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Which bill is higher - your gas or your electricity?

by Finy (follow)
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Is your gas or electricity bill higher?

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Top Answers
Oddly enough, my gas bill is higher even though the only things I have in gas are cook top, and storage hot water system.
Gas used to always be so cheap and now it costs more than electricity here in Perth and also the gas company does not give seniors a discount whereas electricity co. does.
And I have 8 solar panels though this time of year that only account for an $11 credit each 10 weeks.
Gas heating I also have and it is far better than reverse cycle air cond but to leave that on all day like I do the air cond. would be ridiculously expensive.
by Finy
Our home runs on gas, and it is usually cheaper. This bill, we are expecting an extraordinarily high electricity bill. We had to wait 3 weeks at the start of Winter for our new heater to be installed due to high demand. During this time, we were given a variety of electric radiators and heaters from friends to help us cope such a long time without heat. Our heater is usually on most of the time over winter. Well, having these silly heaters on most of the time would be very costly. The salesman and the installer told us that they use many many thousands of kilowatts/hour and are not efficient at all. VERY costly to run, but we had no choice at the time. We are expecting a big bill. Now we have a 6 star gas heater, which is very cheap to run, so our gas bill should go down. Heating and cooling the main gas expenses we have. For those people who are alarmed at their bills, ring your provider and ask for a better deal. We ring all the providers every couple of months, so we know that we have done everything WE can do to get a cheaper rate. Also, try websites like iSelect, which is a comparison website, which shows the best rates available in your area at that time. You won't get a better rate if you don't open your mouth and ask for it. It's amazing how much you can save by asking. Your provider is usually only too happy to match a cheaper rate you have found elsewhere, just to keep you as a customer.
We only have electricity.

Because we don't have a big home at all, my bill is about $50 per week in winter, for all we use.

Summer about $35-$40 per week as we have to have the air-con going about 18 hours per day. (We also use the air-con to heat in winter)...Mobile homes are a very different way to live, but one has to be aware of the certain needs, to be comfortable that's all :)
per WEEK? that is huge!
by Finy
We do not have Gas....so it really is what it is...
by jonaja
Electricity without a doubt... it pays to shop around, there is so much variance with providers.
Electric is always higher for us. Our flat is always warm in the winter and we very rarly have to put any heating on at all. If it is cold first thing in morning half an hour of the heating being on us enough and in the evening by the time dinner is cooked via gas oven the flat is warmed through.
I only have electrickery at present and it is usually expensive as I can't stand the cold. The air con annoys me as it is so loud so I am using a large oil heater at present.
by Rice
Aaah!!! Good old Trickery!!!! We all get tricked, that's for sure!!!
by Jules
I've an all electric household so my bills are always good. I purposefully chose to build in this subdivision because it was all electric. My oven goes all the time with baking and the hot water is a quick recovery unit which the builder said was the cheapest system to run and not to believe others would be cheaper. Our electrician adjusted the water heater and showed us how to do it so we didn't have boiling water coming through our taps, diminishing any possible harm if our young children turned on the hot water taps without supervision. We rarely use the airconditioning or any form of heating in the house. In fact the air conditioning has only been on once this Winter as we use our snugglies to keep us warm while watching TV. As an added bonus my cat sleeps in my lap on top of the snuggly and I drape the sleeves over her to keep her warm.
As we have solar panels it is our gas bill that is higher. It is still a very small amount as I only cook on gas.
They are usually around the same price
by AJ
I only have electricity here in North Qld, and thanks to my solar panels and the sunshine which we experience almost every day, I am far better off than I ever was before the solar was connected! It is the very best investment made over the past several years!!! The secret is to use all the high energy consumption items during daylight hours while the panels are working at their optimal capacity! I never really believed all the spiel about how much I would save, but I have compared my bills WITH solar, and the ones from the same quarterly periods withOUT it, and I am so much better off financially! I did not go for any of the super cheap systems, but I also did not go for the most expensive. I have very reliable German panels as well as a German inverter , all of which are compatible with the well known Teslar battery wall systems which I hope to invest in when they have become even cheaper than they are at present. I would LOVE to go totally 'off-grid' and not have to pay Ergon another dollar!!
We don't have gas either.
by Miro
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