may feel like they are almost in a 'strip' situation,or even think that the doctor may watch and get a cheap thrill from their undressing.I believe that the doctors are providing a little respect and privacy for their patients,while at the same time,maybe even protecting their own reputations.
Out of sheer politeness/ingrained social pressure?
Don't know about social pressure but nobody, just nobody likes a stare bear…….do they ?
by fran.
I think doctors may be taught this behaviour in medical school. If they are, it is just as well IMO.
When visiting the doctor if I have to disrobe for an examination - I like to be on my own when I undress, get onto the examination table and cover myself with the sheet which I EXPECT to be be available. I used to expect to have a pull-around screen available too, but that sort of luxury seems to have disappeared. Maybe they are expensive to purchase or difficult to manage.
I don't expect anything that is not being examined to be on show.
People do feel very vulnerable when having to disrobe in front of the doctor or any stranger.
Unnecessary exposure of patients is considered a very big deal in operating theatres. I think only because it is so unnecessary and when the guidelines aren't followed, it is simply disrespectful.
I do know that nurses and doctors when they are patients, certainly demand that their privacy is respected.
So, next time the doctor announces that he will leave the room to allow you to make yourself comfortable - be grateful that you have a doctor that is considering your feelings and respecting your privacy (read modesty).
Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

There is enough disrespect for fellow human beings in the world in 2014.
Courtesy & good manners!
The fact they're going to see you buff is irrelevant.
Its all about respect for the patient. Some people may not like someone watching as you disrobe. I personally couldn't care less, but there will always be those people who are somewhat prudish who don't like one little bit of flesh to be seen, and avoid going to the doctor because they don't like to take off their clothes. There are people like this around, so the doctor shows respect, by not looking or seeing as much as they can, to preserve the patient's modesty.
Come on Liuxi - everybody gets a little shy when stripping off in front of a stranger or semi-stranger. It isn't a case of not wanting "one little bit of flesh being exposed. Sometimes, in a doctors surgery you are expected to strip down to nude - even when you are hoping to get a referral to a surgeon to fix your ingrown toenail. Far too much stripping off to accommodate consultations for minor ailments. Simply a sign of disrespect to patients. And one of the worst offenders for requesting the unnecessary stripping off of patients are nurses.
by fran.
Might be also to prevent accusations of perving.
That could be the case. But whilst ever I get the sort of respect from doctor, I'll thank my lucky stars.
by fran.
There are dodgy doctors and there are also some very weird patients
by lynne
I think it's because most people would feel selfconsious having someone watch them, as if they're a stripper, so puts one more at ease so undressing is done without rushing and feeling uncomfortable
I was always taught it was for everyones self dignity and also to give you a bit of privacy. We are a person first and the only part that they see naked are the bits we allow them to see. Its also to show respect for their patient.I hope I made sense as I cant always explain the way I want to.
I believe it is to preserve the dignity of the patient. It is not a strip tease show!
The same thing happens for live artists models- they are never expected to dress or undress in front of an audience and yet pose nude.
It is to de-sexualise the experience.
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