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Who should teach kids about the birds and the bees?

by Ennvy.c (follow)
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Face it, SEX -It’s an inevitable topic. These days’ children are growing up faster than ever with increasing sexualisation on the content portrayed in television shows, movies and even advertisement. It is important that when children are ready to learn about sex and the changes their bodies are going through that they are getting the correct information.

The question is who should be responsible for teaching kids about the birds and the bees?

Some believe it should be the father's responsibility to talk to the boys and the mother's responsibility to talk to the girls. Some leave it to the education system, while others choose to let the kids find out themselves.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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Top Answers
Honestly, I think the emphasis on who and when to teach this is made more importnat than it should be. When your kid asks you questions, (whichever parent they ask), answer them. They will ask things that re relevant to them, receive more and better information than what they receive off the internet. And more importantly, it begins an honest and open relationship between parents and children. In the future, despite embarrassment or shame, they will know that they can talk to you about anything.
They learn this stuff at school now. Those life education centres teach many primary school kids about menstruation, puberty and sex etc Otherwise the mother plays an important role in this.
My kids ask me questions, not only about bees and birds, but about life in general. I give them information in small portions, that is age appropriate and I know they will be able to take in. I always tell them the truth, albeit bits of it. For example my daughter asked me how does the baby come out of the mommy's tummy. I told her that the mommy goes to the hospital and the doctor knows how to take it out. And that was an answer she was happy with and it is the truth.
That makes a baby sound like a bad tooth or a tumour or something! Your call, just not how I would phrase it personally.
Hi Jennifer,
I wouldn't think of the baby as a tumour at all, but again, a personal choice of words, and amount of information to be disclosed to a 5 year old. My daughter was satisfied with the answer. She need not know all the details.
In fact, if she asked me how the dentist extracts a tooth, I would tell her that he is trained in these procedures, and wouldn't explain all the gory details.
Thanks for your comment.
Happy Mom
I don't think they need all the details at that age either, I just don't see birth as a medical problem that necessarily needs a doctor to solve it. I think of it as something women do, not something that just happens to them, so I went with "the mother pushes the baby out". But different strokes for different folks, as long as you and your daughter are happy.
I think both answers were just fine, I also think that we all live very different lives.
So what is right for one, is not the case for others.

Lets embrace each others answers......as a learning point.

by jonaja
It should be up to parents, though it's good that it's also covered in schools since some parents shirk the responsibility and I know a few women who were left to find out about periods from friends because their mums didn't tell them about it. I guess kids might find things less embarrassing hearing it from a parent who is the same sex as them.

I think it's important to answer kids' questions honestly and not to confuse them too much with silly euphemisms like cutesy nicknames for body parts. My four year old saw her brother born so she knows how babies are born. We haven't covered how they get in there just yet.
My son's first encounter with the facts of life was in his second year of primary schooling when we went along to a mother (NB MOTHER) and son evening. As loudly as possible he enquired, "Hey, Mum, what are sex?" Needless to say, in the ensuing 33 years he has developed a pretty good working knowledge of the subject.
I think myself, that if done correctly it can be good through the education system, mainly because children have hang-up.

So no need to draw attention to what 'mum & dad' did to get a child.

By letting the education come from a teacher, it takes away any embarrassing moments in the home.Children are super sensitive, and it's a sensitive topic.

Why put them through that....At school they have their 'peers' and they all can have a giggle together.

I have always been very open about that subject with my son. I remember the first time he asked me some curly questions, I did my best to keep a straight face, even though I felt like giggling. As a result of that, he has never been embarrassed to come and talk to me. I think he probably knows more than many of his peers, but he seems comfortable with the subject and I am happy about that.
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