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When you hug someone do you pat them at the same time?

by Finy (follow)
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When you hug someone, do you also pat them on the back, as most people seem to do?

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Top Answers
I became aware of this some years ago when I saw people hugging and also on television.

NBo idea why we have this urge to pat -LIKE A DOG -someone when we hug them -it almost seems like an involuntary action .

I do not do it as I am aware of it.
by Finy
I probably do so if the other person involved in the hug has the same inclination!! If it is up to me to instigate the 'patting',I do not do so!!
If it is someone I am no all that close too....yes.

My way of keeping it short and sweet.

In my job I get a LOT of hugs...and there are times, I do a little pat-on the back, and then I move a tad backwards....so we can then get on with the task, at hand.

I do it with Men esp...and a few women.

I only use it as a strategy to keep it all quick and short.

If someone I know well a friend or even family, I tend Not to ever do it.

I'm still really getting use to this whole 'hugging thing'....I can remember back say 20 yrs, it was not as common.

Not saying it's a bad thing, but for me just a new-one.
I agree Jonaj, I'm not used to the hugging thing these days. I don't hug very much at all, nor kiss and I do think it is a "new" thing to me that there is so much of the aforementioned… also think it is about as fair dinkum as a $3 bill.
I can't quite get used to all the crying on television etc. either.
Might be I was brought up to not display emotions so publicly, but then a lot of the time (re the crying) I don't know how people can become so emotional over some things, well enough to cry over anyways.
by fran.
Fran are you a Baby Boomer like me? :)

by jonaja
Yes Jonaj, I am a baby-boomer
by fran.
Generally speaking, I like hugs. I don't like being patted, and generally don't do it myself.
by Vee
It does actually remind me of being at school - "Give yourself a pat on the back". Unrelated, but this did come to mind.
by Vee
I will make sure I don't do it.....Lol....lol...lol. :)
by jonaja
LOL! I don't think you've ever patted me, jonaj. Just keep doing what you do and we'll be ok. Haha.
by Vee
I always pat a man on the back as it makes them feel special while hugging. With women I just hug them. When I had babies I got into the habit of burping everyone I hugged by patting.
No, but I might rub their back - it's usually an unconscious gesture more than anything.
some time i do pat them
No, but may rub back. Depends on whom I'm hugging!
It depends, sometimes I will pat if I'm not very comfortable hugging the person
by AJ
I usually pat someone on the back as a habit when hugging. When I had a baby, I was continuing to try and burp others by mistake as I was so tired I wasnt aware of this flaw.
Hahahahahaha. That is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. I'm sure you were quickly forgiven. Mothers with newborns should be given a free pass.
by Vee
Haha. Your response made me laugh. I remember on a rare occassion I visited the supermarket without my son- a woman asked if I had a baby at home. I immediately thought I must have wet patches on my top, but no. We both laughed when I realised I was pushing my trolley back and forth to put my groceries to sleep.
by annfi
Yes I do. I am not a big hugger but have noticed this recently. I even do it with my husband sometimes when we hug. I shall be aware of it even more now. I will try to notice if I like it when people do it to me. My research could take a while.
When I hug my dog I tend to just squeeze her gently.I am more likely to pat and hug if I am trying to comfort or apologise for standing on her or something, and I know her instinct is to move away.
Thinking about it, I wonder if we do it so people feel they can move away between pats. It is used like a full stop to signal the hug is over , now I think about it.
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