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When you have SWEETS after dinner, do you call it dessert, sweets or pudding?

by Finy (follow)
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When you have "sweets" after dinner, do you call it sweets, dessert, or pudding?

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Top Answers
Dessert.... for cake and ice cream or fruit salad.

Sweets are for me something like lollies-candy-chocolate and the like.

why? 2 answers!
by jonaja
I mostly call it SWEETS.

For some reason, it seems that in cafes and restaurants they call it dessert always, so that must be slightly more formal?

I would say pudding if I had made an actual pudding.

So SWEETS is the answer for me, and I do so love them!
by Finy
We always called it 'sweets' when I was a little girl at home,but somehow after I married,it always turned out to be 'dessert'. Pudding is only when I make an actual hot yummy pudding!! Now that I am on my own,I do not feel a need to call it anything but what it actually happens to be... i.e. ice- cream, crumble, fruit salad, etc....
'Sweets' are lollies.
'Pudding' is just that, pudding, eg self saucing pudding, bread & butter pudding, plum pudding.

'Dessert' is what you have post-Dinner, usually. It can be from the simplest dish, eg ice cream with topping to a magnificent Croquenbouche, or anything in-between, & that confusedly, might be a self-saucing pudding, particularly in Winter!

Other countries' may call it differently, but the above is what's generally accepted in Australia.

Maybe these days (in Australia), but it was only ever 'sweets' when I was growing up!
by poppy
Dessert.... for cake and ice cream or fruit salad.

Sweets are for me something like lollies-candy-chocolate and the like.

I never thought of it that way!
by Finy
Pudding. I think 'pudding' is a word used in England to term, whereas other countries usually use it only to describe things like boiled/steamed puddings - sticky toffee, spotted dick, etc - or rice pudding. Correct me if I'm wrong.
I call it dessert
by AJ
I call it dessert. Even if I had made chocolate pudding I would say 'dessert' and then perhaps add that it was chocolate pudding. I rarely make dessert. When I make a pudding it would be chocolate or a self saucing lemon pudding.
Sweets but don't often eat them as have a savoury tooth
by Fran
Pudding. Dessert just sounds, ummmm, well, wrong and sweets means sweets not pudding in my house!
Sweets after dinner? what? Sweets/Desserts/Pudding IS Dinner sometimes Yum!
use all three, depends on what it is
Dessert. Sweets are chocolate or lollies (like jonaj has pointed out) and pudding is reserved for, well, pudding.
by Vee
Dessert is the light snack after dinner, sweets are lollies and pudding is when eating a pudding - that's just what I grew up with.
I call it dessert
Sweets. That's the only thing we ever called it when I was growing up. I think dessert is a more 'formal' term, used in restaurants and the like. Though it is slowly taking over in people's vocab.
In the UK where I was brought up, usually we used the term "pudding". "Dessert" became the norm in later years.
However, we wouldn't use "sweets" as that was solely for what are called "lollies" in Australia.
Interestingly, in the UK "lollies" are lollipops.
good question - I use all three depends on what it is
Yes you are right Norma, In the U.K. it was always pudding years ago for the working and middle class. However I think that the wealthier used the word dessert. At state schools it was also described as dinner and pudding. However in the private schools it was lunch and dessert so I think it was a 'class' thing. I call it dessert but may then go on to describe it as trifle, chocolate pudding, christmas pudding, sorbet or whatever.
In restaurants, I always look at the (dessert) menu 1st. (Have you hard the saying, "Life's short, eat dessert 1st"?) At home, we only hair ice-cream on special occasions, so I ask my husband, if he'd like ice-cream, or Tiramisu, if i have some of that in the fridge, so I don't happen to ask him if he'd like: to have some dessert, pudding or sweets! The other evenings, we'll have 1/2 an apple or orange, & a few nuts.
by Miro
In boarding school, back in the '60's, desserts were called...Seconds, like in 2nds! In NSW.
by Miro
We usually don;t have dessert after dinner, maybe later we may have icecream on a stick or in a bowl.
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