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When you go shopping, do you bring your own reusable bags or just accept the plastic ones handed out by shops?

by Vee (follow)
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tote bag
Neal, morguefile.com

Tote bags have become quite popular, particularly with the push to get rid of plastic bags.

Do you bring your own reusable bags to the shops or do you just accept the plastic ones handed out to customers?

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Top Answers
I always take my own bags, plastic bags have been banned where I live. Stores still provide them but you have to pay for them now.
Yes, I try to remember to take them when going shopping. I sometimes use plastic bags from the supermarket though as they are useful for the garbage bin.
I accept plastic ones as I reuse them when cleaning my cat's litter box. Kind of gross, but I'd rather get smaller grocery bags instead of larger, thicker garbage bags.
Good point.
by Vee
I'm in the same boat as meggf.
I take plastic bags or just use my shopping trolley. I reuse those plastic bags for trash sometimes
by BK
Lets face it, unless we put all our rubbish right into the Garbage Bin, we need to 1st place it into a plastic bag...that's in the bin in the kitchen...right?
So I don't buy plastic bags, I reuse mine in the kitchen that I got my shopping with.
I do use canvas ones at Aldi when I shop, as there plastic bags ar to me not very bio.D....they are made of a thick plastic, and sure you can reuse them, but I think they are not a good way to go.They won't break-down for a while I
would think..... :( they should not even sell them!
I agree. Though it would be interesting to see if those ALDI bags are recyclable as some plastic bags are.
by Vee
by jonaja
i also do not buy garbage bags, I reuse the plastic shopping bags for the rubbish just the right size for the container in the kitchen.. re aldi when I shop there it is just a matter of taking the trolley to the car park and loading everything into bags or basket in the boot of the car, very easy. I also carry a container for cold items when I remember to place it in the car.

by flaga
I certainly carry my shopping bags. For one, the ones that I carry a generally stronger and I don't need to pay extra.
I have all the bags in my boot, however, do you think I can remember to take them out when I go shopping!

However after I had an accident, I had to get it delivered, so got plastic anyway, and now that I can walk again, I do Click and Collect and they bring it out in plastic bags, so I do not often have the opportunity to use my bags even if I wanted to.

I use the plastic as rubbish liners and I believe they are now biodegradable anyway, so it doesnt worry me.
by Finy
AS i use a shopping jeep for my bigger lists, I don't like plastic bags there as I prefer to load the jeep without them.

What annoys me is when the attendant at the self-serve checkout 'fluffs out' the plastic bag when I don't want it, and then proceed to tell me that I need to put the items in the bag.

The voice just says to 'place item in the bagging AREA, not the bag.'
Oh I know! How annoying! That's why I always bring my reusable bags.
by Vee
I bring my own reusable bags. I got into the habit of bringing my own bags or boxes to the supermarket about 20 years ago when my favourite supermarket encouraged it. Then I moved to a different area and was told I had to use their bags to prove I had paid for the items. (I think the receipt should have been Sufficient proof.) I got back into the habit of accepting the plastic bags but now you have to pay for them here in SA so I use my own bags, again.
Use Woolies' plastic bags for my bins'.

Also give them to Lifeline or V de P, as they always can make use of clean bags!
50/50. I have my own bags and cooler bags. I do get plastic ones from time to time but they end up as bin liners.
by Rice
I own about 10-12 of those lovely friendly 'nylon' bags, but I only take along the ones that match the dress pattern I'm wearing on the day! We pack the shopping up on the bench, put it back into the trolly, & take it to the car. We shop at Aldi's, but I've nearly always have enough bags with me, so I've only needed to buy an Aldi's bag twice, since Aldi came to Au!!

by Miro
I prefer to bring my own bags, but I do forget occasionally, I work in retail sales in an affluent area and when you want to charge the customer 10 cents for a bag, most of them are taken aback,and that would be only for 3-3 items and the car is parked outside!
I have taken my own bags shopping for the last 30 years. I reuse the bags that bread or vegetables come in to put my fruit and veg in again at the shop for easier checkout. I am so sad at the amount of plastic on our planet.
I have a container on the bench for food or vegetable scraps which are fed to my chooks or burried. I wrap bones or some other rubbish and store in the freezer until bin day. So many products come in plastic I cannot justify adding more by accepting bags. My bin has very little rubbish in on bin day. Maybe two small bags of rubbish. I wish people would go to the extra trouble of trying to reduce their relliance on plastic.
Great effort, annfi. I wish that too. Unfortunately, some people just don't care how much waste they produce. It's as if they expect the earth to just gobble up the trash we produce. It's astonishing.
by Vee
Thanks Vee. I am a pain because at any opportunity I try to encourage people to say no to plastic.
by annfi
I always have a grocery bag in my purse to use it if I need to make some unexpected groceries.
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