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When you are cold do you turn on heaters, or put more layers of clothes on first?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you add more layers of clothes first before you put on the heater, or do you just turn on heaters when you are cold?

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Top Answers
I often put on more layers, however as I already wear 3 layers, unless I put on a boat inside, which I will not, I cannot put another layer on!

My legs are often cold even if the upper part of my body is not, so I tend to turn on the heater when I feel cold.

However I generally do have many clothes on first anyway, as I don't particularly like heat from the air conditioner as it puts me to sleep.
by Finy
finy, what's with the 'boat inside'? Lol!
Do you mean 'coat'?
Yeah, I wouldn't do that either, as next thing I'd know is I'd be nauseous from being too hot! Not fun!
by donjo
LOL donjo -yes it was supposed to be coat!
by Finy
Yes I put more clothes on first....always used to get at my son for saying he was cold and to put the air con on...when he only had a T shirt on!
by Fran
by Finy
Clothing. I got out of the habit of bothering with heaters because my old house couldn't be efficiently heated (it had tonnes of windows and was open plan), and this place is smaller and has insulation so we don't need it as much.
I will always add extra clothes, as to be really honest,I do not even own a heater ,with living in the tropics! I cannot remember what having a heater is even like anymore,as I have been here for 35 years now!!!
Not a lover of the cold....I will do anything to stay warm.
So whatever is at hand first, then the other. We have had our aircon on all night....and I just must stay warm, but we do live in a mobile home, so not much insulation.Plus it is small, so we only have to heat up a small area...For me, plenty of clothes and aircon.
I turn a heater on, or start burning wood in the fireplace. I can't stand layering up. I'll go to wearing jeans instead of shorts, but that's about where it ends for me layering up.
Can't put on more clothes' than I already wear!
But that's enough, usually, to keep me warm!
Any colder, & I'll put a doona over me, & watch VHS tapes or DVD's. Have always Newspapers' to catch up on! Or books!

Haven't got a heater, doubt I'd buy one anyway, as get nauseous easily from heat generated like that!
I layer it up. It's cheaper and better for the environment.
by Vee
Heater for me as I need the background environment to be a bit warm, though I do wear about 3-4 layers too, including a couple of jackets. But then I have a condition where I'm ultra sensitive to the cold.
Can't tell you the last time I used a heater. Normally just a track suit and when watching TV the back door is always a jar to let the cat in and out so put the snuggly over me and I'm quite warm.
I am a put on more layers of clothing kind of girl. The way I can tell it is time for the heater on is by feeling my dogs ears. If they are cold, and she has given up sitting on top of her cushion and is trying to bury herself in the cushion than I know it is time. Being a writer I do tend to get involved in what I am doing and become unaware of such things as hunger, thirst and temperature. Thank god for my wee dog otherwise it could all come crashing down!
I tend to put the heating on as extra layers of clothing can feel constricting. Not the most environmentally correct response I know.
Yes most time put on woolly slippers.
Or have a hot drink to warm the insides up as it makes you feel warmer.
I enjoy the wonderful warmth of woollen jumpers.
They keep me so cosy on the coldest of days

More clothes first. Was bought up that way, as heating was/is just too expensive to be on for no reason. Only when it's really cold will the heater come on - and then it's turned off once the room has heated up.
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