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Which charities are worth donating to?

by Finy (follow)
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Which charities do you consider are worth donating to?

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Top Answers
I think it is very personal, which charities YOU consider are worthy. I think that the charities with the biggest profile and the biggest advertising budget are the ones that get the most donations. There are plenty of smaller ones that are just as good if not better. I would never give to World Vision as up the 50% of the donation goes in Administration Fees. You really have to research this before choosing a charity. I, personally like to help people within Australia, as charity begins at home. I am in our local Lions Club, and our funds go directly to helping local people and charities based in Australia. We support eye health, childrens cancer, disaster relief, prostate cancer, local CFA, hospitals, medical centres, Cord B lood, stem cell research, other medical research, and drug education, just to name a few. We have just donated to Black Dog Institute, Beyond Blue, Mercy Ships, and a few others I can't recall. Any time you see a Lions BBQ, you know that the money raised goes to helping support many worthwhile people and charities.
There are many charities that I donate to and even far more that are worthy to donate to.
I have to mention Save the children as the first one as I give my time at least 3 times a week to run one of their op shops! What I like about this International Company is that they also help children in Australia and not just in disaster and poor areas around the world.

Moneywise, I give to the Heart Foundation, Cancer Foundation, and one I can't think of (!!) I used to give to Telethon. I also give to Paralympic Games or similar, who come knocking every now and then.

As mentioned, there are SO many good, worthwhile charities however these are the main ones I give to. I do give smaller amounts to SOME of the door knockers, and I also give to animal charities. One Xmas we all gave a donation to an animal welfare place instead of buying each other presents.
by Finy
Pony Riding for the Disabled.

That's all.
It depends on your personal beliefs. Personally I like to give to secular charities rather than religious ones. I won't support any group that is homophobic, misogynist or anti-science. I sometimes support environmental causes, or ones that help women or children. I like Oxfam, Share the Dignity, The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, the Wilderness Society and local groups like Bat Conservation and Rescue QLD and Farm Animal Rescue among others. There are sites you can use to compare different charities and see how they spend their donations, though I'm not sure how useful that is since good charities (that get more done) actually spend more on their administration costs than others that do less. I suppose all you can do is read their mission statement, do a bit of research and in the end maybe go with your gut.
I meant to add this link, which might be helpful. https://www.acnc.gov.au/ACNC/FTS/Fact_administration.aspx
The choice guide is good too. https://www.choice.com.au/shopping/everyday-shopping/charity/buying-guides/donating-to-charity
You know Jennifer there really is no need to be name calling....As well as say who you would give your money too, or support....I think you will find that there are also corrupt people in main stream charities as well?
by jonaja
Jonaj, I didn't do any name calling. I didn't mention any specific charity I object to, only some that I like and have contributed to. I listed some reasons that I would reject a charity. But since you made assumptions, one example would be Greenpeace. I supported them once but now I find them anti-science in some regards so no longer support them. Another would be Peta. They do good work protecting animals, but I find much of their advertising to be very misogynist. I think that stating one's reasons for choosing one group over another is highly relevant to the question.
It's interesting you say anti-science, because Christianity is not. The Vatican, in particular, is at the forefront of space exploration.
by Vee
I didn't say Christianity was anti-science. I listed reasons why I would reject a charity. "Anti- science" was one of them. Being religious is another (though not an absolute rule, I just prefer secular charities). It depends a bit on what they are doing, but often part, or even all, of the money donated to religious charities goes towards promoting that religion (think Bibles For Haiti, for example- they can give Bibles to people in disaster zones if they want to, but personally I would rather give to groups helping provide clean water and shelter) and that's not something I'm interested in being part of. Also, the existence and success of secular charities, especially those that are overtly secular like for example Foundation Beyond Belief, flies in the face of the claim some religious people make that it is only religious people that have any interest in helping others, so that's a bonus.

But since you mention it, "Christianity" is a pretty broad umbrella. Many Christian churches are quite definitely anti-science. Think Biblical literalists. You can't say that every word of a book that says that bats are birds and people floated for months on a giant boat containing two of every animal in the world (all how many million species) is literally true and be pro science. The two just don't go together. Of course not all Christians are Biblical literalists, but they exist. What do you mean by the Vatican being at the forefront of space exploration? I can't tell if you're joking.

I didn't, at any point doing any "name calling" or say anything nasty about anyone's religion.
Ah, googling I see some stuff about their observatory, which is cool. Thanks for that.
Interestingly, this also came up in a related search. http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2007/05/10/christianitys-sins-against-sci/
Yes, Save the Children is one of mine.

Care-flight another. and Cystic-fibrosis as my little Granddaughter has it.
There are so many worth to donating,from child cancers,animal charities here and in Africa, womens domestic violence cancer foundation, guide dogs, and I will donate at the supermarkets and so on, but how do we know how much they actually get?and that it doesn't go into the pocket of some CEO ?
I think there are WAY too many charities and new ones start up every week, many foundations and single causes only. As said, lots of money is wasted on administration costs and I don't donate to the large international ones either. Small and local and usually animals as they have no say in their welfare. I like what Lluxi wrote, will support lions club more too.
Cancer, ALS and the deaf society are on my list due to family members. Animal charities are always on my list too and I particularly like to load up the car with goodies and go over to my local shelter as I got my girl from there. They get so excited when they see a car full of dog and cat food and blankets arriving. Sometimes I do that thing where you buy a goat or seeds or rice for a third world country. I'll never be rich, I'm always trying to save everything in sight.
by Rice
You know I was thinking
we all should think about Cancer .....It will affect us all in one way or another.
Good call Rice. :)
by jonaja
Sadly, we seem to hear the word every day and there would not be many people who are not affected in some way, directly or indirectly. I hope they find a cure.
by Rice
I like to donate where I am able to afford to ,to all sorts of good charities,especially the smaller,less-known ones which are extremely worthy,when I see collection points in shopping centres. However, the ones I donate to by a regular direct bank deposit are....Bush Heritage, Wilderness Society, and Medcin sans Frontiers. I am also going to commence donations to Assistance Dogs,as I feel this is a brilliant organization which benefits so very many people in such a huge and various number of ways.
There are so many charities around it makes your mind boggle. I usually give to a charity direct so that there are no administration fees. Im on the pension so I have a very strict budget. When mum was very sick I watched for who helped me. As mum was deaf and bedridden her only joy was reading magazines with a magnifier. I went to numerous charities for 2nd hand magazine s for a reduced price. Salvo were good. Rotary and a charity I always gave to had no sympathy whatsoever. Im not a beggar. Ive learnt my lesson with that charity. When mum passed I donated to every charity that helped in my time of need. I still donate to the kind charities that have compassion for those less fortunate. It reminds me of PAY IT FORWARD as someone is always watching.
Bravo. :-)
by Rice
Save the children is the first one .
CBM is a good one.
by Vee
I like to support charities such as Oxfam, that support Fair Trade. By donating to them, people in developing countries get a helping-hand to become self-sufficient and ultimately help themselves.
Medecins Sans Frontieres - they do an amazing job and are often in dangerous war zones.
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