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Who was the last person you had a disagreement with?

by Finy (follow)
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Who was the last person you had a disagreement or argument with?

What was it about?

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Top Answers
My good friend Rosemary, who would not drive and I always drive and wanted her to!

This was a few weeks ago and today I drove us out again to lunch....It was not a real argument just a slight disagreement.
by Finy
My two year old over his wanting to draw on the furniture.
Yep that will do it :)
by jonaja
The last REAL disagreement was with my v ery kind and sweet n eighbour.It was to do witha certain way she punished her elder son.She did something to him in front of his younnger brother who is a bit of a brat,knowing that he would laugh in a really NASTY way at his brother's predicament.She nev er gtells the younger on off in a cruel manner ,if she does ever tell him off at all.
The punishment was a genuine attempt at HUMILIATION,which to me is a form of Bullying and totally unacceptable. She then told him to go and see if he was allowed to spend some cooling off time with me.Of course I let him,but I made him tell me what had been going on.When I found out,I was actually veery upset for the poor lad,and let his mother know in no uncertain terms why I felt the way I did. Evrentually,some weeks later she did admit that what she had done was way over the top,due to the bullying humiliation aspect,and she also said she had not really considered that there was this aspect to the incident,until I pointed it out. It is VERY hard for her to admit she is EVER incorrect,so this explained the long time it took her to come clean about it all and accept her blame. All is good again now,thank heavens,as I really do care ab out her and the boys v ery much indeed.
I am very proud of you, my dear, that you cared enough to try to overcome that behaviour. I imagine that young man will never forget it :-)
by Rice
Thank you so much for your support here! It is SO important that these boys feel that they actually can talk with someone when they need to.Especially another adult apart from their mum who is often just too close to the situation! I know that they do both like and care for me ,just as I do them.This is very important for everyone to have a support figure,and I hope they continue to do see me this way.
by Jules
A peer - about what would be the best option for a client at placement.
My son unfortunately....upsetting but it will prob blow over...has to
by Fran
It will :)
by jonaja
Well I had kept my mouth shut for many many years.
Never ever said a word o.k.

Last Mothers Day, for the very first time ever....I had words with my daughter-in-laws Mother!
I guess it was when we were all talking over lunch, I said one thing...she put her hands over her ears, and went la...la..la...la...la...la.

I saw red!

The rest is history....No yelling or shouting, we have not ever done that stuff in our family, but it got unpleasant really quick.

A few words from me, and a walk out by me.
that is so rude to say la la la la -and someone our age also! usually younger ones say it.
by Finy
I know, that was such a total shock to me...and so rude.

But I guess I should also tell the rest of the story, she wrote me a note saying we should move on from that day.I wrote back saying yes, (because our kids are married to each other).....I also asked her to forgive me anger at her. I just felt it better for the whole family, over the many years to come.
by jonaja
me anger > should be ....my anger. (sorry for the spelling mistake.)
by jonaja
Thanks Jona....needed that....
by Fran
MY cat - he walked his muddy paws all through the kitchen and I was not impressed at all.
by Lucy
Did he answer back?

My Siamese does, then I've can't help but give him a hug!
by donjo
I don't know - It's been awhile since I've any real disagreements with anyone
by AJ
My husband LOL.
by Vee
A colleague at work. It was juvenile, but within an hour we cleared the air.
someone who was supposed to provide a service to my dear mother. They didn't so after quite some wait and disregard they were told it was not good enough.
Other than that the eternal mindless quarrels with 'the teenager'!!
Spouse, right now
by Gia
My sister.
She still treats me like the 7yo I was when she got married, & left home, eons' ago!
It was her attitude to me during a telephone conversation that really got on my 'goat'. So I told her my call to her was at an end, & hung up.

I waited 24hours' to 'cool down', then I wrote her a letter, telling her that I'd had her attitude towards me up to 'here' (above head). I also told her a few other 'home truths' she needed to be aware of, concerning various situations'.

I waited a few days' before I posted it, in case I wanted to rip it up. That was two months' ago, & I've not heard from her.

At the moment, that suits me fine, as I've got 'a lot on my plate' at mo, & she's just one more stress factor I can certainly do without!

What will happen? Well, the ball's in her court! Time'll tell.
Oh no, donjo! That is so sad :(( My brother, sister and I have never had a cross word in our whole lives and it must have been very hard on you to always feel undervalued and disregarded. It always seems so odd to me that we humans can grow up in the same environment and yet be so different. We were always aware that our parents never put one above the other and, even though I am several years the youngest, quite often I am asked for opinions and looked to as the big sister. Sometimes it is as if we are actually triplets. LOL. I hope things improve for you. x x
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper, thank you.......there were many points I noted in my letter to her, but the main thing that's annoyed me for years' was her condescending attitude to me, which is manifested jealousy, & my being the butt of snide remarks, when we with company or not. Then her 51yo daughter, unmarried, who's always comes with her, started acting towards me in the same way. I'd just had ENOUGH!
It's now six months' since letter written, & she hasn't contacted me. It suits me fine, as my stressful life continues, & it's much better without having to worry about her as well!
by donjo
My step-grandson a couple of weeks ago . . . . . he told me, "Granny, that's not correct!" . . . . at all of five years of age! Trust me, he won't do it again (he was wrong, by the way) my daughter the teacher gets her withering death stare from me!! Even the dogs move away when they get "the look". Hahaha.
by Rice
My husband was screaming at our eldest daughter, about her partner ignoring me, when we were visiting. I asked him not to say anything, because I loved staying with them, & didn't care if he ignored me, as I only saw him about 15 mins a
day, due to his job. That was Nov '14. My husband hasn't seen our daughter once since then. I collect the grandchildren & meet him up the road, or at the tram stop, away from the house, with the girls. We take them to a park for about 2hrs.They live in another state. He's still saying he never wants to see her again. She's always ok with with me, when I call to pick up the little ones, but I've never been past the inside of the front door since then.
by Miro
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