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When your husband used to babysit or does now babysit, do you leave detailed instructions for him?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you worry, or did you worry, when you husband minded your child?

Did you give a list of instructions for him to follow?

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Top Answers
No, this certainly did not bother me, as my husband helped a lot with the children as I was not well each time.

He knew what to do by the time I started going out on my own with girlfriends, so it was never a problem, and I never worried about him not being able to handle the babies, or children.

In fact, he was more patient than I was.
by Finy
My husband isn't a babysitter, he's a FATHER! He doesn't need instructions. I like to think that's quite common these days but there are certainly some who are letting the team down.
When a man cares for his own children that's not babysitting, it's parenting. My husband actually gets very offended if people refer to him "babysitting" when he is at the shops or wherever with our kids. He finds it sexist and insulting. No, I don't give him a list of instructions. I don't dictate to him how to care for our kids. He makes the decisions too and he can figure things out for himself the same as I did.
I never considered that time my son's father spent with him was 'babysitting'! It was just being a dad without the company of me for a short while!! I cannot recall making lists for him for anything apart from Shopping!! I considered him to have the same basic common sense a I do myself and this should not require lists,especially for how to look after his own child!
I love what you all say about men being fathers and not babysitters. Great attitude ladies!
I did
He did
all went well.
I think it is in a woman's nature to leave instructions - whether there are children or not in a household - I think men most of the time appreciate the instructions!!
by AJ
No my husband never babysat....he left me when my son was 18 months old............and the rest is another story!
by Fran
I don't consider my children's father to be a babysitter - We are BOTH parents. If I head out for the day I might yell out instructions like: please remember to take the steak out of the freezer, or "Bub hasn't napped so he might need to go to sleep soon", but I would expect my partner to do the same if he had been with the children and was "handing over" to me.
I leave instructions, but not detailed ones.
by Vee
Dad's aren't babysitters. They are parents. My husband was the main carer of our children for more than a year whilst I worked full time. No instructions necessary. We have our different standards, but I try not to impose mine on hom.
I think it's sad if women feel the need to treat their husbands like babysitters rather than fathers. Lots of women do it and then wonder why the men don't get involved.
My husband does not and never has BABYSAT. As others have mentioned, yes he has parented solo. I only leave instructions if there is something specific that needs to be done. However, normally we are on the same page so both know how to take care of our kids and their individual needs. As a matter of fact, my hubby is a MUCH better parent than I am, and I tell him that all the time! :)
When I was married I never gave a second thought to leaving him to babysit. He was totally capable and we parented exactly the same way. I knew our child was perfectly safe, fed, clean, entertained and happy.
by Rice
PS, I agree with the others . . . it was not babysitting, it was parenting.
by Rice
Never had a problem with my husband. He was more capable than I was looking after the girls from the day they came home from hospital. It was never babysitting, and as others have said, he parented extremely well.
The first time my husband cared for our child without me was when I went away with my sister for a long weekend. He had a job and was studying so didn't have a lot of time at home to be a dad.
He stayed with his parents at their holiday place. I don't recall giving him a list of instructions.
I do vividly recall him telling me on my return , I could go away whenever I needed as he didn't realise how challenging it was to look after our son. He was much more understanding after that.
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