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Which ONE country would you like to visit in 2016?

by Finy (follow)
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Which ONE country would you like to visit in 2016 (forgetting about logistics/money/time)?

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Top Answers
There are a lot of "IF"s to my answer -IF I felt like travel (which I do not), IF I did not have a back problem, IF I had someone to travel with....forgetting all these - I have been to many countries but have not been to Greece or South America or Israel.

My choice, forgetting all else including wars, fighting etc, would be either Greece or Israel.
by Finy
I have a tree planted in my name in Israel,and I think it would be fascinating to visit this ancient land.
by Jules
It would be fascinating but like, with so many other countries, now, a bit frightening.
by Finy
Well,Finy, you certainly hit the nail on the head with YOUR reply to this,as with the awful acts of war and terrorism just about everywhere these days is enough to almost put me off travelling to the countries with the most amazing histories of all!!! I adore ancient history and art,so my choice would be one of the regions which has all of this to offer. Persian art in particular is phenomenal and I would love to see the Blue Mosque in Armenia!
I've wanted to see this phenomenal structure since I first saw photos of it in history classes at school! The fact that it has been a place of worship for so many of the world's major religions really fascinates me.It also makes the entire premise of religion-based war even more ridiculous! Anyway,this is one place I would love to go to.IF my safety could be guaranteed!
If #$%^&*# ISIL get their way there won't be any of these wonderful things to see!! So heartbreaking - I love ancient history.
by Rice
So,Rice....yet another thing we both love!!! Which country would YOU like to visit? I note that you have not yet answered this one!!
by Jules
I have a secret hankering to see Morocco.
by Rice
That makes such perfect sense! The mosques there are so similar to my own favourite Blue Mosque!!! I adore this type of art and architecture! It is the whole 'Melting Pot' thing again,with various cultures having merged!
by Jules
Just realised that my fennec might be a dead giveaway!! LOL. We would have such fun. "Answer Angels Take Morocco!" . . . home movies at 11pm.
by Rice
This intrigued me . . . "Singapore is unique in the sense that it is both a country and a city at the same time" . . . . so I think I would choose Singapore at the moment. I'm with Finy and Jules - safety is now a priority in my travelling.
by Rice
Oh! Rice.......I'm another lover of Ancient History!
In the same 'neighbourhood' as you said, I'd love to see the 'Cave of the Swimmers' in Atlas Mtns, where scenes of 'The English Patient' were filmed.
Also, the ancient ruins of Roman city, Leptis Magna, which had the best arena outside of Rome!
Can you a ride a camel?
by donjo
Hi Rice, If you love orchids, the Botanical gardens in Singapore are beautiful, & only $1 for seniors, (you may even see them on Google or You Tube,) while the younger than seniors pay $5, but the rest of the gardens are free to look around in. We'd been hoping to have returned to the Raffles Hotel, for another overpriced Gin-sling, but on our 3rd visit, (end of July '17) it was closed for renovations for about 2 years! Very disappointing!
by Miro
I have not been anywhere in a while so just about anyplace (except for countries at war or with virus outbreaks) is good. I would love to visit Morocco.
Eek. I put that too! *high five* Mischief in Fez!
by Rice
Forgetting about 'terrorists too'.

No I think I will stay home, don't feel safe these days to go too far, in fact 2 months ago a young man shot dead a older man leaving work.That was a 20 min drive from where I live.
I'm good, no travelling at the moment for me.

In a perfect world.....Paris! Always wanted to go there.
"We'll always have Paris . . "
by Rice
I love that saying....I just hope we will always have Paris.
by jonaja
Good choice.
I think Iceland would be fascinating.
Yes me too :)
by jonaja
Me three! Jus to all those 'infamous' volcanoes would be really awesome!
And to see, & scuba dive thru the mid Atlantic ridge split! Wow!
by donjo
If cost were not an issue, I would be jetting off to Paris ! We do want to go there in the next few years, so if money not a problem, we would move up our plans and go earlier !!!
Sthn Argentina, to view Perito Moreno Glacier, & the rocky 'spires' of Los Glaciares NP.
It would be one of my 'geologic' dreams to go there. Then onto Iceland!
Camel. Hmmm. I'm going to say "probably" as I have always had horses but it has been about 45 years since I was on a camel. Is it like riding a bike . . ?
by Rice
Naaahh, Rice, bicycles ain't' got two humps! Lol!
by donjo
Sh*t. They do when I'm riding. Bahahahahahahaha. (I do recall, however, that camel fragrance stays with one for days.)
by Rice
Oh! Rice, I've not experienced 'Eau du Camel' after rides, at anytime! And one was a long ride. Lol!
by donjo
I will run out of time before i see all of the one country i want to see (and love) Australia.
I'm going on a European river cruise later this year so I will be going from Amsterdam to Budapest then to Prague along the Rhine. I always wanted to see The Netherlands, have been to Germany before and looking forward to seeing all the fantastic architecture along the way. My favourite was Bavaria and would love to go back there again if I had more time. Next year it will be Hawaii.
by AJ
You won't be sorry, it's wonderful.
by Rice
Especially all the beautiful National Parks.....Banff......Jasper.......Calgary.......Vancouver!
Wonderful, just wonderful!

You gotta GO THERE!

by donjo
by Vee
There are several I would like to visit, but with all the acts of violence going on around the world It is getting difficult to find a safe haven.
Now I have to look at the safety aspect before I decide where I visit.
So bearing that in mind, perhaps a Scandinavian Country such as Finland, or an Island Paradise like the Maldives.

Samoa. I've taught a lot of Samoan kids and they are so gorgeous.
I’d love to return to PARIS for the 6th time. I haven’t been there since 2002, but it would be a lot less scarier for me just go on a south seas cruise for 35 nights!
yes, agree Miro!
by Finy
In a word: TAHITI

I've always wanted to visit a tropical island, but not a really commercialised or overly popular destination (eg Fiji or Bali).

So Tahiti, for just a holiday or maybe even have a exotic destination wedding there this year!
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