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Which is your first drink of the day -tea, coffee, or water?

by Finy (follow)
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What is your first drink of the day - tea, coffee, or water?

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Top Answers
I actually read an article saying you should drink a glass of water when you wake and before you go to bed, for healthy heart.

Not sure how true this is, but I always have a glass of water before making a cup of black tea.

I do this first thing after I get up each morning.
by Finy
Coffee. My 2 year old has been learning how to make it - he scoops the coffee and sugar in and my partner does the rest. Then I get up and drink my coffee while the children have breakfast. Then I start to consider actually starting the day!
You'll have to invest in a coffee machine for some REAL coffee, Lizzi. I've never had sugar in my coffee or tea. It has certainly helped to keep my weight down!
by Miro
Definitely water!
I get up at 6 each morning and have a glass of ROOM TEMPERATURE water,then about an hour later I will enjoy a lovely cup of freshly brewed tea!

I have not had COLD water for as long as I can remember. And despite absolutely LOVING the aroma of coffee,I cannot stand the taste of it!!! Hence I never drink it at all.
I drink nothing until I get to work about 5 or 5:15 turn on my computer and start making a cup of milk tea and during the day I will drink 2 to 3 cups of water.
First water then Mountain dew
It varies. Often fruit juice. This morning it was water because I went running.
For me, I love a cup of warm water and a few little drops of Apple Cordial only.
Water, then I'll have some tea or juice.
by Gia
My day doesn't start until after my first cup of coffee, and my cereal for breakfast.
In the winter, it's a steaming cup of tea. In summer however, I prefer a chilled glass or juice (favourite at present is mango and orange)
Lately I have been having juice first thing in the morning. Before that I would have either a coffee or a lemon and ginger tea - depending on my mood
by AJ
COLD Sparkling Mineral

water, then a lovely hot 'cuppa', wit possibly some Toast!,
hot water and lemon and then coffee...ground coffee beans

I always start with water. After breakfast I may have a cup of coffee.
Definitely coffee unless I have a dental appointment, then I have nothing at all.
I usually have water with meds and take a glass to bed.My first drink is usually water to take morning meds
My morning starts with putting freshly ground coffee beans in my Drip Filter Coffee Carafe, & the heady aroma of fresh coffee permeates the house, 2 large mugs of freshly made coffee with a dash of milk has me up & running for the day. I could not possibly imagine a day starting any other way.

by jsmw

Coffee - Always coffee!!
tea with my breakfast
Water and then tea first thing in the morning.

Water from 2 bubblers, when I'm on my morning walk. Then fruit juice on my cereal instead of milk, then my real coffee. I’ll have a tea for afternoon tea. That’s answering the question in a rather round about way!

Hand on heart, I really TRY to have at least one glass of water before bed and on rising. Mostly I succeed. However, I have a life long hatred of cold water so it is definitely more difficult in winter when the tap water can be very cold. I quite often boil the jug, pour half a mugful and pop a couple of ice cubes in to make it "just nice". Some mornings the cup of tea is the winner and I just HAVE to taste that wonderful brew before anything else. Ah, Brits, we can face the world on a cup of tea!! ^_^
by Rice
A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water. It's very good for your health. Then I follow up with a cup of ginger and lemon tea. On the weekends, I swap the lemon & ginger tea for a normal cup of tea.
Yes, Therese, someone told me a couple of years ago, that I should be drinking apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water, daily, but I always forget too. I do have some in the pantry.
by Miro
Possibly water and then a mug of tea with breakfast.
Water whenever I get up, followed an hour or so later by a latte.
Coffee. Coffee wakes me up.
Cup of tea with milk and sugar
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