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When you have chips of any kind, do you have to eat the lot?

by Finy (follow)
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When eating chips, can you stop, or do you go on till they are finished whether it be a whole packet of crisps, or hot chips?

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Top Answers
This is one of my eating problems!

If I buy a packet of chips, I tend to eat them all at once, however the last few I have bought were so salty, I could not.

I was very proud of myself the other night when I bought fish and chips, as I left some chips -something I rarely do -I go on and on eating even when I am so full -cannot resist chips, particularly hot ones of any kind.
by Finy
I stop after 1-2 mins....way too much salt for my taste, then I end up having to drink water that keeps me on the run too! Can't win...LOL
If I have them usually it's a large pack bought to share, so I don't eat them all by myself but I certainly have too many sometimes.
Crisps go under griller (10 seconds), to have with steak & eggs.

Don't eat Hot Chips very often, but they're my 'go to' food on a cold, rainy day!

Salted Popcorn packet doesn't last very long, though!
I used to be able to eat a 200g packet on my own but even with the reduced salt packets they contain way too much salt (which I used to enjoy) so I don't buy them anymore
The only packs I can ever eat completely are the ones in the Multi-packs which many people buy for school lunch treats! I think they are about 20 grams. When I was little you could actually buy this size pack everywhere,as well as the pack which today we consider small. They were the largest packs available and I remember my mum buying these and they would be shared among the family of 4 quite adequately!There were no 200gm ones at all back then!! I have never in my life eaten a whole 200gram pack of chips in one go!! A pack this size ,will easily last me for about 6 serves! I just twist them closed and put a tight twist-tie on the pack till I want some more!

HOT chips,I can eat in quite a decent serving,though,again I do not end up pigging out till I feel bloated.I have a small appetite and I really just hate that feeling more than almost anything,
Should not eat them at all as they are loaded with Carcinogens.
Depends how big the bag of chips is....a small bag well yes...of course you can finish it. Those gigantic bags though.....definitely not. Save some for a rainy day (to accompany a movie!)
The only time i eat them is while the Tour de France is on TV, & doesn’t finish until 2.15am,
My husband used to eat the Aldi ones all the time, but luckily he’s gone off them now, & has stopped buying them. I do love hot chips, but only when there hot. If I can’t finish a serving of them before they get cold, I leave them! When we were last on a 5 week cruise, we only ate the5 times, & you could have had them everyday! When I was in my early 20’s, I used to occasionally buy hot chips & eat them between 2 slices of buttered bread, from the canteen where I worked. Yum!
Now when we have packet chips, I weigh out the same amount for the both of us. We only have them if we're both watching something on tv very late at night, so that's not very often, as I like to go to bed at midnight, & my husband goes to bed after midnight & reads for a couple of hours, or watches Youtube on my laptop.
by Miro
No, not at all. The salt in the chips is too much for me. I generally stop after 5-6 chips.

yes thats why I only buy the very little pack that come in pact of 5.
I like to eat salt and vinegar chips. I don't eat a lot; a small packet will do. And, as I'm sure you all know, there's more air in there than anything else!
by Vee
Anything savoury or salty is my vice - I LOVE chips (and cheese) so will readily forego anything sweet to indulge in anything salty.

My favourite flavours would have to be lime and black pepper and cheese and onion (although the cheese and onion does tend to repeat on my for a couple of days after). This could be due to the amount I've just eaten ... I will quite happily eat an entire packet myself (and we're talking huge packets).
For small packets of chips (those individual ones) I eat all of it!

But for big packets of chips I usually spread it out over a few days. It's just too much and becomes too salty if the whole packet is eaten all by myself! If I'm having a party of with a few friends then I would share the big packet and we would eat it all in one sitting!
Eat. The. Lot. Hence, no chips in my pantry, I just don't buy them any more.
by Rice
Never eat them!
I'd like to eat the whole packet! But I don't... :(
However, if I get hot chips with a meal when I'm out, then yes I'll eat all of them! Yum!
Potato = food of the Gods...
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