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Which are you likely to buy, a new or used car?

by Vee (follow)
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The rate at which new cars depreciate has made us rethink buying a new family car. We bought a used car when we first moved in together and it’s still in great condition. We didn’t have to dig deep and it continues to serve us well.

If you were to buy a car, would you go for a new or used one and why?

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Top Answers
I've owned new and I've owned used. There are bonuses and drawbacks to both. Buying new means the vehicle loses a huge amount of value the second you drive it off the lot. However, you are getting a warranty and have some pull with the dealership, plus, it's new. Driving a brand new car that you own is a great feeling Buying used is always a gamble. If you are buying really old, then chances are you are going to have mechanical problems which will cost money and time. When buying something that is only a few years old, you always have to wonder if the original owner sold it because it's a lemon. Buying used can save you lots of money but it's always a gamble.
Old and vintage (if possible).

Damn, that's never going to happen, is it? I should really stick to motorbikes.
You could get an old one and do it up, that isn't as expensive ..
I don't drive, so it's not an issue, but I would probably get a second hand car as long as it was in good enough condition, and not one of the really bad polluters.
If I could afford it I'd buy new because I always worry that I'm buying someone else's trouble if I buy second hand machinery! But don't always have the luxury of buying new!
I have driven now 42 years straight.
Never had a new car.
Would love one, a Toyota.
Don't think it will ever happen.
Too bad. :(
I like Toyota's too .. am looking for a second hand but top condition Hilux for my hubby at the moment.
Oh! jonaj, you beat me by one year! 41 for me, 361/2 years with SAME car, though! Fully imported Datsun 'Skyline' 4door sedan, 6 cyl, white, one & half TONS (not tonnes), of solid steel! Love him to bits! His name is 'The Spook', & it suits him admirably. Is an absolute comfortable pleasure to drive! Lol!
by donjo
WOW! that's amazing :)
by jonaja
While I would like to have a new car, I know that financially it doesn't make sense for me. Perhaps if I was getting some tax breaks with a business or something like that the finances might add up a little more.

Second hand for me - and I got my car from someone I knew already. Figured that reduced the likelihood that I would get screwed over!
Yeah, we did the same thing. The person we bought ours off was the only owner. She had it for ten years, but it was in pristine condition, so we were pretty lucky.
by Vee
I've never had or wanted a brand new car. I've bought older old cars, and newer ones. It help having a brother who is a mechanic. I always get him or an inspector from the NRMA out to look at the car I'm interested in. Some could say I've had good luck with this. But there have been some duds. One in particular that I bought out of desperation when my previous one had been written off but I still hadn't received the insurance check. I didn't get my brother to check that one, or the NRMA, and boy was it a lemon! Had to send that one to the scrap yard. I've had much better luck at the ex-government auctions. They sell off cars that are only about 5 years old, have been log booked, serviced and garaged for their whole life, often with low KMs. They're not in the most interesting colours mind you, but I can live with that for a reliable car.
What a good idea! How do you find out about them? Just search the internet, I would assume.
by Vee
You won't be sorry, Toyota are good cars. :)
by jonaja
Hello, ladies'! Have a Toyota SWB FJ40 'Landcruiser'. Bought 1976. Brand new. Hasn't reached 400k Klms yet. Is in pristine condition. NEVER to be sold until 'death do us part'!
He's only been to Adelaide, & back, through many different NP's, the local Dump, & is 'spare' vehicle in case of a break-down of sedans'.
Has NEVER been on a Beach, & will not go there!

Yes, an excellently made vehicle, fully imported from Japan.
by donjo
Probably a slightly used would be ideal.
I had always bought second hand cars apart from one however my latest car was new, and I think I would always buy new from now on.

You get more choice -I had a built in Sat nav system put in due to my bad sense of direction, and reversing camera and several other things came with it, and I picked the colour I wanted.

It smellt so nice for so many months too! AND it has a 3 year warranty.
by Finy
I do love that new car smell. Thanks to air fresheners, that's not something you have to forgo with a used car anymore, LOL.
by Vee
Regardless of the rapid devaluation, I would much rather purchase a new car. I've bought two used cars and they cost me a whole lot (after the purchase) from beginning to end. I wouldn't want to go down that road again.
Fair enough.
by Vee
Have only had one car in my life & I bought it brand new.
I believe a 2nd-hand car is buying someone else's mechanical problems.

Cost of a new car is too high.
Used cars are often fine and very easy to find online, even in your local area.

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